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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pink Floyd - The Wall ..Scissor Sisters ..Comments

After reading a comment on The Wall Demos post I decided to reply here with what I think about Pink Floyds greatest moment.
The Wall:
Meandering, dull and over-long and self-indulgent Roger Waters monster with no impact or direction?
Pink Floyds most ambitious and successfully executed album which marked a defining moment in the history of a band that always put itself on the edge of 'prog' or the concept album.
The latter I think, it's obvious.
I don't know what others think but I have a theory that to fully appreciate all of the situations and concepts Waters alluded to in the depths of The Wall, you would have to be English or at least have some experience of life in England (read 'Britain') and the educational system, parenting methods and the good old English tradition of keeping a 'stiff upper lip' and all of your feelings, emotions hidden under a veneer. Locked away for no one to see.. Not even yourself!
The reason I say this is that as far as I know, this is mostly an English thing. People the world over are known for their flair and the way in which they express their emotions. The French through art and film, Italians too. Americans are taught from birth about Self confidence and self belief. Africa, Russia, Aboriginal Australia, China and Japan, Europe is a hive of creative and artistic activity where expression in one form or another is looked upon as a quality, not embarrassingly pointed at and sneered at(as in England).
The Wall looks at a lot of these misgivings of the English and tries to open them up to the listener. The lyrics, I feel, are no made up story. They have to be based, at least partly, on Roger Waters' own experiences of the life and country he was born into. I know as I have experienced some of these situations myself.
Yes, you might say the album is a bit pretentious, it doesn't only explore these concepts but tries to explode them and blows everything out of proportion but that is a well used way of conveying a story. Charles dickens did it, Shakespeare did it and authors still do it today. Exaggerate the characters to get the story across. Or something like that. I think you get the point.
Musically, The Wall for me is perfect. I play guitar and write my own stuff too and when I hear some of the Gilmour solos or the chord progressions on comfortably numb, Thin ice, even 'Mother', I know I am listening to a masterpiece.
I got a comment that went 'The scissor sisters showed how great Comfortably numb could have been if Roger Waters hadn't been so far up his own arse'. Well, I had no idea until then that they had covered the track So I went looking for it.
Have YOU heard this horrific and base, tasteless and soul-less version?
Check it out here...Windows media streaming video.
So now I realise that the comment must have been irony!

Music later. Been doing so much downloading of stuff to put up here that time has got the better of me for uploading but there will be a good Tom Waits album later -one I requested on some forums and no one had it so I got it myself!
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Anonymous Pinkcheeks said...

Do you actually ever listen to music? You've never heard Scissor Sisters' version of "Comfortably Numb"? This album was the biggest seller in the UK last year, selling even more than the dreadful Keane album

I would heartily recommend the Scissor Sisters - Wham meet Elton john mett The Bee Gees in a joyful evocation of pure pop music

6/26/2005 10:11:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

'Do you actually ever listen to music?'
I do have the album, sorry I did have it but got rid of it after a few listens..
The crazy frog reached number one in this country too so what the fuck is your point? That the public are sucked into the latest trendy shite whether it actualy has any merit at all or not?
If so then I agree with you.

By the way, are you trying to sound authoritarian or obnoxious or is it a natural talent you have?
You are getting tiresome.
The scissor sisters are bollocks to me. Absolute fucking new york gay bar bollocks. Nothing new, nothing inspiring.
Don't like it.
The end.

6/27/2005 01:19:00 am  

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