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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MP3 Tagging program #2

Rain. Good for the garden. Wet on the clothing.
Overall, I like it. Keeps the riff-raff indoors too which can only be a good thing right?

Here comes my second offering in the realms of MP3 tagging utilities. I must point out that not all of the software I will offer in this section will be recommended, just put here so that you may try it out and make your own mind up. After all, I do like to be right most of the time but it just isn't possible. Therefore even if I hate something I will still offer it up. If you're too stupid to realise when something is shit far be it from me to attempt to change your mind.

MP3-Tag Studio v3.05
Here is yet another program that claims to cater to 'all of your MP3 releated needs'. If you are to believe the website then you'd be forgiven for thinking that, short of actually locating and downloading the files for you, this really can do everything.
Unfortunately upon starting it up I soon realised that this was far from true. Right away, I am irritated by the fact that the program window is not either resizable or maximum screen sized. It sits there in the centre of the screen and is just too damn small.
I open the 'settings' and -shit! How many settings does a person need?!
I am already getting bored with this shit. Half of the options are things that I either don't understand or don't want to understand. Obviously the programmer knew what he was doing but no one else does.
Hmm.. on a closer inspection, this really does have loads of tools in it! Renaming is covered(though I need a bit of usage before I can comment on it's abilities), tag removal, synchronizing, updating, naming files from tags and vice-versa, trimming(!?) MP3s, repairing MP3 corrupt headers(can be very useful), creating playlists or html files of your collection and still more tagging related options that are so numerous my mind can't get a grasp on the complexity of it all.
Maybe I was too quick to judge this one. Maybe it really is 'all you'll ever need'.
Somehow I doubt it.
I'll find its faults soon enough.

Note- Run the file in the SETUP folder when you DL it, read the .nfo document and follow the info.
=====One File====

Music coming next. Coffee time first ;)
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