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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Painkiller - Buried Secrets


Not exactly an album I would have been picking up from the local HMV but, as I am in some pretty fucking bad pain today I saw the title of the band and though it was appropriate. This turned out to be a good choice: If any band can capture and express the frustration and mood that prevails when you are in pain then Painkiller are that band. I hate to say it but, in the right situation I kind of like it.
Not an album you'd want to play every day or even every week/month but it definitely has its place.
When you feel like screaming and shouting and are angry, frustrated or pissed off in some way...put this on LOUD. I've no doubt it would be cathartic.

The Content:
Long, often protracted electric guitar led instrumentals in a dark, gothic, black metal style. The occassional growling doesn't make many appearances and even when it does it is pretty hard to know if it was really a language humans can understand. It's probably the bands own way of communicating with each other. You know how chimps and apes are known to have a form of speech...something along those lines.
The album is 95% instrumental and I mean 'mental'. I suppose you would class this as 'Metal' of some description. I'm no expert.
I can tell you that if you don't like screeching guitars and NOISE to make you uncomfortable then erm..dont expect to like this.
I must say again though, you won't know until you try so download and listen, then you can hate it and be informed instead of just hating it and being ignorant.
It could change your life.
It probably wont.


======part 1======

======part 2======

I am impressed at how fast the police found out who the London bombers were.
More raids today.
Whatever race or religion, matters not. People who kill and kill children, are beneath contempt.

What gets me is the amount of imbeciles on TV stating how shocking it is that they were actually from England and were so-called 'home grown' suicide bombers.
Erm, do these twats think that the generation of islamic youths they are talking about, have an easy life in England? especially some of these ghetto-ised slums in some northern towns and cities. They are faced with a very grim existence, future rpspects that are less than your average Big Brother contestant and in a lot of cases, poverty and violence. Seems to me that when there is a suicide bomber in say..israel, their is a mindset here that expects it, they seem to think that Israel...oh well, it's just desert and the people there don't have much else to look up to so they join these fanatical religious groups.
Fucking hell don't they know that even in Israel they have telephones, PCs and fucking McDonalds and trains, they actually wear shoes and can speak english??
They seem to think in their small town ignorant tiny minds that a place like Israel - or any other dusty arab nation - is living in the dark ages and that most people who live there (..or Iraq or any othere arab nation) are either terrorists or members of some fanatical relious group who are akin to terrorists.
what bollocks.
Then they are genuinely surprised when ENGLISH people have become suicide bombers and died for their cause (or so they see it). They say things like 'why would anyone who lives in Britain, want to throw it all away (I am assuming that 'all' means their lavish lifestyle of great future prospects and free healthcare with free dental treatment and benefits. Streets with roads and houses to live in -as opposed to mud huts right?, education and schools, theatre, art and The Arts. Trips to the riverbank with cucumber sandwiches and a sunday drive in Daddys Rolls Royce).
Ok I'm getting carried away but I think I made the point.
The people who are 'utterly shocked' are obviously so far removed from the reality these people are living in the ghettos of the inner cities that they might do well to go and spend a few weeks there and then see how disillusioned and depondent they could become if they had a lifetime of it to look forward to.
I am not Islamic by the way and I don't live in such places. I have lived in some of those towns and I do know.
I don't agree with their cause but it doesn't mean I am not open to trying to understand the reasons for people sacrificing their lives and what leads them to do such a thing.

It is extremely arrogant and pompous to say it is unbelievable that British people would want to be suicide bombers. These fuckers were hoping it was done by some terrorists that came over from an arab country.
This would have made them feel better about it. Wake up. It happened and it was English people that did it.
It is obviously time to look at why.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Painkiller is quite an awesome ensemble. The fact is Painkiller is kinda a "supergroup" in a way. It features Mick Harris on drums formerly of Napalm Death, Bill Laswell on bass whose is known for his work in trance and world music among other amazing projects, and John Zorn on alto sax, who's been a leading if not the leading father of noisecore, experimental, improvisatory Jazz. Yes, I said alto sax! there are no electric guitars in this recording. sounds are made from extended techniques done on the sax. Enjoy!

7/14/2005 01:25:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Wow. Sax. Not guitar?! That makes it even better! Thanks for that. It proves that I just listen to it and think I know it all when really I know nothing.
hehe well...sometimes :)
I think I want to hear more of this band.

7/14/2005 01:40:00 pm  

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