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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gong - Radio gnome invisible part II - Angels egg

The masters of rock (prog).
Never heard of or listened to 'Gong'?
You really haven't lived my friend.
Sort it out. Right now.
If you smoke weed then I suppose it will be better for you to fire one up and sit back on a summer afternoon. Mm.. (I gave up all that but I still remember the effects).
Whatever you choose to do just let the music wash over you and go with it. You can't help but relax with this album.

It's been a long day. I should write more about this album, especially as it is probably one of the most perfect and exciting pieces of music to ever be produced on two sides of vinyl! The problem is I have an early start tomorrow and it has taken a while with [RS} just getting it uploaded so why don't YOU give me YOUR reviews, comments on the album?
If there is one thing I do have, it is plenty of 'Canterbury scene' or good ol' English Prog-rock from the period in history when it was flowing well, circa '63 - '77. Maybe even a little later.
That was my reaction to the news of Pink Floyd reforming for the Live8 concert.
Damn. Wish I'd bought a ticket from eBay now instead of moaning and criticising the twats that were trying to sell them.


======part 1======
======part 2======

OK, enough!
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Anonymous elninodias said...

Hello!! I think you have here great music... and something new for me here its a chalenge. So i was trying to unzip gong, but the password didn't work!!! ... Keep the good taste. Cheers :)

7/01/2005 03:55:00 am  

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