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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Spoon - Telephono / Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

A rather modest looking mouse.

Just listening to 'Modest Mouse - Interstate 8' right now and, although it doesn't strike me as something extra special and stunning in the musical world, it is quite enjoyable and relaxing enough. Not a unique sound, just kind of formulaic: Electric guitars and some slide guitar in there too with the usual bass guitar and drummer, catchy 'americana-pop-rock-sound' tunes that don't tax the mind very much and just seem to be satisfied with happily trundling along as if they were written for radio or party music to start with, then, as the album gets going there is the intermittent injection of high energy drumming and guitar whilst the singer shouts a bit louder. It doesn't do it for me.. There is the occassional track that goes against this for instance the well known track 'All Night Diner' has more than a tad of the Lou reed East Coast rock sound about it. I don't know where they hail from but that is what it sounds like at least! Also 'Tundra Desert' is definitely not background music with its harsh guitars, distorted vocals and feedback. To me it's just noise. Not enjoyable, just fucking stupid noise. They seem to remind me of a bunch of Film or Art students trying to sound cool. They don't cut it.
The more I hear the more it grows on me. I prefer the first few tracks.
Probably, by tomorrow I will have to edit this post to say how great they really are.
We shall see about that one.
That isn't to say this is a bad album. I definitely kind of like it and would recommend it anyway.
See what you reckon.

Spoon - Telephono.
Aaah. Spoon again. I only just got this one and should really have a few more days of listening to it but already I can say I love it, like the other stuff I heard by Spoon. They no doubt have that magical quality that makes a great band produce great music. This one is not as relaxed or 'pop-rock' sounding as 'Gimme Fiction' but it has a much more energetic feel and really takes you on an altogether more upbeat and punky but tuneful journey. They still have those acoustic guitars but there is a definite attempt to create a big sound and they are using effects on them to do this. I haven't heard a track I dislike on this one and would recommend it above Modest Mouse simply because it seems like an instant classic and they do have a distinctive sound. I love the lead vocal.
This is the bands first album released way back when life was simple in 1996. If you listen you can hear a million influences here that sometimes leaves you wondering if they really are original. But hey, isn't all music derivative of other music?
I am still trying to get my hands on Kill The Moonlight. Had offers but no one seems to actually come up with the goods. A lot of you say you have this and that and do I want this album to put on the site, etc but I have yet to receive more than one full album!
False promises, false personalities..


Spoon - Telephono
======part 1======

Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

======part 1======

======part 2======
Again I urge you to download and listen.
What do I know.


The sun is shining.

That's all. Now Fuck off.

EDIT: Modest Mouse: Tracks 5 and 6 have a bit of extra silence on them. Whoever ripped the CD made a slight mistake. Nothing drastic, it just means that at the end of 05 there is 30seconds of silence and at the start of 06 there is about a minute of silence.
Bloody amatuers.
Wish I'd noticed this before uploading it..damn.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck off yourself!

7/18/2005 11:53:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Are you going to make this a regular feature? I warn you: Could get just a little on the tedious side!

7/19/2005 07:52:00 am  

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