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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Black Grape - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Shaun Ryder.
The original Mad-chester bad boy. The man who was 'sorted for E's and Whizz' for a few decades.
Anyone who was around in the 80's to 90's Ecstasy days will well remember but probably have forgotten everything about it.
I took E. Yep. I have to admit it. Mind you, there's even a dumb hierarchy in this depraved area of society, like there is in every area(in UK at least). People will tell you that if you weren't there in the early days then you don't know what it was like. Whatever 'it' means. Knobs.
I took an educated decision on the 'E' thing.
I decided that it interested me bigtime but I didn't want to be a statistic: The media was having a field day with the odd deaths that occurred so I went to the library(yes a library, try it!) and got myself a copy of 'E for Ecstasy' By Nick Saunders (amazingly, now available as an online ebook to read right now!)
I watched friends taking so called 'E' for a few months and yet every time I watched it happening it seemed to go against everything I had learned and read about the true MDMA drug that was supposed to make you happy and energetic. Everyone seemed to be acting like they didn't know where or who they were, kind of like some kind of horse tranquiliser. Anyway, one day a guy we knew said he was going to toxteth(link1, Link2) to get some real MDMA and did we want some. I took this chance and put up £20. The cost was to be about £1 per tablet. When he got back with 200 of these things - called Dollars - we tried them out.

What I can only describe as..
Like a warm, slow bolt of lightning coming from your toes right up your body and then smacking you right in the skull, as if you have been hit by a freight train from behind(in an enjoyable way), resulting in a sudden change in perception. The world was now an altogether beter place. It was better than that. It was so great I wanted to dance. I wasn't the kind of person that danced until that point in my life. Yet I danced like as if I invented it. Due to my having what might be termed an 'addictive personality' I was still dancing two days later. I had consumed about 2 gallons of water, hugged all of my friends and told them the beauty of the world was contained in a single chemical, and fuck me how I had danced. Continuously. To the same fucking CD on repeat.
So yes, I did get to try the true 'E' after all. It seems that most ecstasy going around was some mixture of crap and ketamine and whatever else but those ones I tried for the very first time were the real thing.
I then took 'E' for about 3 months every week or so. I have never taken it again since.

Ok so Black Grape.
This album is brilliant. Their second release with the name Black Grape. The first was called 'It's great when you're straight...yeah' but I don't think as much of that one. That was in 1995. This was released in 1997. It isn't the usual sound that you might expect from a manchester band or a drug-fuelled Brit band but let me tell you, they know how to party and they also know music. It's pretty funky, electric, electronic, pop. All things to all people maybe.
I highly recommend it even though I am biased(It was great to listen to the following day after taking an 'E', because the drug is still with you a little and when you hear a beat you still feel the music through your soul..) Black Grape give you the music.
I have since realised that listening to good music, you can get that 'soul' part going yourself.You can even dance though not for two or three days, including the night!
Who needs drugs.
Oh the good ol' days..

======part 1======

======part 2======

Have a good trip.
I notice that the hits to the site far outweigh the number of comments. Come on you fuckers. At least let me know you are alive or something....

Don't you detest FAT PETS? I hate seeing it. Makes me want to punch the owner smack in the jaw and tell them that just because they can't stop filling their face with crap that is no excuse for letting their pet survive on a diet of coke and chocolates. Fucking thick twats. This was inspired by a picture I saw today....

A fat as fuck dog.

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Anonymous Louie said...

The picture of those pidgeons made me chuckle!

7/27/2005 03:53:00 pm  
Blogger Paulo X said...


I wouldn't mind if you put BG's first record.

7/27/2005 09:53:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Doves! It was a tenuous link to the 'brand' of 'E' that was popular...hehe
pidgeons indeed!
I will try to get a hold of the other album soon ok ;)

7/27/2005 10:17:00 pm  
Anonymous Louie said...

ahhhh - i get the doves thing now but i thought it was a reference to that time when Ryder and Bez were kids and they fed a load of pidgeons yeast which ended up making the birds explode! There's a bit in the 24hr Party People film about this. Looking back at that picture those doves are too pretty to be pidgeons, the ones we have here in Bristol are as skanky as anything!

7/28/2005 02:00:00 pm  

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