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Friday, September 02, 2005

Putumayo Presents: Caribbean Party || Moby - Hotel

Yes it's time to kick back and relax and soak up the sun..or something like that.
You can always try to imagine that you live in a beautiful place, surrounded by a friendly community, gorgeous women and cocktails and no hangovers.. (whilst you sit around your stinking flat with no more than a webcam, some rats and a few deviant AOL chatrooms for company with your soggy underwear hanging around your ankles you sad twat).

Nope it isn't me...

Enjoy this album won't you.
I will be posting quite a few of this(Putumayo Presents) series in the coming weeks. Also to the question 'will I post the complete 'Music of Islam' series', the answer is a resounding yes.

So today a video has surfaced of the London Bomber asshole, showing that he was 'fighting the war on Islam' and in it he calls himself a 'soldier of war'.
Fuck off.
Just from viewing that video you can see that he is an ill-educated, lowly scum with no more braincells than the couple or more that he left stuck to the wall when he blew his bastard body up.
Fucking loser of the highest order.
I would piss on his grave and others like him.
There is no war on Islam. In fact I am getting so fucking tired of hearing it: Persecution, Islamophobia, change the fucking record and get on with life you faggots. That goes for you Nationalist White Party believers too. Christians too. Fucking war mongerers all alike. All blaming each other but none willing to bury(unintentional pun) their historic differences for the good of a better planet so FUCK THEM and fuck their lies.
God I hate religion.
Hey that might lose me friends but who needs friends like that.


======part 1======

======part 2======

Todays MP3s By:Moby Album: Hotel

Totally mundane and all that but here's Moby..

01 - Moby - Hotel Intro.mp3
02 - Moby - Raining Again.mp3
03 - Moby - Beautiful.mp3
04 - Moby - Lift Me Up.mp3
05 - Moby - Where You End.mp3
06 - Moby - Temptation.mp3
07 - Moby - Spiders.mp3
08 - Moby - Dream About Me.mp3
09 - Moby - Very.mp3
10 - Moby - I Like It.mp3
11 - Moby - Love Should.mp3
12 - Moby - Slipping Away.mp3
13 - Moby - Forever.mp3
14 - Moby - Homeward Angel.mp3

Spare a thought for the unfortunate thousands in Southern US states that are thirsty, hungry, panicked and in imminent danger of infection, disease and not to mention crime. Spare a thought for their situation as you sit back and surf the internet. Spare a thought for their hapless, uncaring shithead of a man president who seemingly doesn't give a fuck. Maybe they are not quite high enough on his agenda, I mean, he is so busy with Homeland fucking security and the *cough cough* 'WAR' on 'TERROR' that he has all but invented with the help of Mr Bliar. Spare a thought for these people who, in this hour of need are apparently being left to 'survive' whilst the government and the controlling factions that make the help and life-giving decisions are stalling and worrying more about the knock on effect Oil crisis.
There are now over 20,000 people stranded in New Orleans!
The city is in a state of lawlessness they report. Now they are reporting shootings at relief helicopters and rapes...Fucking hell isn't this in the westernised, leading continent of the world?
Where are the many disaster relief workers?
Where are the military..(oh yeah, we know where they are).
Why are these people screaming on our TV screens and dying now, after the hurricane has passed?
Why are they still wading through scummy diseased flood water looking for a drink or food?

So much for americas' Prepared-ness for attack'. They have shown that they can't even help themselves after this so what would they be like after a terrorist attack. I imagine a lot of people in US who felt secure about the level of terrorist protection banded about by the administration are now realising just how helpless they could be.
That goes for us over in england too I don't doubt.

I hope the people who have had their lives turned over by this can be helped soon and given back some fucking dignity.


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Blogger Diane said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful Putamayo series! You've introduced me to some wonderful world music with these. Love it! Looking forward to more Putamayo. Thank you!!

9/03/2005 02:09:00 pm  

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