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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nuspirit Helsinki -Self-Titled || Télépopmusik -Genetic World

A band I hadn't heard of..
Nuspirit Helsinki with their Self-Titled Album. I doubt I would have discovered them had it not been requested over there ----->>>>>>>>>>>
In that requests box (see! it does pay to request!).
I don't want to say they are shit but...
...they are.
They try to be all ambient, chill-out but they mix that with nuJazz and a bit of classic Jazz which, in my most highest of opinions, makes the whole album a bit of a mismatched hotch-potch of tracks that pick you up one minute then drop you down the next. You cant quite relax enough to sleep but it fucking keeps making you wish you could.
Not for me and I give it a rating of two fingers. Thats two fingers up to the producers and the band in general! always...don't listen to a twat like me.
What do I know?
More to the point, what do you know?
Not until you hear it for yourself!

I had split the files up in 30mb bits and then [RS] was playing up after I upped part 1 there so planned on upping part2, part3,part4 to Qfile.
Then Qfile changed and stopped its service so I realised that I could upload part3+4 in one upload as they were under 50mb combined. To make this stupidly long explanation short: The file- at [RS] contains the part3 and part4 rar files. So you should unzip these first and then unrar all the files together.
I hope that is clear. God I know how to make a fucking long story out of the simplest message.
As we all now know Qfile is no longer in business. Looks like [RS] bought them out or something. Damn.


======part 1======

======part 2======

======part 3+4======


Todays MP3s By:Télépopmusik Album: Genetic World

Yet again here is a band I have NEVER heard of until today and didn't manage to get a full listen to the album due to being so busy with my real life!
From what I heard and read, they did a track that was used in an advertising campaign for Mitsubishi. This was called 'Breathe' and seems to be the main reason folk bought the album. A lot of them were disappointed with the rest of the album!
I have to say, although I like ambient and down-tempo, chill out music, this is nothing special on the first listen. Maybe I am doing them an injustice so I won't say more as I need to hear it a bit longer first!
Anyway here's the direct links to their album released in 2002..They are a French, electronica - ambient genre outfit by the way!

02_Genetic World.mp3
03_Love Can Damage Your Helath.mp3
05_Dance Me.mp3
06_Da Holla (Soda-POP Remix).mp3
07_Let´s Go Again.mp3
09_Yesterday Was A Lie.mp3
10_delP.delQ_=h_4pi (L´incertitude D´heisenberg).mp3
11_Breathe (Extended Mix).mp3

What do YOU think?

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Blogger The Bogus Man said...

No injustice to Telepopmusik - it's a shite album, massively over-hyped

9/01/2005 02:27:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Yep. Having listened to it completely now I can say with faith it is fucking shite, no mistake. I got so bored after half of it that I was checking it to see how much l-o-n-g-e-r it had to go....

9/02/2005 01:59:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If brains were gasoline, you wouldn't have enough to drive an ant's Go-cart around the inside of a bottle cap. Why is it that the people with the smallest minds always have the biggest mouths?
Seriously, I've come across decomposing dog carcases that are less offensive to the senses than you are. Maybe you wouldn't be such a Jerk-In-The-Box if you weren't living proof that stupid people should not breed; if your weren't so fat that your cereal bowl has its own lifeguard, or if you didn't have a face that would give Freddie Kruger nightmares. No, come to think of it, you would.

In conclusion, sit down and shut up before trip over your own tongue and hurt yourself. I don't see why you go to the effort of making a music blog when clearly you dont give a shit.....
That points to the fact that you're a blog board freak. I know it's hard to accept the truth, but the truth it is, and accept it, you must.

9/03/2005 06:38:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Oh my!
That hurt.
Very good Mr anonymous. Did you read your own message about the biggest mouths and smallest brains? Obviously not. You don't engage before taking a shot do you. You just fire away randomly.
Your whining reminds me of a classroom feud I was involved in when I was about 8 years old. The only difference being that the kids there didn't assume things that they had no way of At least their arguments were founded in reality and not some peurile yobbishness and a penchant for random insults without the intellect to back it up.

9/03/2005 08:22:00 pm  

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