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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Children Of Bodom - Something Wild / Music Of Islam - Vol 1 [1998]


Hows this for a blatant display of latent schizophrenia?
I just had a great time listening to the following two albums in a mixed playlist.
Great stuff.
First up was 'The Music Of Islam, Volume 1' which is just beautiful. What I can say about it isn't going to do it any justice and you will probably go away thinking it is just some compilation that you've probably heard in a restaurant somewhere..wrong!
It is entitled 'Vol. 1: AL-Qahirah; Classical Music Of Cairo, Egypt' and it makes you think that 'this is how music should be'. Music in it's purest form. Drums and a flute that waivers up and down scales like it is alive. There are no vocals on this album, it is purely a rhythmic journey; whether it is the beat or the various sounds which I just discovered are:
A Lute, Flute(You've heard of a flute right?), a Riqq, a Zither, a Goblet Drum and a Frame-drum; Whatever it is that captures your attention and carries you along with the beat, you can't help but sail with it.
After listening to the radio this afternoon with the apparent 'music' they call the latest hits -eurghk! Listening to this was a welcome rest from stress.
Before I downloladed this album though, I fancied a bit more anger management so called upon a great angry loud band called... 'Children Of Bodom'. I wont attempt to review them either.They are LOUD. The vocal isn't singing, its SHOUTING or maybe SCREAMING!!
Anyway its fucking good when you want to hear it! I was surprised at the influences of Progressive Rock creeping in(more than a little) when I listened to the album 'Something Wild' earlier. There are even some great calm sections with female vocals soaring high until the crashing bass-filled drums attempt to burst the speaker as you settle down for another roller-coaster ride of LOUD LOUD LOUD.
They call this shit death metal.

Can't think why.
The best thing though, is to take the complete clash of these two albums and put them into a random playlist then sit back and soak it up. They couldn't be more opposite in feel and the presence of each type of music but they do create a unique atmosphere when they share the same room for a while.Aah. I feel so much better.Tomorrow it'll be Teletubbies and Marilyn Manson.

Don't be thinking you can just download one of these and leave the other. What are you worried about..try them together, its a unique experience.


Children Of Bodom - Something Wild-

======part 1======

======part 2======


The Music Of Islam Volume 1
======part 1======
======part 2======

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Anonymous snorri said...

Music of Islam is sensational. I know you do this out of love for music but thanks anyway, otherwise I would never have heard these tunes.

7/21/2005 03:28:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Watch for more 'cultural' music to follow soon. Thanks for the good feedback, makes it a pleasure.

7/21/2005 05:17:00 pm  
Anonymous Nabil Abdullatif said...

i cant believe its taken me so long to find your site. what a breath of fresh air it has been not only downloading some of these albums, but listen to someone else talking about music with such a love.

i love this series thanks for putting them up.

8/29/2005 06:17:00 pm  
Anonymous Zein Lucifer said...

Thanx. This is the first unique Black Metal music I've learned.
Lucifer Incestus.

8/28/2006 10:25:00 am  

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