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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Island- Steve Jablonsky [ OST ] ||| Zero 7 Tracks

The infamous 'Grown human ear'

Not the nicest experiment.

Someone requested that I put some effort into Movie Soundtracks. Well I have never really bothered with them: compilations of seemingly unrelated artists, singing to support a movie and further extort cash from the mesmerised public and their kids is not something that appeals to me.
Anyway as I am not exactly being extorted aand likewise neither are you then this can be an exception.
So The Island by Steve Jablonsky.
The music I found to be less inspiring than the movie unfortunately.
This is a very weak collection of ambience that with each track..almost promises to take you somewhere but irritatingly, never quite gets off the ground.
It is shite and I don't recommend it. At all.

Oh and what did I make of the movie?
Well, my woman (who shall just be called woman for the purpose of this site) actually got so bored she didn't watch it after about the first half. I wanted to see it all, if only because I find the concept it was trying to convey - cloning of humans in the future, to be used as stores for our own use for organs, etc- quite interesting.
It is a chillingly realistic idea although they completely hollywood-ised(new word?) it up and ruined the concept overall. The way genetic medicine and research is going though, science is always trying to figure out how to do something like what we saw in the film: Use stem cells or your own cells, to 'grow' a body part that you might need if it became diseased or worse. So it isn't oo far into fantasy land to consider the idea of a whole 'factory' like seen in the movie, where cloned complete people are created to be slaughtered when their real human 'spawner' needs the new parts.

These kittens were grown from a cloned cell. They are identical in every way.
Of course its all a bit HG Wells and sci-fi but well..its entertainment right?
I enjoyed parts of it but it stuck to the usual crap hollywood formula which just pisses me off. They had to have a love interest, chase scenes, over the top effects..etc.
And who the fuck is Steve Jablonsky anyway..He's not going on my christmas list!

Try always I am probably totally, completely wrong and this is the best album out of 2005(!)


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Todays MP3s By:Zero 7 Album: Some random Tracks!

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Zero 7_When It Falls_02_Home.mp3
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Zero 7_When It Falls_10_Speed Dial No 2.mp3

zero 7_14_Spinning (bonus track).mp3
zero 7_ 03_Roots Manuva.mp3

As it is the middle of the night and I only just found these links for you...I aint heard them yet so no point in commenting on it really.
I have looked them up and somehow I don't think they are going to be my favourite band!
Keep an open mind though!

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