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Thursday, September 29, 2005

VA - Kickoff-2.00 AM [2003]

The album today is one that I find myself listening to when I am in an energetic mood. It is very dancey, bass-heavy and well...techno(for those that aren't too geeky about which fucking genre of drum n bass or dance music an album has to fit into). I think they call this psych-trance or some shit!
It is great to listen to on those days when you just need something to carry you off and pick you up! Also, the first track is a version of The Nutcracker Suite like you never heard it before and its great!!
I will try to get some of the MANY requests soon. Keep requesting, it's great but please remember: Be patient!! I don't have the time or motivation to be searching all day for requested music so I limit it to when I can be arsed.


======part 1======

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======part 3======

Get it while its hot!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Loving Cup - The Loving Cup [2003]

Right, I'm not going to explain myself regarding the lack of updates..if you are a regular here you will remember the magic word is: Ill.
I have a fucking treat for you today. Anyone who disagrees can go and bury their head in a bucket of shit until they do agree!
The Loving Cup.
This band means a lot to me as when I first met my womanfriend(that is her name on this site!), we went out to a local bar and saw this band playing and were both astounded at their abilities. Plus we went home singing their songs!
The lead singer has got one of the strongest voices and his way of bringing the song directly to your emotions is pure brilliance. The band is definitely verging on, if not totally in, country music - which I have always hated!. The difference with The Loving Cup is that they bring their raw, pure and genre free music to you and let you make your own mind up about what box to pigeon-hole it into. They don't care about genre, they just care about music and it shows. The songs vary from love songs with great words to genuinely uplifting tracks singing about travelling and some US-centric ideas.
They certainly have influences from the USA country and Blues scene but if you listen hard you can hear all styles in there from Rock to Prog rock to even possibly britpop!

Anyway we watched them live. We fell in love. We are still together 4 years later and plan to wed within a year.
The Loving Cup will always be that special band that played when we met.
So you think I am biased?
Listen to this album. then when its reached the end, LISTEN TO IT AGAIN because you may think..that sounds like country music, it sucks. If you let that stop you from really listening to this piece of genius then you are more of a fool than you appear to be(!)
I would love to get some comments on this please. Come on you lazy twats....only about 4 of the 1000+ hits here daily can be bothered to comment on the stuff I give you. You can do better!

This is the first album I've posted that has actually brought about a pang of guilt for the band. Why should I be giving it away when they haven't quite made it in the music scene?
Well, I bought the CD and I strongly urge you to do the same so here is the amazon link for you to buy it.
Check out their website here
They are incredible live.
I have to say that the CD is not quite able to convey the atmosphere of this band when they are playing live! I have a recorded live session from the radio last year somewhere on my PC. I will upload it soon then you will see what I mean when you hear it.
Don't forget! I want to hear opinions on these guys!!

======part 1======

======part 2======
That's it for now!
Some pretty cool tunes to post later today...ambient psych trance or some shit.
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

RE-Upload Requests - Filled... guest blogging by Oliver the moody cat!

Yes I got around to it. Here are re-uploads. Well, truth be told I didn't actually do anything. It was Oliver.
I pleaded with him to take care of the uploading and eventually, he relented.
As you can tell from the photographs, he wasn't exactly pleased with this arrangement.

It cracks me up when he makes a face at me"! It's something he does when you tell him or ask him to move or do something that he clearly finds to be undesirable. Oliver, you are a star.
Now get on with the uploading!


The Earth News Radio 'The Beatles' Shows.
parts 1 - 3 (that died along with Qfile)

A complete re-upload of Pink Floyd - Under Construction{The Wall Demos}


Finally, for now
A complete Re-upload of Spoon - A Series Of Sneaks


If you have any requests for ANY kind of music AT ALL...please, do me and yourself a favour by letting me know in the REQUEST BOX to the right side of the page.
I am always looking for new and obscure or even ordinary tunes I haven't heard before. Plus the visitors to the site may not have heard of stuff that is familiar to you and I, so request that stuff too..whatever you like. Some teenagers don't know who Dylan is..remember that.
(Mind you, the way he's going they're probably better off...)

Todays MP3s By:Various Celtic Music Tracks.

Balafon - Frelimo.mp3
Erthe Upon Erthe.mp3
Galway Races.mp3
Riverdance - Firedance.mp3
Sarah McLachlan Chieftains - Foggy Dew.mp3
Scotland the Brave, Wings.mp3
She Moved Through the Fair.mp3
The Itchy, Scratchy, Prickly Thistle.mp3
Celtic Flute Music.mp3
Devotio (John Michael Talbot).mp3
Feel (Michael Tumes).mp3
Hymn Of The Universe (Dave Bainbridge.mp3
Lowden's Prayer (Michael Card).mp3
St. Patrick In The Spirit (John Doa).mp3
Vision (Richard Souther).mp3

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Warren Zevon - Life'll Kill Ya [2000]

I hadn't heard of Warren zevon before late 2000. I was in hospital having an operation on the intestines...yes, that is something to do with shitting, and the guy in the next bed - who was such a mad laugh!- told me to turn the bedside TV on. There was Warren Zevon on Jool Hollands music show singing a song called 'My Shits Fucked Up'. It was so appropriate to our situations that we laughed so hard we nearly ended up back in surgery!
We both swore we'd get the guys album and sure enough, when I got home, I ordered it right way.
The rest of the album was a pleasant surprise. His sound is pretty unique although sometimes you find yourself thinking he isn't actually that good yet other times you are almost moved to tears by his lyrics and the voice that comes from some place inside that he only shows through his music.
This guy died last year from a rare form of cancer..not a pretty ending for anyone. What makes this story, in my mind, a happy one, is that he strived to make an album before he died when he found out he didn't have long. He even got a few stars on it too. It is called 'The Wind' and some of the tracks on there really did move me to tears, especially when you get to hear the song he wrote specifically for the love of his life, telling her to think of him when he's gone. It does kind of break your heart. I don't know of anyone who has written songs with the playing of them back when they are dead, in mind? It is a great shame he died, still relatively unknown on this side of the pond at least.
Here is the Life'll Kill Ya album which is uplifting, good old american style rock/blues.
Some of these tracks are just pure emotion..
'Hostage-O' is a love song(or is it?) like no other:
'You can train me, you can drain me
If you make me lose control..
I will be your prisoner
I will be your hostage-o'

'All you have to do is ask,
I'll be happy to say yes;
I'll put on the creepy mask;
If you'll grant me some forgetfulness.
You can strain me, you can maim me
You can chain me to the floor..
I will be your prisoner
I will be your hostage-o
I will be your prisoner
I will be your hostage-o'

Moving lyrics don't you agree?
Great stuff.

I am struggling with the heavy load of the re-upload requests so here's the deal:
I will not post anything new for a few days. The next three or four days uploads will be albums already featured. I must stress that albums will only be featured TWICE. Miss them the second time around then you are an ass and your only option is to go and fucking buy them. Just don't email me complaining!
The reason I aint been doing them yet is that I want to give you all some good music but as some complete pricks are now resorting to insulting me as I am 'taking too fucking long' (as one email went!) I have decided to finally start re-uploading. Oh and NO, I will NOT be doing the uploads for ALL of the people who decided to insult me, thinking in their fucking warped minds that I would somehow be eager to please them if they called me a liar etc. Fucking spoilt brats I cannot stand. Shoot them all.


======part 1======

======part 2======
No direct links right now: Too much fucking UPLOADING to do. Damn why did I ever offer.....
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Paul McCartney - Chaos And Creation In The Backyard [2005] ||| Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better [2005]

He Has A Mullet

Most of my life I have viewed the great Sir Paul McCartney with contempt. I know I know he was in The Beatles! I also know he was that head-shaking irritating little scouse twat that had the audacity to bring out a song so repulsive it makes my hair stand on end just remembering it: The Frog chorus. For fucks sake there is no excuse for such madness. Well, except perhaps 'madness'.
Not too long ago before your very eyes on this blog, I gave him the kudos I thought he deserved after I had listened to some old and rare Beatles bootlegs. His voice was good and he brought a lot more to the band than I had ever realised in the past.
So Paul McCartney=Good Singer.
Good singer or not, he is still that irritating twat -who sang the froggy song- to me and probably always will be. You see his latest album, much anticipated by myself, is nothing short of a bunch of old ideas and the efforts of an ageing hippy who is blatantly clinging on to days gone by and trying to make a bit of cash from a product he has sold and resold so many times it sounds all too familair and insipid straight away.
I recommend you go to any charity shop and randomly select one of his old albums (which you are guaranteed to find there. Why is that?) then take it home and just play that instead.
Paul McCartney, it's a shame he was the one left to try and keep convincing the world just how talented he is or was because erm..he isn't.

Listen at your peril....

'The sound you make is MUZAK to my ears....' - John Lennon.


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======part 2======

======part 3======

Todays MP3s By:Franz Ferdinand Album: You Could Have It So Much Better[2005]
Don't get too excited. I listened to this today and to call it a disappointment is understating it somewhat.
Another band to strike off my playlist. Damn!

01 - The Fallen.mp3
02 - Do You Want To.mp3
03 - This Boy.mp3
04 - Walk Away.mp3
05 - Evil And A Heathen.mp3
06 - You're The Reason I'm Leaving.mp3
07 - Eleanor Put Your Boots On.mp3
08 - Well That Was Easy.mp3
09 - What You Meant.mp3
10 - I'm Your Villain.mp3
11 - You Could Have It So Much Better.mp3
12 - Fade Together.mp3
13 - Outsiders.mp3

Franz Ferdinand YOU SUCK!

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Winning the Lottery and other musings

Firstly, this is a non music post.
That's got rid of about 80% of you no doubt.

Today I won approximately £1,400 on the UK Lottery.
It is known nationally as 'Disability Living Allowance' and is a benefit payment that is 'awarded' to the long term sick or disabled. The reason I call it a lottery is that you need to have a Phd in Law and Semantics to fill out the application form with enough reasoning and persuasion to get past the the first level which is the dustbin of the people you send it to. It is notoriously difficult to get this benefit. In fact more people are awarded it on appeal than directly, first time as a result of their application. The default behaviour of the people who read the forms is to dismiss them, bin them. I think they figure that, if the applicants really are in need, they will appeal. Well I didn't have to appeal. Obviously I am a sad case and they had no choice.
So I won!
They will be paying me from now on. The £1,400 was just what I am owed apparently.

I will be posting some music later. Paul McCartney has an album out, I recently stated that I had re-assessed my views on him after seeing the Let It Be film and hearing the old Beatles bootlegs but I am afraid to say, after hearing this new album...he really is just the twat that brought out that friggin' froggy song.
It's shite!
Also a great album by the late Warren Zevon: Life'll Kill Ya. There is a song on this album entitled 'My shits Fucked Up' which is enough for me to say "Great Album!"
Will post them later today.
I have been thinking about the copyright problem and how people view sites like this. Apparently this is not an MP3 blog.
Why? because true MP3 blogs offer a track or two and actively try to persuade visitors to buy the album(albeit through their own comission links to, apparently sites like this are just the pits. The worst. Beneath contempt.
So I want to post a poll soon to ask...does downloading free albums cost anyone?
Do you feel more inclined to buy an album if you have downloaded it?
Does it negate the need for you to own the album for real, if you have it as MP3 for free?
I am in the latter camp.
I don't buy CDs. I like music but I like freebies too. And I am poor of course.
Saying that, I just bought my first CD for months yesterday on Amazon. I will be posting it here soon. It is by a band I have seen live and they are one of the UKs best kept secrets. Just superb. later.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kirsty MacColl - The Best of, [2005]

You may or not know the of the horrific accident which resulted in the death of Kirsty MacColl in 2000. She was killed instantly when a boat went right over her whilst she was scuba diving with her sons. She died instantly right in front of her sons. It is hard to imagine the terror her sons sufferred and I have to say they must be strong to have gotten through it.

You may only know Kirsty as the strong female voice on 'Fairytale Of New York'; That timeless classic by The Pogues that you hear every christmas. You may only know her as that fuckin' irritating singer of a 'Guy works down The chipshop Swears He's Elvis' which is an abominable pop song.
As you might have guessed already, I was never a huge fan. However I have had a request by email (USE THE FRIGGING REQUEST BOX PLEEEAAASE!) and, as I do have a heart, honest I do, I put this one up for you.
A compilation released this year, of all of her best and well known tunes(including that damn chipshop song grr!). As much as her singing may have irritated one deserves the horrible end that she had.
Kirsty MacColl.


======part 1======

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Chambao - Flamenco Chill [2002] CD2

As promised. Here is the second CD of this.


======part 1======

======part 2======
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chambao - Flamenco Chill [2002] (their first album by request!!)

Time is against me once again my friends. Not before I managed to get this beautiful album up for you though.
The already featured brilliance of for you in the guise of their first album, Flamenco chill. I know the name sounds like a lot of other, also previously featured albums but don't be confused, you haven't heard this one yet!
It is a two CD collection and unfortunately tonight I only have time to upload CD 1.
More tomorrow, starting with the second instalment of this.


======part 1======

======part 2======
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Oasis -- Definitely Maybe demos [1993]

Another hurried Post I'm afraid.
This collection of Demos from BEFORE the Debut Oasis album 'Definitely Maybe' which we all know was, and still is in my opinion, their BEST album to date, is a great look into the way that some of the tracks evolved and were perfected before arriving on the final album. You might even prefer some of these to the ones you know.
Either way I think it is worthy of the site and I am happy to bring these to you.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======
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The Music Of Islam Part 4 [1998]

The next in the Series 'The Music Of Islam' brings us to Part 4 which is 'Music Of The Arabian Peninsula Doho, Qatar'
A collection of superb beats which will bring a unique atmosphere to your end of summer days.. I hope you like these.
In a mad hurry today so thats it for now.
Sorry for the lack of updates but as I mentioned before, sometimes my illness situation is too severe for me to get this shit together ok.
I try!


======part 1======

======part 2======
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Friday, September 16, 2005


Ok people. I can't believe I am having to do this so soon after telling you but here we go again.

There is only ONE WAY to get an album uploaded again on this site if the original links are dead.
You have to do the following EXACTLY otherwise you will NOT get the album again.

Did you understand that all you people who have emailed me in recent days asking for links to be fixed?

You must do this:

1. Open up an email to Email me at
2. Make sure the subject line of the email has this word in it DEADLINK
It MUST say DEADLINK or the gmail filtering system will delete it ok!!
3. Inside the email I need the EXACT page where the links are dead. So don't say 'this link is dead for the four tet album on' as that is not the exact page!
You would need the page like ''
or similar.
4. I MUST have the links EXACTLY as you find them. So that I know which links to replace.
It is not enough to tell me which album it is! I need to know the LINKS that do not work ok!

Please follow these simple instructions everyone as I can then do what you want and that is, provide more uploaded links for you when they fail or die out.

Music to follow later today...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Putumayo presents African Odyssey [2001] || The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

Don't you get sick when you see these fucking public shoolboys on TV having won 'The Ashes' and going on their victory parade!
I mean does anyone really, really give a fuck about cricket? Or cricketers for that matter. I am glad they won but I'm not sure I care. Well I know I don't care so I suppose I only say I am glad they won due to some conditioning by the media who have tried their best to make the UK people convert from violence and football(some hopes!) to pimms on the lawn and cricket with its lovely whites and nice public schoolboy image. Oh yes, I can really see the youth of England and Scotland playing cricket in the next year after finding they actually love the game..
The kids in the ghetto-ised inner cities of Birmingham, Glasgow and Sheffield will be queueing up to make little stumps out of bits of wood they found lying around..they will be kitted out in the best Cricket clothing money can buy...bought from drug dealing cash of course, then they will host tournaments, climb through the ranks and, one day..we will have some of the best cricket geniuses the world could ever see.
Fucking right!
Why don't they give it a fucking rest. There may be a slight increase in the little rich kids who play cricket but the way the media has been painting it the image I just gave you above, is complete bull.
You see, all week the media have been telling us that England is converting and the youngsters are now wanting cricket bats and wanting to play cricket. They have even speculated that the next generation will be all for cricket and not the usual route of football and all that goes with that. I am finding this pretty funny.

Putumayo Presents an African Odyssey is a pretty good one. I hope you enjoy it!


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

Todays MP3s By:The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
1. Sick Bed of Cuchulainn
2. Old Main Drag
3. Wild Cats of Kilkenny
4. I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day
5. Pair of Brown Eyes
6. Sally Maclennane
7. Pistol for Paddy Garcia
8. Dirty Old Town
9. Jesse James
10. Navigator
11. Billy's Bones
12. Gentleman Soldier
13. Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Also some random Pogues tracks to snag:
The Battle March Medley.mp3
A Rainy Night In Soho.mp3
Dark Streets Of London.mp3
Fairytale Of New York.mp3
Rain Street.mp3
Sea Shanty.mp3
Streams Of Whiskey.mp3
Token Celtic Drinking Song.mp3
Tuesday Morning.mp3
Turkish Song Of The Damned.mp3
Whiskey You'Re The Devil.mp3
When tomorrow comes I will have The Music Of Islam Volume 4.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Camel - Camel [1973]

Someone requested Camel is their first and a great piece of music it is.
Almost pop but still full-on prog-rock, they show their knack for crafting a tune that you find yourself singing long after its stopped...This is Camel at their very best in my opinion. Their sound is crystal clear.
Some brilliant summer driving tunes to enjoy in the sun whether you care about the band or not.
Makes me want to be a hippy.


======part 1======

Todays MP3s By: Just go here, I cant be arsed copying links for you

There is a good selection of albums and tracks in there. Get it while its good. Tomorrow it will be dead...
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Antony and the Johnsons - I am a Bird Now [2005] ||| Yann Tiersen - Rue des cascades [2002]

Ok I took a day off yesterday..such hard work you know.
Here is a strange, strange brew indeed. I can't quite make up my mind with this one at all but I know it has something magical about it and had to upload it for you to hear. That is if you have been hiding under a rock this past week and hadn't heard it already!
Antony and the Johnsons are a NY band that boast the most original, unique and mysteriously macabre sounding voice I have heard thus far in the course of this blog..maybe my life?(surely not!).
This guy -Antony- breaks all expectations, disgards formulas and sets his own boundaries as far as vocals go. Put that with a very distinguishable and, again, dark piano and you have something that makes your heart flutter now and then when it hits home. Which it does quite a lot.
Haunting and almost operatic in style with heavy dark undertones and yet somehow it's all so camp!
The lyrics are just too fucking weird for me.


======part 1======

Todays MP3s By: Yann Tiersen - Rue des cascades [2002]
I had loads to choose from for this section today but I am still 'going French' so I bring you a recommendation by a visitor to the site. It's damn good too.
(The Amelie OST is by the same artist)

01. j'y suis jamais alle.mp3
02. rue des cascades.mp3
03. pas si simple.mp3
04. comptine d'ete n-2.mp3
05. comptine d'ete n-3.mp3
06. deja loin.mp3
07. la chambre.mp3
08. mouvement introductif.mp3
09. la muette.mp3
10. naomi.mp3
11. soir de fete.mp3
12. le vieux en veut encore.mp3
13. toujours la.mp3
14. c'etait ici.mp3

If your brain works you will find a goldmine there too ;)

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Putumayo Presents - Jamaica [2001]

Second offering of the day is another series that I've had lots of requests for since I posted just one!
So here is Putumayo Presents: Jamaica.
No explanation is needed(thank fuck cos' I can't be arsed)..
I just love it.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======
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The Music Of Islam-Vol. 3: Music Of The Nubians Aswan, Egypt

Okay folks just a quick update for the day..Life is pressing me.
First off I want to let you know that yesterday I got THREE Mano Solo albums! You can too by going to which is a brilliant blog with some cool photography as well as some real gems, musically speaking.
Today I am posting the next in line of two series' you have already seen some of.
The Music Of Islam volume 3.
Music Of The Nubians Aswan, Egypt.

I especially like this one. Truth be told I don't really listen to Vol.2 much now as I find it a bit much but this one, great.
Enjoy it.
Can I just point out here:
If you find any dead links then the ONLY and I mean ONLY way you can let me know(that will yield a result) is by emailing me with DEADLINK in the subjectline of the email. Inside the email you MUST put the url and the EXACT links that you want to be re-uploaded. If you do all that I ask then you will be rewarded with newly uploaded files. I will do the re-uploading on about a two-weekly basis so don't expect it the same day. Just be assured that if you follow these instructions then you WILL get a new link within a two week period.


======part 1======

======part 2======
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mano Solo - Les Animals [2004]

More France?
Of course!

Now we have another album by the great Mano Solo.
I love this guys voice, tunes, everything. He has a real passion that makes you feel like his soul is screaming in your face not merely singing.
This is an album from 2004..which makes it his latest if I am not mistaken. A bit different to the last one I posted of his but still worthy of the download. I prefer the other though to be honest.
Though as I listen, this one is growing on me fast.
Can't get enough of him right now.
Just download it.
Oh and I haven't stopped posting the 'Putumayo Presents' series, just wait a day or two and they will start again. The same goes for 'The Music Of Islam'.
If you find that comments are disabled on any of the posts then email me if you wish, this has been done to avoid a troll who wants to argue a pointless argument that I simply couldn't give a toss about.


======part 1======

======part 2======

Mano Solo CD Covers here


Todays MP3s By:Frank Zappa Jams with Lennon and Yoko.

(John Lennon & Yoko Ono) - Au.mp3
(John Lennon & Yoko Ono) - Cold Turkey.mp3
(John Lennon & Yoko Ono) - Jamrag.mp3
(John Lennon & Yoko Ono) - Scumbag.mp3
(John Lennon & Yoko Ono) - Well (Baby Please Don't Go).mp3
(Unknown) - 02 Don't Worry Kyoko.mp3.mp3

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Amélie - The Original Soundtrack [2001]

Of course..Garlic.
I've been going a bit French lately. It's great and I urge you to do the same.
I get sick of hearing the usual slurs on France and the French people in general. It's yet another fashionable concept - Hate the French.
Hmm there are many possible answers to that but I suspect that most of the imbeciles that do hate the French(or think they do) do it for one of these reasons:
GW Bush does it.
Tony Blair does it.
Oh and some inherent racism here in the UK which compels people to say things like French frogs or that they stink of garlic, don't wash, etc etc. They hate their farmers, they hate their fisherman..bla bla boring.

So fuck all that, as you know as much as I do what complete nonsense it is.
Lets forget politics for a minute.
In fact lets just forget politics forever if you want. They are the real fucking morons, politicians. Ok I don't mean their policies and what they stand for as even I'm not daft enough to make such a sweeping generalization as 'Fuck all politicians'(although it is tempting!), considering they all stand for so many different countries and causes. But lets not forget that their actual personalities..Taking Bush or Blair as examples, they are allowed to be prats and oh yes, what fucking prats they are.

So lets go French for music.

Forget Politics, remember music.

French music is among the most passionate I have found anywhere in the world.
It brings you a beautiful atmosphere of calm and a kind of old village type of feeling that other genres struggle to attain.
First off we have an OST(see requester I did it!) from the movie, which was also brilliant: Amélie.
I won't dissect it track by track.
Just listen and travel to France in the easiest, most carefree and relaxing way possible.
(unless you have a private Yacht, in which case use that instead).

France is Beautiful like the wine and the music.

Above all, enjoy this album.

Oh and don't hate French people you twat.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

More France goodness coming your way..

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Little Angels - Jam [1993] ||| Rage (various Tracks)

Aww..aren't they lovely little angels?

Another request fill here. The Little Angels which, I might add..took some finding!!
I don't want to hurt the requesters feelings here(since when I hear you cry!?) so I will just say I am opting out of this review.
(Maybe that will tell you more about it than if I were to say anything.)

Ok here's a clue...Heavy Metal


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3======

Todays MP3s By: RAGE Album: Just some tracks I found.


I hate to sound so derogatory(honest) but these are a German Metal band.

Lets not go there.


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The Island- Steve Jablonsky [ OST ] ||| Zero 7 Tracks

The infamous 'Grown human ear'

Not the nicest experiment.

Someone requested that I put some effort into Movie Soundtracks. Well I have never really bothered with them: compilations of seemingly unrelated artists, singing to support a movie and further extort cash from the mesmerised public and their kids is not something that appeals to me.
Anyway as I am not exactly being extorted aand likewise neither are you then this can be an exception.
So The Island by Steve Jablonsky.
The music I found to be less inspiring than the movie unfortunately.
This is a very weak collection of ambience that with each track..almost promises to take you somewhere but irritatingly, never quite gets off the ground.
It is shite and I don't recommend it. At all.

Oh and what did I make of the movie?
Well, my woman (who shall just be called woman for the purpose of this site) actually got so bored she didn't watch it after about the first half. I wanted to see it all, if only because I find the concept it was trying to convey - cloning of humans in the future, to be used as stores for our own use for organs, etc- quite interesting.
It is a chillingly realistic idea although they completely hollywood-ised(new word?) it up and ruined the concept overall. The way genetic medicine and research is going though, science is always trying to figure out how to do something like what we saw in the film: Use stem cells or your own cells, to 'grow' a body part that you might need if it became diseased or worse. So it isn't oo far into fantasy land to consider the idea of a whole 'factory' like seen in the movie, where cloned complete people are created to be slaughtered when their real human 'spawner' needs the new parts.

These kittens were grown from a cloned cell. They are identical in every way.
Of course its all a bit HG Wells and sci-fi but well..its entertainment right?
I enjoyed parts of it but it stuck to the usual crap hollywood formula which just pisses me off. They had to have a love interest, chase scenes, over the top effects..etc.
And who the fuck is Steve Jablonsky anyway..He's not going on my christmas list!

Try always I am probably totally, completely wrong and this is the best album out of 2005(!)


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Todays MP3s By:Zero 7 Album: Some random Tracks!

18 Up With People (Zero 7 Remix).mp3
Garden State Soundtrack_03_Zero 7_In the Waiting Line.mp3
Radiohead w Sneaker Pimps_Climbing Up the Walls (zero 7 remix).mp3
Zero 7_Destiny (Photek remix).mp3
Zero 7_Destiny.mp3
Zero 7_ Give It Away.mp3
Zero 7_Home (Ben Watt Remix).mp3
Zero 7_I Have Seen.mp3
Zero 7_Polaris.mp3
Zero 7_ Simple Things.mp3
Zero 7_Warm Sound.mp3

Zero 7_When It Falls_02_Home.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls_03_Somersault.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls -04_Over our heads.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls_05_Passing By.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls_06_When It Falls.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls_08_Look Up.mp3
Zero 7_When It Falls_10_Speed Dial No 2.mp3

zero 7_14_Spinning (bonus track).mp3
zero 7_ 03_Roots Manuva.mp3

As it is the middle of the night and I only just found these links for you...I aint heard them yet so no point in commenting on it really.
I have looked them up and somehow I don't think they are going to be my favourite band!
Keep an open mind though!

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Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom [1982] ||| SOIL - SCARS [2001]

Filling some requests today and first up is this album by the great Elvis Costello.
I always liked him and hadn't heard this until today. Let's just say that it doesn't either disappoint or impress too much, it's just Elvis Costello being, well, Elvis Costello!
You either love him or hate him usually.
Give it a try, he's got a brilliant voice and it's distinctive too.


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Todays MP3s By: SOIL Album: SCARS [2001]

01_Breaking Me Down.mp3
03_Need To Feel.mp3
04_Wide Open.mp3
05_Understanding Me.mp3
06_My Own.mp3
09_Two Skins.mp3
10_The One.mp3
11_New Faith.mp3
13_Black 7.mp3

I won't give any more opionion on this except to say that it's metal.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam @320Kbps

James Blunt? Just 'nice'.
I am now ready to redress the situation re: my excitement about James Blunt and his album yesterday..
I concede.
I won't say he is shit as it's simply not true.
All you pricks that are jumping on the bandwagon of 'cool' and slagging him off are either unable to recognise talent, appreciate quality musicians or, are simply joining in with every other twat because you think it's the fashionable thing to do..
Yes we know: He's mainstream, he's a sappy looking high-pitched singer.
Did you know he also served in the military? Not that its truly relevant but I thought I's mention it. His last track 'No Bravery' is about that and quite morose and gives you his take on it. Mind, usually If someone is in the military it goes against them as far as I'm concerned..especially the US military but that's another story eh.

So what am I changing my opinion on?
His lyrics.
Fucking Hell!
When I hear lyrics like erm..
'I'm Brilliant' I start to wonder who the fuck this guy thinks he is.
Then I continue through the album and I find he tries to swear in some of the songs. Swearing isn't something I am against as you might have noticed but, in the context of an album like this, his style and mellow kind of music, there is no real place for a sudden 'FUCK' or 'BASTARD' to be brought in.
I mean, who DOES this guy think he is??
Also, a lot of his lyrics are very crude..almost childlike. He uses a very simple rhyming format which although Chaucer used a similar one, he pulled it off. Blunt just sounds like he doesn't have the ability to know any better.
Maybe he will get better over time.
Who knows...or cares?
Anyway, I like James Blunt but I advise you not to listen to the lyrics TOO closely. Saying that, some of them are good and a lot of them are about love lost or love in general.
Like I said before once:
James blunt? He's 'NICE'!!!

So 'nice' in fact that I decided to give you a proper link of his album today instead of that crap mixture of bitrates yesterday.
Here is a cool 320Kbps Rip of the album.


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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bob Dylan - Chronicles v.1 [AUDIOBOOK]

Bob Dylan Has A Book!!!!!
Audio CD (November 15, 2004)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English
ISBN: 0743501616

Finally after all these years..Bob Dylan - Who would probably be Sir Dylan if he were from the hypocritical UK!- has broken his silence and written a book..or at least the first part of one.
Is it any good?
Well even I know that the answer to a question like that is entirely subjective.
My subjective opinion is that, much to my dismay, it's fucking tedious.
He had a rather boring life!
I expected some real grit, suffering on the streets in the early days, blood guts and streetfights, bums fighting over bottles of methylated spirits, hookers and murder then finally somehow managing to get his way into music and grapple his way into the business.
Unfortunately it seems that he had it far too easy! He is a fucking wuss! He went from home, got a job, started some singing, got helped and bla bla bla bla...
...dumb-de-dum-boring ZZZzzzzzzzz.

Maybe I just think it's boring because I am:
a) Jealous?
b) In a fucking foul mood?
c) Tired of hearing about this uninspiring book?
d) A fucking genius.

I would have made that into a poll but the results may have gone to my head so I didn't bother.

Tell you what, download this and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
For one thing it does tell you some things about him that you probably didn't realise and also Sean Penns voice suits it brilliantly.
Try to stay awake!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU USE THE NOW UPDATED Link Reconstructor Tool to make the links for you in a snap!
Get it here..

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The great Bob dylan?

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam ||| Rock N Roll Swindle, Pistols

I thought that was bad in the image hometown a couple of years back. Now I see the US crisis, makes that seem like a paddling pool. I still hope for the people out there. It's crazy.

Does anyone care what I thought of The Rolling Stones new album?
Well to put it (james) Bluntly, I thought it was a crock of [dire straits induced nightmare] shit!
I didn't like it.
Now I remember why I didn't listen to them before in my life. Yep, it must have been because they werre shit then too. I didn't throw the album out of the metaphorical winamp though, I stayed the distance(like they have it seems but not quite) and I would say that there are a couple or maybe three tracks I would go as far as to say I liked. Track three is pretty good. Track 5 again, not a bad song. Catchy tune and good guitars.
Then of course, without caring about the fucking tune or guitars I have to say I L-O-V-E Track 13 - Sweet Neo-Con. The lyrics, though a bit crude at times are very much in accordance with my own way of thinking on that topic.
'Sweet Neo Con why are you so wrong' - I think was how it went(I am listening to James Blunt right now and can't change the track so I may have it slightly misquoted but thats the general idea). Brilliant.
The Rolling Stones go political.
Hehe. Well at least they are on the right side of the fence that's all I can say!


Todays offering is another album I found floating around the ether..

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam.

At first I was all prepared to write something along the lines of: If I have to hear that fucking 'You're Beautiful' song one more time I might just start bleeding from the fingernails..etc..etc
Now please don't get too excited or anything but I am almost ashamed of what I am about to reveal.
I like this album.
I join hands with the thousands of sheep across the planet and stand up to be counted proclaiming:
James blunt? he's fucking great!
I said it.
I think this album is fucking excellent!
It may verge on the Leo Sayer to David gray sound now and then but you know what? It isn't important!
There is a real talent shining out through this album and this guys music makes you feel positive, relaxed, uplifted and possibly orgasmatronic. Ok fuck that last one, I made it up as a failed attempt at some humour in what is fast becoming a very biased and boring monologue.
I hate it when I like the music. It means I am stuck for something to insult..hehe.
That was a lie.

Even I like to feel happy.

This was indeed a 'find' from 'somewhere internet' and, as such, it seems to be a bit of a mixture when you open the rarfile. What I mean is that the tracks are not all the same bitrate. They go from a few 320k files to even two 96k to a couple of 128ks and the rest at 160k.
What do you want for free anyway?
What I can vouch for is that it is definitely more than good enough quality to listen to as I've been overdosing on it this afternoon to the point of weird sexual compulsion.
Dont use the MEgaUpload links no more. I have posted a great quality rip above! 320K bitrate and all from the same source, unlike the file posted here!!
If you don't know how to download from MegaUpload then you have a serious learning disability and to be honest, I am surprised you managed to work out how to get online. Don't ask me for instructions, work it out.


Also today is another upload of

The Sex Pistols - Rock n Roll Swindle.
Get it quick because the punks don't like it to be shared -judging by the record time in which it was complained about the other day.
You know why don't you?
Fucking anarchists..they're so anarchic.


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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang [2005]

So here it is..The Rolling Stones NEW ALBUM! the hype justified?
I never really got into The Stones for some reason. I'm not sure if it was just that Mick Jaggers poncing and prancing and erratic facial contortions were just too irritating to be put to the back of my mind long enough to try to appreciate the music, or perhaps just that they were shit. I can't decide on that one. However! I watched a programme about their new album and tour on newsnight last night..which YOU can watch online right now if you wish, thanks to the good ol' BBC and the millions of forced license payers who give you the priveledge. Not me because I refuse to pay it based on the principle that they can fuck right off. I hate advertising yes but I detest the fascism of the BBC's TV License and how you have to pay it no matter what - even if you can prove that you have a modified TV that is perfectly incapable of receiving any BBC broadcasts! That is lunacy.
Ok so go here to watch the programme.
After I watched it I realised that I have a new found respect for them and their music. I liked what I heard and I want to hear more. Having not actually heard it yet I cannot say but stay tuned for I will definitely let you know what I think tomorrow!
These links of course, are nothing to do with me, I just happened across them and thought I would pass on the information.
That isn't a disclaimer by the way: I don't give a shit and I love spreading music around illegally. It gives me a thrill that I am lacking elsewhere in my life.


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