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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Má Vlast (My Country), Bedrich Smetana

Meet Tigger. The funniest faced cat I've seen!

Todays choice might come as a surprise to you.
It might not.
Who cares. Not me.
I have recently accquired the complete BBC live sets of David Bowie. That is, everything he ever did on the BBC radio shows like 'Sounds of the Seventies', John Peel, etc. but that isn't being uploaded today as I don't want the site turning into a Bowie shrine or something.
This is supposed to widen your musical horizons and one artist isn't going to do that right?

So you will now have a very pleasant piece of music to download. I recommend playing it whilst driving, in the bath or even playing croquet on the lawn whilst drinking pimms, just before mummy calls you for cucumber and salmon sandwiches if you like.
I already gave you one piece from this and now I finally bring you the rest of it.
Yep, it's classical I'm afraid. Not indie. Not rock. Classical. But brilliant.
This has the capability to take you places you never knew existed, much less that you could actually go there..and all just by sitting back and letting the music carry you. No effort is required on your part.
That's enough bollocks from me. I'll let the music tell you the rest.
I almost forgot to tell you to download it so here goes..
Download this now. Even if you supposedly 'hate' classical music. Aren't you even the slightest bit curious about all those people that love it? Why do they like it? What can they possibly be getting from it?
Well listen to this and you will be close to finding out.
You can always delete it afterwards and tell me what a lying tosser I am but don't dismiss it offhand or you are more of a fool than I thought you were.

You really are well advised to read this page
which is great and talks you through each piece of music, informing you of the meanings behind it in the composers own words...

I mentioned when I posted 'Vltava' or 'The Moldau', that it was the story of a river and depicts the journey of the water and the country around it. Well here is the composers own breakdown of the music, taken from the above website:

'...the composition depicts the course of the river from its beginning, where two brooks, one cold the other warm, join in a stream that runs through forests and meadows; and the lovely countryside where merry feasts and gay festivals are being celebrated; by the light of the moon a dance of water nymphs; on the nearby cliffs proud castles, mansions and ruins rise up; the Vltava swirls in the St. John rapids, flows in a broad stream as far as Prague, passes Vysehrad and disappears into the distance where it unite with the Elbe...'

In the score, Smetana made some additional notes indicating the course of the river as it winds its way southward from the Sumava Mountains, through central Bohemia and Prague to unite with the Elbe at Melnik. The piece can be divided into eight episodes:

1.First and second sources flowing into the Vltava itself.
2.Forest and hunting.
3.Rustic village wedding.
4.Moonlight and dance of water sprites or nymphs.
5.Vltava returns.
6.St. John rapids.
7.Vltava flows in broad stream.
8.Vltava salutes Vysehrad and flows by.

I can just see you indie kids falling asleep by now or reminding yourself never to check the music on this site again. That's fine. If you want to stay blinkered all your life then go on...fuck off and that goes out especially to the retards who attempted to put me in my place with their misspelt insults about 'the whigs'..
To everyone else: This is highly recommended and I know very little about classical music but I like to think I know good music and this definitely falls into that category.




I just know you will enjoy this.
More bootlegs and rare stuff coming soon!

I just disabled comments on this page as I keep getting spam shite from some prick that seems to be using an auto posting bot to spam blogs. When will blogger sort this shit out!!!?
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Throw them in the bin

Ok so I fucked up once again..
Afghan Whigs.
This is NOT the album or band I had chosen for today. In fact, until I checked the requests here I'd never heard of these pretentious hollow 'berks'(!)
Yes that's right. I think they suck. Come on! I was reading the MTV site Bio of the band and it mentioned that - don't quote me here - 'despite their greatness they had not made it mainstream' - I have absolutely no doubt why that would be:
It's probably because they are shit. Shallow and shit. Shit and shallow.
Are they shit because they are shallow? Or are they shallow because they are shit? Maybe they are just shit and its incidental that they happen to be shallow.
Good name for their next album though eh..Shit and Shallow.
These guys made a grave mistake when they smoked too much grass one night and came up with the 'urr..amazing' name: Afghan Whigs. Wow. Cool.
Fuck me that is original.
Original it might be however the lyrical ability is so poor that it makes the songs from 'Chitty-chitty Bang-Bang' sound like Keats or Byron.
Here is a choice extraction from the album:

'Ladies, let me tell you about myself
I got a dick for a brain
And my brain is gonna sell my ass to you
Now I'm OK, but in time I'll find I'm stuck
'Cause she wants love, and I still want to fuck
Now that I'm ashamed, it burns
But the weight is off
Now that you're out of the way
I turn and I can walk
You showed no sympathy, my love
And this was no place for you and me to walk alone'

All that psuedo-eastern-islamic-hippy-hash-inspired-desert-lets-all-get-stoned-and-rock sound is a bit dated isn't it? This band does it a little differently, they try to add some harshness and heavy rock into the mix too. It doesn't work of course.
A pity because some of the guitar riffs are pretty catchy and, in the right hands could be meaningful and enjoyable!

Music never gets dated I suppose, not if it's good.
It's just not fucking good is what I'm trying to say!
It isn't helped by the fact that the lead singer seems to be convinced that he sounds like Jim Morrison. That growling yell that feigns passion yet projects pretention. He is a prick and I hate him already.
Don't even know what he looks like.
Don't have to.
I bet he dribbles.

Yep. It's Rubbish

======part 1======

Maybe tomorrow will bring something nice.
Did I just say that word?
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Friday, July 29, 2005

Kasabian - Live From Brixton Academy

First up today is a nice (Arrgghh! Don't you just HATE that fucking word -NICE?)
I mean, what does NICE mean.
Not great?
Not that good but better than shite?
Not worthy of Great but better than poor?
I think its usually just one step up from steaming shit.
NICE to me, conjures up images of those paper-lacey things you have on that the right name?
The Word NICE is like flowery curtains and bland cake with a cup of tea at grandmothers.
Nice indeed.
Let me apologise for my complacency.

I will try that again without using the 'N -word'.
Here is a lovely picture of the woods outside my house.
I hope you appreciate the natural beauty when the bluebells are in is pure poetry.

Those of you who possess a brain cell or two will notice the box floating on the right hand side of the page today. I get a few requests by email and, as I already have a million friggin email accounts, it gets a bit much logging into them all and keeping up with it. So, I installed that box over there to do the job for me. It is mostly for requests. If you would like to see an album posted here, either by a band or artist I have already featured, a rare or hard to find album or band or a request for something different. Then type your message and I will see it the same day without fail.
You can ask me something there too if you want a quick way of getting a reply from me but, please anything else then use the comments at the foot of each days post as I prefer to read these. There is still my email address too of course which you can find at the top-right of the page.

A brilliant piece of shit from a great band.
I do like Kasabian but there is a little hint in there that they are just imitating bands that came before them a tad too much.
I am undecided.
The thing is, I like that sound so I can't help but like Kasabian if they are imitating or not.
Either way, this is them live and the best way to listen to them.
This was recorded in December 2004.
Apparently it is available as a download only album.
Well here it is it.

======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

Flowers On Our Window. Psychedelia

If ever you should find yourself using the 'N-word' frequently in conversation.
Stop & Think.
It isn't worth it. Get help.
It is wrong.
Nice = Not very nice.
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

David Bowie - Preludes Of Greatness [1969] [Boot]

Hmm food for thought

Here we have a bit of a rare bootleg. Yes I know - More Bowie. Well if you don't like it..why?
He is, after all one of the greatest contributors to the world of popular music that ever there was so it's about time you did like it.
The thing about this bootleg is that I can't find a damn thing about it online!
Apart from at the site I downloaded the torrent from. Which gives some basic information like...
It was recorded in 1969 and was recorded at Clairville Grove, Chelsea. UK I presume. That however, is it. Nothing else to tell you.

So what does it sound like..?
Well the quality is a bit amatuer but it adds to that feeling that you are listening in to something wonderful. Something from the past. You can't miss this one.
He introduces the first track 'Space Oddity' by saying this is a bad tape recorder and microphone but we're going to play some songs we are doing at the moment, some say they are single material but we'll let you decide'. We all know what Space Odditiy became soon afterwards..
It's a nice touch that he introduces each track, giving you a short summary of how the song came about or what it's about.
It's a nice collection and starting from that first track you are kind of hypnotised by the fact that the playing is so tight but also there's that feeling I mentioned, that you are getting to hear the great Bowie, before he was great. He plays acoustic guitar and his voice sounds excellent though pretty different to that familiar mature tone he has today.

I won't tell you why you should download it. I would have though it pretty obvious.

The files were originally FLAC files but as we are an MP3 site, I encoded at a rate of 192-320Kbps Variable Bitrate. The sound is pretty much as it was before re-encoding.

Remember, this came from an old cassette and has already undergone some speed correction but there are moments when you can hear the speed is fluctuating but hey, this a fucking piece of history here so it's no competition for exact-ness.

The Building block of civilisation. Apparently...

======part 1======

======part 2======

Enjoy it. Listen out for the BEST version of JANINE I have heard yet!

The neighbours around here are doing my fucking head in. I sense a rant coming on soon... thick bastards. Wy don't they move? Mind you, whoever took their place would be just as bad I bet. Noisy illiterate twats that are only qualified to shit, eat and watch TV(usually all done from the comfort of their sofa) and even then they are underqualified.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Black Grape - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Shaun Ryder.
The original Mad-chester bad boy. The man who was 'sorted for E's and Whizz' for a few decades.
Anyone who was around in the 80's to 90's Ecstasy days will well remember but probably have forgotten everything about it.
I took E. Yep. I have to admit it. Mind you, there's even a dumb hierarchy in this depraved area of society, like there is in every area(in UK at least). People will tell you that if you weren't there in the early days then you don't know what it was like. Whatever 'it' means. Knobs.
I took an educated decision on the 'E' thing.
I decided that it interested me bigtime but I didn't want to be a statistic: The media was having a field day with the odd deaths that occurred so I went to the library(yes a library, try it!) and got myself a copy of 'E for Ecstasy' By Nick Saunders (amazingly, now available as an online ebook to read right now!)
I watched friends taking so called 'E' for a few months and yet every time I watched it happening it seemed to go against everything I had learned and read about the true MDMA drug that was supposed to make you happy and energetic. Everyone seemed to be acting like they didn't know where or who they were, kind of like some kind of horse tranquiliser. Anyway, one day a guy we knew said he was going to toxteth(link1, Link2) to get some real MDMA and did we want some. I took this chance and put up £20. The cost was to be about £1 per tablet. When he got back with 200 of these things - called Dollars - we tried them out.

What I can only describe as..
Like a warm, slow bolt of lightning coming from your toes right up your body and then smacking you right in the skull, as if you have been hit by a freight train from behind(in an enjoyable way), resulting in a sudden change in perception. The world was now an altogether beter place. It was better than that. It was so great I wanted to dance. I wasn't the kind of person that danced until that point in my life. Yet I danced like as if I invented it. Due to my having what might be termed an 'addictive personality' I was still dancing two days later. I had consumed about 2 gallons of water, hugged all of my friends and told them the beauty of the world was contained in a single chemical, and fuck me how I had danced. Continuously. To the same fucking CD on repeat.
So yes, I did get to try the true 'E' after all. It seems that most ecstasy going around was some mixture of crap and ketamine and whatever else but those ones I tried for the very first time were the real thing.
I then took 'E' for about 3 months every week or so. I have never taken it again since.

Ok so Black Grape.
This album is brilliant. Their second release with the name Black Grape. The first was called 'It's great when you're straight...yeah' but I don't think as much of that one. That was in 1995. This was released in 1997. It isn't the usual sound that you might expect from a manchester band or a drug-fuelled Brit band but let me tell you, they know how to party and they also know music. It's pretty funky, electric, electronic, pop. All things to all people maybe.
I highly recommend it even though I am biased(It was great to listen to the following day after taking an 'E', because the drug is still with you a little and when you hear a beat you still feel the music through your soul..) Black Grape give you the music.
I have since realised that listening to good music, you can get that 'soul' part going yourself.You can even dance though not for two or three days, including the night!
Who needs drugs.
Oh the good ol' days..

======part 1======

======part 2======

Have a good trip.
I notice that the hits to the site far outweigh the number of comments. Come on you fuckers. At least let me know you are alive or something....

Don't you detest FAT PETS? I hate seeing it. Makes me want to punch the owner smack in the jaw and tell them that just because they can't stop filling their face with crap that is no excuse for letting their pet survive on a diet of coke and chocolates. Fucking thick twats. This was inspired by a picture I saw today....

A fat as fuck dog.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Jam - A-Bomb In Oxford Street [1977] [Bootleg]

Brain is just grey sludge.

As you will be aware, if you ever actually read this shit, I was otherwise engaged yesterday and a friend guested here for the day: Mell.
This resulted in some crap Travis album being posted. Hehe sorry Mell but there's no accounting for taste(or lack of it right).
So for today we have another rarity.
The Jam.
A great band. Some of their tunes get right to the grime and grease of reality. They tell a story of the streets and life as it was - and still is! - in parts of Britain that are crisp, clear and right to the point. Down in the tube station at Midnight still makes me shiver when I listen to it. I just love the way the story unfolds and the brutality he tells in what could very easily be a true story retold. Going Underground is the song that means that everyone, wherever they hail from, has heard The Jam.
They might not realise it but when you mention that track, they always know it. I like it. I did a reggae version of it once when I was messing around with the chords one day and I have to say it suited that beat well. Maybe I'll do it properly and upload it here one day so you can take the piss out of me for a change.
The tracks on this one are mostly unknown to you if you are not a Jam fan but I must say don't let that put you off. They were a highly talented band and LIVE, they really pull it off.
This doesn't contain the two tracks I just went on about!(I know what you're thinking-why mention them then? Well it was to give you some background on the band in general idiot!).
It does however contain some fine cuts including a rare performance of a brilliant track 'This is The Modern World' performed Live at the 100 club and at Maida Vale Studios. Also 'In The City' in the same studio, sounds perfect.
The Cd is a mix of stuff. Some tracks are from a(very well done) Audience recording at 'The 100 club in 1977, some tracks from Maida Vale Studios and the rest are from Elstree Studios.
All from 1977.
All definitely worth a listen and if you are a fan, worthy of your collection.

Incase anyone hasn't heard of The Jam. They are so called Mod band but just think punk and you're getting there. Electric guitars, feedback yet well structured songs with blues influences and a great lead vocal. Some wicked drumming going on usually too. Check them out.
Paul Weller...hmm bit of a prick if you ask me and definitely not deserving of the 'should be knighted' opinion some people have of him. I mean, any time Noel Gallagher is asked about him he almost wants to disappear up Wellers arse he thinks so highly of him! He is talented but he is also boring and formulaic, conventional and just a bit of an irrittating twat so I can't say I have much time for him with his solo stuff in recent years.
Wildwood? Fuck off!

The Jam however, live on..
Enjoy this one.

Details of the Cd can be found here:


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

======part 4======

======part 5======

Like I said, enjoy it.
If you don't like punk. Don't bother with this one. I'll give you something more tuneful tomorrow.
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Travis - The Man Who (1999)

Use your brain

Guest Blogger for the day: Mell
(HitMeWithIt is taking a break today - lazy or what?)

For those who are familiar with Travis, no justification is necessary for this selection.

Why have this band in your collection? They are to modern 'soft' rock what tomatoes are to fruit, and what peanuts are to legumes.

The tracks 'Driftwood', 'Turn', and 'Why does it always rain on me' were overplayed for months after their release, but they stood the test back then, as they do today. The remainder of the album is a collection of little jems that aglu your auditory cortex.

======part 1======

======part 2======

Do you want HitMeWithIt back? - You Decide
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

David Bowie - Suffragette City [boot][1976]

The Man!

Never been one to understand the sheer nerdyness of collecting bootlegs. Most of them sound so shit, like as if the idiot recording it had the fucking microphone in his pocket, or he stood next to the loudest person in the audience and handed them the mic. Either way I've heard some pure shit quality stuff that, when challenged, a boot collecter will defend to the death. They remind me of trainspotters.
Logic goes out the window.

Then I discovered that some bootlegs are good. Better than commercially available stuff. For one thing they are FREE(hooray). The next thing is that they can be produced to a very high standard and the quality can be superb. Like on the absolutely Rare Bowie album earlier, although admittedly it did contain some studio tracks.
The album I have for you today is certainly one of a kind. In the world of Bootlegs and Bowie freaks this is the holy grail.
The ONE and no shit. I have read a few things about this live set and there seems to be no true copies of it left. Some folk have a few tracks of it here and someone else has some there, etc etc.
Well the great guys over at *CENSORED* are so into their Bowie boots that they got together and collated all of the tracks they had, even adding some tracks to make up the complete Live set (in the 'bonus' Folder), sorted out the levels and the result is a damn good CD that we have here today. The bonus track kind of cuts out at the end but its worth having just to hear it.
This was, as most boots are, originally in FLAC format but hey, this is MP3-3PM and I don't give a flac about flac I'm afraid.
If you want to be snobbish about lossy and lossless formats then go buy a CD.

The singing on this is great - I mean Bowies not-as-mature-as-it-is-nowadays-voice. Sound quality is a little tinny at times, use some equalizer on it and it's fine.
I have to say though..
..Bowie sings 'Changes' with quite a flair and he basically CRUCIFIES the fucking song! What is he doing!! If you listen hard you can tell that, perhaps, he is pretty wasted and as such, seems to think it is sounding great - the way his voice tries all kinds of tones and harmonies in the song and he doesn't follow the usual melody - this is something a lot of musicians do but especially when wasted.. Believe me, I know these things.

I can't get angry though.
I can't slag this off.
No way.

If you are a Bowie fan then I've said it before:
You NEED this album!

Musical Meerkats are cool.
The Live show was recorded at:
Nassau Coliseum, USA March 23rd 1976.
and is known as a 'liberated bootleg' which has been released on CD but is impossibly hard to get.
Trying to find it? here are the details:
Suffragette City, Great Dane Records GDR CD 9023
Good luck!


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

======part 4======

I do like to post good music. I also like to hear any music at all which is why you will see some real trash here now and then. I think that if a band is known to be shit then I want to hear their album and decide for myself.
Usually it seems the popular opinion is indeed correct but you never know.

I will continue on my quest to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Slipknot - Slipknot [Digipack version]

A Scarey Pig-Man-Twat

Right. Here is an album that most people would likely call 'a pile of shit'. Maybe they are missing the point? Maybe they are sane.

These fuck-heads seem to think that a gimmick is required in the world of pseudo-religious death metal/goth/punk/rock/whatever world they reside in(maybe it is?). I would be willing to bet that the retards that worship(No I don't mean in a religious sense, I mean in a 'loser-with-no-life-must-idolise-musicians' way) these pricks are actually in awe of and amazed by the gimmick, cheap and blatantly transparent though it is. I reckon the name 'Slipknot' is a reference to the preferred trouser fastening these kids have to allow easy and quick masturbatory action at a moments notice, to satisfy their immature urges.

My god. I thought hearing them was bad enough but when I discovered the masks I didn't know whether to laugh or bite my own testicle until it bled.(Probably something else the band followers partake in on an average night to a concert).

Do they have talent?
Unfortunately, (I say that because I despise the fact that I have to admit it) they do.
It is a bit like when you see a christian rock metal band and are asked if you think they are good.
You can tell that they definitely know how to play.
The singing is ok.
The drummer is in time but.. but, something isn't right.
What is it?
Well, in the christian rock bands case they are just going through the motions. They haven't quite got the right heart. They play like an automatic machine.
In slipknots case they are full of ability and are exploding it out onto every available space within a thousand mile radius. They shit into your face and rub it in with pleasure.
They are still shite though, whatever they can do with their rabid guitar playing.

Like Van Gogh. Very close to genius but inevitably branded as a fuckup.
That was cruel - to Van Gogh: He at least did display signs of being a genius and in my opinion, was one.

So Slipknot:
This bands music and accompanying imagery is only for retarded children with no friends and an elevated sense of self(but only when in the company of fellow 'tards). When they are not in the company of their 'peers' they are the type to sit at home picking their nose..
and eating it..
whilst trying to make their own Slipknot mask..
and simultaneously playing some playstation game..
and chatting online...
With acne.
Whilst masturbating.
..their dog.

Download it?
Yes, for the experience alone.
And I'm not talking about the dog part you sick pervert.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

A Bunch Of Kids Wearing Masks to frighten you!

I mean for fucks sake! Who are these imbeciles! (please don't tell me who they actually are, it wasn't a question and I don't want to know).

Back tomorrow with more fun and games..
About time I tried out some MP3 software I suppose. Hmm, maybe.

UPDATE! The BEST David Bowie Live show you can find. Tomorrow..

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Spoon - Kill The Moonlight

I'm running out of things to say about them already. My repertoire is limited. Download it. It's nice.
Oh and I don't like it as much as their recent one.
Wow. After reading what I just typed I realise that NME are missing out if they don't employ me as chief Album reviewer or something.
I'm shit.

======part 1======

======part 2======

So I hope that, tomorrow I can at least put a little more effort into it.
Not my fault computers are shit though.

This looks too dull.
Here's a picture, that'll help...............

Dark Days In London.

What is happening to London.
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I Am Kloot - I Am Kloot

Fuck shit bollocks crap arse and erm, arse again.
I wrote out a rather witty(even if I do say so myself) and funny review and also comments on David Bowie..etc.
I pressed publish and all I got back was a friggin' 'PAGE NOT FOUND'.
I refreshed.
Same result.
CRAP! I had to reboot. The PC froze up.
So now there is nothing I will be typing as I simply am too irritated to even bother.
Enjoy the music.
It's I am Kloot's first album I believe.
I STAND CORRECTED, IT IS THEIR SECOND ALBUM. Watch this space for their first one then!
I prefer the recent one, Gods and Monsters but that's me.

======part 1======
Fucking computers.
I will just take this opportunity to state that I have NEVER came across a PC problem that I cannot fix: A veritable wizard, that's me!
However that makes me fully qualified to say computers are shit.
The technology is so damn inconsistent it hurts but, it's all we have so we use it. Doesn't help that mine is a weak as piss processor and can't even handle the Ram I put in it in a vain attempt to give it some guts.
Am I getting boring?
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

David Bowie - Live In London [with Lou Reed, 1972]

Keeping in line with the Bowie Live theme I bring you 'David Bowie - Live In London' 1972. Singing with Lou Reed, this is a great show. The classics are all covered here and a couple of Lou Reeds tracks too like 'White Light, White Heat' and the great 'Sweet Jane'.
Have another good dose of Bowie today.

Oh and if you want a tracklist here's one:

1. Lucky Star
2. Borderline
3. Burning Up
4. I Know It
5. Holiday
6. Think Of Me
7. Physical Attraction
8. Everybody
9. Everybody
10. Burning Up - (12" version)
11. Lucky Star - (new mix)

Yes, the mentally astute among you might have realised by now that it is the tracklist to Madonnas 'Madonna' album.
Give yourself ten points.
I will include a tracklist with every post from today. I want to thank the anonymous commenter for pointing out my failings.

======part 1======

======part 2======

Maybe tomorrow will bring joy to the world.
What am I saying. Tomorrow will be a slightly more familiar replica of today.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

David Bowie - Absolutely Rare [ESSENTIAL LISTENING! Bootleg]

David Bowie.
The Chameleon of Music.
His career is a very interesting and varied story. He has changed genre and musical style so often that, instead of his fans being left in the past as he's moved on, he seems to have always been capable of reading the latest trends and usually his changes result in him picking up new fans and becoming a part of the latest music. This is evidenced by the fact that in recent years, in his 50's, he has managed to sell new albums worldwide to a new audience as well as his massive fanbase. The Albums seem to have just got better and better. He embraces every new thing that comes along and then produces his own interpretation of it, usually resulting in a superb album. Bowie is one of the few artists that can be so much better live. The first album is a widely available 'official bootleg 'Absolutely Rare'. This contains some cracking stuff. Namely, the best version I've heard of the track 'Time' from Aladdin Sane. One thing that strikes you when you hear this collection of live performances is that the sound quality is just crystal clear. The vocals in this live performance make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. I can't recommend it enough.
There are lots of very well performed live tracks on this collection and every Bowie fan should own it.
Even the non-Bowie fans. (which by definition wouldn't be 'fans' at all would they?' unless of course they were fans of someone else but they would not be known as 'non-bowie fans'. Not really).
Oh crap.
Just fucking download it.
If you don't I'm going to come round and kick you in the shins.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

Got to go now, my mates started talking about 'jugs'.
(Of course I don't subscribe to such derogatory terms for tits).
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Armik - Gypsy Flame

Let's face it, here in England if it isn't raining in summer then it is summer. Even if that means minus 10.
So to have a temperature of 35c in London two days ago and similar yesterday, I thought I better quickly start to enjoy the summer before it becomes 'what happened to summer?' (Which is an extra season we british have, usually around the end of june).
The order of the seasons:
Spring, Summer, what happened to summer, autumn, winter.
Each season lasts about a quarter of the year except 'summer' which somehow squeezes in between spring and 'what happened to summer?'. Yes I know it doesn't add up but this isn't a maths lesson.
Summer to me means Flamenco music. Or Flamenco means summer. Either way it is time to dust off the Cd and lay outside soaking up the sun and imagining a beach in southern Spain and Flamenco guitarists with Dancers and a little tapas bar..
Aah. I can always dream.
So, I have some great acoustic flamenco guitar stuff which is just beautiful and must be forced upon you. A guy called Armik, brilliant. Thats the featured artist of the day and tomorrow I will resort to the less true to form 'Flamenco Chill' Compilation which is an attempt to have a 'chill-out' album that reflects the mood and atmospheres usually associated with Spain and Flamenco music.
It works. Without a doubt the chill-out thing goes really well with Flamenco.
I love it. ..Works wonders for your sex life too..
What's that you say? You don't have one? Spend all day on the PC do you?

Make sure you have absolutely nothing to do today.
Get yourself a nice drink.
Sunglasses on, get outside!
Lap up the flamenco and you'll be in that tapas bar in no time..


======part 1======

======part 2======

What happened to summer?
It's fucking raining.
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Where is the Music

If you're one of the 30,000 that come here, scan the page & leave when you have a link to music, then I can save you any more wasted time in your extremely busy downloading schedule by telling you there is no music in this post today so go on.. fuck off.
To anyone still here:
What? What do you want?
I'm afraid real life(so passe I know) has intervened and there will be no uploading today. Maybe later so if you're in america by the time you read this it will already be later and this might make no sense(if indeed it ever did make sense).
By the way I mean if you live in America, not if you rush out and make your way to america and then by some trick of time zones, you are in america by the time you read this cos' that wouldn't count.
It might.
No, I think it wouldn't.

I know its uncool to be human but sometimes we just have to accept our predicament and run with it so...
Here is a link.
And here is a picture...

The star of the logo of the site, it's Oliver.
He's a cat.
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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Camel - Moonmadness [1976]

A rather badly drawn Album Cover. Could have been better huh?

Caravan. Don't you think they are one of the best bands ever?
Fuck off then.

Camel. Now they..
Ok then I'll shut up.
I can't help it if I am one of the few elitists left in the world that can truly appreciate the finer things in life.
You can't help your lack of romaticism and culture.
Blame it on your parents.

I want to help.
You can always attempt to correct the severe imbalance in your local equilibrium that is your personality, by listening to Moonmadness.
I'm not saying it is a cure for your inferiority but it is a step in the right direction.
Good luck.

======part 1======

======part 2======

I hope you get better soon.

More Camel to follow. Maybe some more Bowie too.
Still looking for Spoon - Kill The Moonlight.


ok you heard me.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Spoon - Telephono / Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

A rather modest looking mouse.

Just listening to 'Modest Mouse - Interstate 8' right now and, although it doesn't strike me as something extra special and stunning in the musical world, it is quite enjoyable and relaxing enough. Not a unique sound, just kind of formulaic: Electric guitars and some slide guitar in there too with the usual bass guitar and drummer, catchy 'americana-pop-rock-sound' tunes that don't tax the mind very much and just seem to be satisfied with happily trundling along as if they were written for radio or party music to start with, then, as the album gets going there is the intermittent injection of high energy drumming and guitar whilst the singer shouts a bit louder. It doesn't do it for me.. There is the occassional track that goes against this for instance the well known track 'All Night Diner' has more than a tad of the Lou reed East Coast rock sound about it. I don't know where they hail from but that is what it sounds like at least! Also 'Tundra Desert' is definitely not background music with its harsh guitars, distorted vocals and feedback. To me it's just noise. Not enjoyable, just fucking stupid noise. They seem to remind me of a bunch of Film or Art students trying to sound cool. They don't cut it.
The more I hear the more it grows on me. I prefer the first few tracks.
Probably, by tomorrow I will have to edit this post to say how great they really are.
We shall see about that one.
That isn't to say this is a bad album. I definitely kind of like it and would recommend it anyway.
See what you reckon.

Spoon - Telephono.
Aaah. Spoon again. I only just got this one and should really have a few more days of listening to it but already I can say I love it, like the other stuff I heard by Spoon. They no doubt have that magical quality that makes a great band produce great music. This one is not as relaxed or 'pop-rock' sounding as 'Gimme Fiction' but it has a much more energetic feel and really takes you on an altogether more upbeat and punky but tuneful journey. They still have those acoustic guitars but there is a definite attempt to create a big sound and they are using effects on them to do this. I haven't heard a track I dislike on this one and would recommend it above Modest Mouse simply because it seems like an instant classic and they do have a distinctive sound. I love the lead vocal.
This is the bands first album released way back when life was simple in 1996. If you listen you can hear a million influences here that sometimes leaves you wondering if they really are original. But hey, isn't all music derivative of other music?
I am still trying to get my hands on Kill The Moonlight. Had offers but no one seems to actually come up with the goods. A lot of you say you have this and that and do I want this album to put on the site, etc but I have yet to receive more than one full album!
False promises, false personalities..


Spoon - Telephono
======part 1======

Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

======part 1======

======part 2======
Again I urge you to download and listen.
What do I know.


The sun is shining.

That's all. Now Fuck off.

EDIT: Modest Mouse: Tracks 5 and 6 have a bit of extra silence on them. Whoever ripped the CD made a slight mistake. Nothing drastic, it just means that at the end of 05 there is 30seconds of silence and at the start of 06 there is about a minute of silence.
Bloody amatuers.
Wish I'd noticed this before uploading it..damn.

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Children Of Bodom - Something Wild / Music Of Islam - Vol 1 [1998]


Hows this for a blatant display of latent schizophrenia?
I just had a great time listening to the following two albums in a mixed playlist.
Great stuff.
First up was 'The Music Of Islam, Volume 1' which is just beautiful. What I can say about it isn't going to do it any justice and you will probably go away thinking it is just some compilation that you've probably heard in a restaurant somewhere..wrong!
It is entitled 'Vol. 1: AL-Qahirah; Classical Music Of Cairo, Egypt' and it makes you think that 'this is how music should be'. Music in it's purest form. Drums and a flute that waivers up and down scales like it is alive. There are no vocals on this album, it is purely a rhythmic journey; whether it is the beat or the various sounds which I just discovered are:
A Lute, Flute(You've heard of a flute right?), a Riqq, a Zither, a Goblet Drum and a Frame-drum; Whatever it is that captures your attention and carries you along with the beat, you can't help but sail with it.
After listening to the radio this afternoon with the apparent 'music' they call the latest hits -eurghk! Listening to this was a welcome rest from stress.
Before I downloladed this album though, I fancied a bit more anger management so called upon a great angry loud band called... 'Children Of Bodom'. I wont attempt to review them either.They are LOUD. The vocal isn't singing, its SHOUTING or maybe SCREAMING!!
Anyway its fucking good when you want to hear it! I was surprised at the influences of Progressive Rock creeping in(more than a little) when I listened to the album 'Something Wild' earlier. There are even some great calm sections with female vocals soaring high until the crashing bass-filled drums attempt to burst the speaker as you settle down for another roller-coaster ride of LOUD LOUD LOUD.
They call this shit death metal.

Can't think why.
The best thing though, is to take the complete clash of these two albums and put them into a random playlist then sit back and soak it up. They couldn't be more opposite in feel and the presence of each type of music but they do create a unique atmosphere when they share the same room for a while.Aah. I feel so much better.Tomorrow it'll be Teletubbies and Marilyn Manson.

Don't be thinking you can just download one of these and leave the other. What are you worried about..try them together, its a unique experience.


Children Of Bodom - Something Wild-

======part 1======

======part 2======


The Music Of Islam Volume 1
======part 1======
======part 2======

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Friday, July 15, 2005


Nothing to do with me but, as some of you were asking me about it again I saw these and thought I'd post it here anyway.
This is the last fucking mention of Pink Floyd Live 8 ever.
grumble grumble bollocks.

The speed is great!


If you have a problem with these then -apart from being a thick twat- you could always go to the site here:
3pm didn't happen again.
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Painkiller - Buried Secrets


Not exactly an album I would have been picking up from the local HMV but, as I am in some pretty fucking bad pain today I saw the title of the band and though it was appropriate. This turned out to be a good choice: If any band can capture and express the frustration and mood that prevails when you are in pain then Painkiller are that band. I hate to say it but, in the right situation I kind of like it.
Not an album you'd want to play every day or even every week/month but it definitely has its place.
When you feel like screaming and shouting and are angry, frustrated or pissed off in some way...put this on LOUD. I've no doubt it would be cathartic.

The Content:
Long, often protracted electric guitar led instrumentals in a dark, gothic, black metal style. The occassional growling doesn't make many appearances and even when it does it is pretty hard to know if it was really a language humans can understand. It's probably the bands own way of communicating with each other. You know how chimps and apes are known to have a form of speech...something along those lines.
The album is 95% instrumental and I mean 'mental'. I suppose you would class this as 'Metal' of some description. I'm no expert.
I can tell you that if you don't like screeching guitars and NOISE to make you uncomfortable then erm..dont expect to like this.
I must say again though, you won't know until you try so download and listen, then you can hate it and be informed instead of just hating it and being ignorant.
It could change your life.
It probably wont.


======part 1======

======part 2======

I am impressed at how fast the police found out who the London bombers were.
More raids today.
Whatever race or religion, matters not. People who kill and kill children, are beneath contempt.

What gets me is the amount of imbeciles on TV stating how shocking it is that they were actually from England and were so-called 'home grown' suicide bombers.
Erm, do these twats think that the generation of islamic youths they are talking about, have an easy life in England? especially some of these ghetto-ised slums in some northern towns and cities. They are faced with a very grim existence, future rpspects that are less than your average Big Brother contestant and in a lot of cases, poverty and violence. Seems to me that when there is a suicide bomber in say..israel, their is a mindset here that expects it, they seem to think that Israel...oh well, it's just desert and the people there don't have much else to look up to so they join these fanatical religious groups.
Fucking hell don't they know that even in Israel they have telephones, PCs and fucking McDonalds and trains, they actually wear shoes and can speak english??
They seem to think in their small town ignorant tiny minds that a place like Israel - or any other dusty arab nation - is living in the dark ages and that most people who live there (..or Iraq or any othere arab nation) are either terrorists or members of some fanatical relious group who are akin to terrorists.
what bollocks.
Then they are genuinely surprised when ENGLISH people have become suicide bombers and died for their cause (or so they see it). They say things like 'why would anyone who lives in Britain, want to throw it all away (I am assuming that 'all' means their lavish lifestyle of great future prospects and free healthcare with free dental treatment and benefits. Streets with roads and houses to live in -as opposed to mud huts right?, education and schools, theatre, art and The Arts. Trips to the riverbank with cucumber sandwiches and a sunday drive in Daddys Rolls Royce).
Ok I'm getting carried away but I think I made the point.
The people who are 'utterly shocked' are obviously so far removed from the reality these people are living in the ghettos of the inner cities that they might do well to go and spend a few weeks there and then see how disillusioned and depondent they could become if they had a lifetime of it to look forward to.
I am not Islamic by the way and I don't live in such places. I have lived in some of those towns and I do know.
I don't agree with their cause but it doesn't mean I am not open to trying to understand the reasons for people sacrificing their lives and what leads them to do such a thing.

It is extremely arrogant and pompous to say it is unbelievable that British people would want to be suicide bombers. These fuckers were hoping it was done by some terrorists that came over from an arab country.
This would have made them feel better about it. Wake up. It happened and it was English people that did it.
It is obviously time to look at why.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Caravan - Canterbury Tales (The Best of Caravan)

A Camel Caravan

I must finally confess.. I just love (some) progressive rock.
Mostly I mean music of a certain sound and genre..popularly known as the 'Canterbury Scene' probably because most of the musicians were from and around Canterbury, Kent, UK at the time they were producing. The bands were forever mutating and changing but the music, in general, stayed at a very high standard. Long melodic Viola solos, keyboards and lots of tight, solid drum beats. I think you call it 5/4 timing but I could be wrong. There is often a hint of Classical music in there and althought I mentioned the keyboard solos don't be mistaken into thinking this is such self-indulgence along the lines of say..Rick Wakeman or Emerson of ELP. No no. The Caravan solos are much more melodic and tuneful. They suck you in slowly and then the tempo and the strength rises until you are thrown out of the other side before you know what hit you...but they don't leave you there, they pick you up gently and then lay you down so that you end up in a much more peaceful place than you started from.
So that is Caravan in a nutshell.

Now you can give me shit for not liking some of these so called modern 'artists' that I love putting in the bin on a regular basis.
Bands like Caravan are what you might call real talent. I'm not talking about ego here or image or any of the other bullshit that seems to be the standard for being a worthy music outfit these days. I'm talking about actual talent and ability to hear and create soulful classics. Music that stimulates a part of the brain that might otherwise have slept.
There is no argument to criticise a band like Caravan. Technically they are supreme, melodically they are supreme. They are certainly gifted musicians and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.
Sure enough, some of their stuff can be comical and cheesey, verging on the stupid and unlistenable but hey, just cos' their sense of humour is a bag of shit to me doesn't mean that they are talentless.

Listen to the keyboard solo on 'The Dog, The Dog, he's at it again' and be amazed. Listen to 'For Richard' or '9 Feet Underground' and listen to some real fucking music. If you think fucking Pavement is the be all and end all and 'if it isn't INDIE it isn't shit' then fuck off and don't come back idiot.

One day you will realise that broadening your horizons isn't some compromise on ego..'s just, broadening your horizons.
Tunnel vision and blinkered attitudes are the ways of religion.
Religion is only 'good' for one thing: WAR
Music isn't religion, after all it's only music.

At least try it if you haven't before.

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======part 3======

======part 4======

Let the rabble commence.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Shins - Oh Inverted World

Ok. Now I listened to this today for the first time and wanted to hurry to get it up here for you.
What to say?
I like it.
I can't for the life of me think of who it is that the lead singers voice reminds me of. Damnit. You know how it is..when it's on the tip of your tongue but...damn damn damn!
The music is pretty mellow. Nice, relaxing summery-feel-good music. It has all the right components and they all go together to produce a highly listenable, peaceful and professional album.
A reminder of the sixties is in there somewhere. Some basic twelve-bar blues in a kind of psychedelic style in there too. Some great drumming and lots of guitars. Even some hints of a slight trip back to the eighties in there somewhere too...and could it be Robert Smith of The Cure that I am being reminded of here..?
Could be, could be.
I need to hear the album at least thrice before I say for sure!

I can't slag them off.
Very good. Might even have managed to mellow me out!
For a day anyway.
Back tomorrow with some real angst!



======one part only======

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The Pogues - The Ultimate Collection

By now, the world knows what happened in London on Thursday.
More killings. More hatred.
I don't know when or how or if this 'terrorism' will ever stop. I cannot see a way out for any 'side'. A war without argument, debate or visible combatants is the most difficult war to fight.
These people are not getting a point across any more. They are seemingly generally hateful of the west and are undermining and terrorising the west. They don't speak up any more. They don't make demands or ransoms. They just kill. As is being said a million times over today: The only real victims are the innocent people who are killed and maimed.
Hang on, that goes for every war right?
Is there any difference between a terrorist and a man in a uniform?
I doubt it. They both feel they have the 'right' to kill the innocent 'in the name of war'.
I wish the families of the victims peace.

The Pogues - The Ultimate Collection

I remember the very first time I heard The Pogues. I was with my dad visiting my cousin in Manchester. As I was a kid they had shifted me off to bed in the room by the living room so they could catch up on years they hadn't seen each other whilst sinking a few jars late into the night. As I lay there listening, a song came on. The song was 'The Old Main Drag' by The Pogues.
The song tells a story of London. Graphically and romantically, Shane Macgowans growling tones vividly convey a picture of Londons streets. The women, the losers, the dossers and drinkers. Bad luck and good. The ups and downs of street life. The side of London you might never even know exists if you were a tourist (perhaps). That song is still my favourite Pogues track. It is unmatched by anything I have heard since.
(Even the Fun Lovin' Criminals great song - 'Scooby Snacks'! )
It's a while since I had another 'Pogues phase' but it is long overdue. This album is going to have people saying oh-oh compilation. Not the real Pogues, Etc etc. They would be right. It is a compilation. It has all the tracks that you might have heard on the radio at one time or another and yes it does have 'Fairytale of New York'! (erm..)
The real gem in this compilation is the second CD. The whole CD is a collection of tracks, recorded at The Brixton Academy in 2001, catching their raw, pure sound. The way The Pogues should be heard. Warts n all, though you'd be hard pushed to find anything to slag off in their flawless repertiore so maybe the only warts would be on Macgowans face. I have a modest collection of The Pogues music so I will post more in the near future.
I discovered Shane has been in hospital very recently with 'stomach problems'. I sincerely hope he is going to be ok.
The man is a genius.
Read More

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======part 2======

======part 3======

======part 4======

======part 5======

======part 6======

======part 7======

More later.
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DSL Upgrade

I apologise to anyone wh on Thusday, after my last post, I was informed by my ISP that the requested upgrade from 512k DSL to 2mBit DSL was happening and that I would be offline for a few hours because of it. Aarrgghh. A few hours?! shit.
It turned into a few days.
I am only online now as I have been phoning them and they finally decided to give me some temporary account login so that I could get online until they sort it out.
so, pity I had to miss a few days here but life goes on.

The post I had already written up will still be posted later today when the uploads are finished. Probably an unpopular album but I don't care!
Well, alright then I do like some of you that leave me comments but the anonymous arseholes are just funny :)
More soon
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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

Hosted by
An altogether more interesting Shitty/Pavement situation.

Fuck fuck fuck!
Turn that shit off right now!
I have just had to stop this crud from burning my mind any longer.
I couldn't make it to the end of the album.
It had to stop.
Who the fuck thinks this guy(Stephen Malkmus) has a good, no make that any, kind of singing voice?
He sounds like a delusional teenager singing in his bedroom after watching Nirvana on MTV.
What a fucking abomination.
I admit that at first I actually thought..hmm nice bass, guitars, heavy Nirvana type melodies..then, that fucking voice.
It cripples your senses.
Turns me into a raging animal only fit to lash out at the first sentient being I see.
I won't even go on about the lyrics.
hehe oh go on then: 'I'm on my skateboard' is enough for me!
Or what about 'goodbye to the rock n roll era'. Who is this fuck-head trying to kid? He is in no way qualified to make that kind of generalisation. I doubt he understands the concept.
What a knob-let he truly is.

Well I can see the similarity to a pile of dog-shit on the pavement.
I know good singing and this is NOT it.
Also what is with the irritating repetitive, 'mic through an effects box' 'singing' at the end of most 'songs' until the fade-out just cannot arrive quick enough?
Someone shoot me.
Thank fuck I got the pleasure of deleting this shit.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

Enjoy the album won't you.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Livin' In The City [2005]

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Livin' In The City

Hosted by
The colour suits him

This is a good one.
I cannot pretend to like this shit. I want to, I really do but, something's not right.
I mean, check out this lyrical conundrum of unclassifiable complexity:

Did you ever think the world, would get so hard
children killing children, in our own back yard..
Did you ever think you'd say,
that you gave up on god.

From the song 'Gave up on God'.
What a crock of shit.
I don't know whether they really do believe in God or they are trying to align themselves with that kind of 'hard gangsta rappers with faith' ideal or what. They don't seem to know if they want to rap, croak, growl or sing. A new genre perhaps?
Either way these pricks are flirting with the idea of 'spontaneous projectile vomiting through music'. A rather new concept to me but, it works.
They are unconvincing in their toughness; their grave observations of the world; akin to the pseudo-pop-analysis that we have to suffer whenever we hear The Black Eyed Peas spouting their version of the world to us.. (Think 'Where is the Love' and remember how much you wished you could aim a rifle right through your TV screen, gleefully and insanely laughing 'there is no love there is no love you fuckers!!!' whilst picking them off one by one). The Black Eyed Peas. Grrrr. Where is that shotgun..

So here we have a similar bunch of sadsacks who think that acting tough and trying to put the worlds problems into a 'song' (whose lyrics have all the poetic abilities of a 9 yr old in the school poetry competition), is going to make them popular and maybe even sell a few albums (I am assuming here as surely they don't think they can do anything else like..Become a number one selling hit? Change the world? haha.).
They probably will sell a few.
Might even be popular.
I still want to kill them.


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======part 2======

======part 3======

If you listen to this album and like it, you need help. At the very least, you need to have your right to vote removed.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pink Floyd at Live 8 [ 650Mb MPEG ]

Ok ok, I know. I am jumping on the bandwagon.
All the choices of music I could have posted and here I am giving you Pink Floyds reunion set from Live8. That's because it is fucking good. End of story.
I finally tracked down a very nice copy which is what I am offering to you today.
I can't exactly give credit to the ripper as I found this as a torrent file. If you made it then give yourself a big clap, pat yourself on the back and go sit down.
Here are the video details taken from a very useful program called 'media Info' Get it here:
Complete name :
Pink_Floyd_Live 8.mpg
File size : 629 MiB
Format : MPEG 2 multiplexer
Overal bitrate : 3910 Kbps
PlayTime : 22mn 30s

Video #0
Codec :
MPEG Video 2
Bit rate : 3668 Kbps
Bit rate mode : VBR
Width : 720
Height : 576
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Frame rate : 25
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.354
Delay : 811

Audio #0
Codec : MPEG Audio 1 layer 2
Bit rate : 192 Kbps
Channels : 2
Sampling rate : 24 KHz
Delay : 419
Video0 delay : -392

If this makes it a VCD, SVCD, (X)SVCD, KVCD or whatever, I don't know so don't ask me. All I know is that if you get yourself a great 'Divx, Xvid, MPEG, MPG, MP3 (and all the usual formats)' DVD Player from DK-DIGITAL like I got :) then you will be able to watch it on your TV in superb quality! - and with this DVD Player that means without any messing about trying to make VCD standard CDs first..just put the movie file onto a straight ISO Data Disc and stick it in the player. Lovely.

I have more to say about the Pink Floyd appearance but I have to be honest and, illness is getting the better of me today.
It'll keep.

Enjoy this won't you.


There are 14 files for you to download and each one is 45.7MB. It is EASILY worth the downloading. Even if you have to get a file an hour for the next 14 hours!

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======part 14======

Back soon..
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Monday, July 04, 2005

I Am Kloot - Gods and Monsters

Hosted by

I Am Kloot.
Firstly, I wonder what the hell that name means? Anyone able to tell me?
This band have that unmistakable raw Manchester sound. I don't mean like Happy Mondays or the usual 'Madchester' groups, It is more of an Oasis likeness that they have. The accent of the lead singer and the way he uses his voice, not the actual tunes! Also it sounds like they really sing from the heart, something I think is pretty rare recently with the influx of copycat 80's sounding crap that is becoming ever popular.
The second (and title) track is great. Gods and Monsters: Reminiscent of a late sixties feel, some complex chords, keyboard that sounds almost like Hammond organ stuff (al-a-Stranglers), layered over a hypnotic drumbeat and a heavy underlying bass. They give you the impression that they have something unique, albeit a derivative mix of influences that you can (probably) pick out from each track. Listening to the track 'Stars Look Familiar' I couldn't help thinking of some early Beatles stuff. Then cut to 'Astray' and you could be forgiven for thinking you are listening to a rendition of a Dylan track! A soft, gentle acoustic tune with some beautifully arranged chords underneath some simple lyrics. Have a listen and I'm sure you'll agree. My favourite track has to be 'Sand and Glue', Lennon meets The stranglers meets, well, I am Kloot I suppose. You need to hear this one. Unfortunately (for me) the album seems to get weaker towards the end but you have to admit what a treat most of this album is.
I Am Kloot are a guitar band with some excellent songs.
This has to be a band to be watched in the coming years surely. If not then the fucking 'public'(yuk) don't know their arse from their elbow.
Mind you, they just want crazy frog with Axel-F so what hope is there for mankind?
Fuckin' arseholes.

======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

I noticed that although it is being talked about all over the place, their is still a difficulty for people trying to get a hold of the Pink Floyd Live 8 set.
To attempt to help with this I am currently downloading a 620Mb avi version. I will then upload it and post the links here, either today or tomorrow.
It will be quite a task uploading it to [RS] with a 28k upload line but it will be done.
Shit. Thunderstorm outside my window. Torrential rain, lightning. Hmm fried PC anyone?
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Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Others - The Others

What to say about a band that is about as entertaining as Live8 is to a hungry African child?
What a motley crew of bland, talentless losers whose' idea of poetic lyricism is no more earth shattering than a child's first shite.
I prefer the shite to be honest.
For some reason, if you had been reading the NME (oh yeah-what the fuck happened to that magazine anyway?) in recent months you would be forgiven for assuming this band were fucking brilliant!! Unstoppable!! Etc etc!!
More accurately: Unlistenable.

Conclusion: Retards should not be given guitars.

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More..well, tomorrow.
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Friday, July 01, 2005

Spoon - Gimme Fiction, Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic

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The Moldau River, Prague.

When I started this shit I wasn't too sure where it would end up. It was almost like a kind of experiment. Is it possible to get (how many?) hits on a website without any promotion other than posting the link on ONE message board (a busy one), just by giving away an album a day?
It wasn't just that: I am very ill right now and I wanted to do this for other reasons too.
OK that's enough sentimentality! ARRGGH!
Point being that it is possible: Posted the first page up on June 11th. It is now July 1st and yesterday the hit counter crossed the 10,000 mark.
Thanks for even bothering.

I don't have time to do or say anything much. Today, real life is taking me away from the computer chair,(It does actually happen you know).
Just managed to get these albums up. I thought that as it is Friday and I am in a good mood(? -must do something about that!) then you can have both:
Spoon - Gimme Fiction and Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic

PLUS! An extra extra bonus for you all..
I don't profess to know very much about Classical music. However, right back when I was at school the music teacher one day gave us all a blank piece of paper and a pencil. He told us to listen to some music and draw or write a list of what we saw, thought of, or what we imagined the music was telling us. The tune was so powerful to my mind that, totally against my 'hard man' veneer, I waited until my mates had gone at the end of the class and 'secretly' asked the teacher for a copy!

Here is that tune for you..
Vltava (The Moldau) By Bedrich Smetana.
(I know, an open link..well it is a LEGAL one)

Read some stuff here:

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Let's all go to Prague..

Do yourself a favour and get some more of his music. I can try to get it soon.
Oh and what was the result of the teachers 'experiment'?
A lot of people, myself included, correctly associated the music with the flow of water.
From wikipedia: '...Best-known, Vltava (The Moldau), also from 1874, describes the course of that river from near its origin down to Prague.'

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Now all you need to do is spend the rest of the day working out which one to listen to. Well..Whatever.
Have a nice day as they say in McDonald's.
Yeurgh. Bastards.
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