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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bob Marley - A Rebel's Dream

I have to go out in ...Ten minutes.
So today's effort is a great stand-by. You see, it is a collaboration set with some great tunes on it, mixes of Marleys music, some talented artists putting their perspective onto his work.
I love it!
Ok there are a couple in there that don't quite work as well as others -Busta Rhymes Rastaman Chant is my favorite just now but I can't STAND Laurin (SP?-there are too many conflicting resources on the f'kin' spelling of that name, who gives a fuck anyway) Mill. Her voice grates on my nerve endings to the point of meltdown.
You need this album.

======Part 1======
======part 2======

I need to exonerate myself so later on today I will post an album by the masters of Rock.
(No, it isn't Michael Jackson)
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