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Sunday, September 25, 2005

RE-Upload Requests - Filled... guest blogging by Oliver the moody cat!

Yes I got around to it. Here are re-uploads. Well, truth be told I didn't actually do anything. It was Oliver.
I pleaded with him to take care of the uploading and eventually, he relented.
As you can tell from the photographs, he wasn't exactly pleased with this arrangement.

It cracks me up when he makes a face at me"! It's something he does when you tell him or ask him to move or do something that he clearly finds to be undesirable. Oliver, you are a star.
Now get on with the uploading!


The Earth News Radio 'The Beatles' Shows.
parts 1 - 3 (that died along with Qfile)

A complete re-upload of Pink Floyd - Under Construction{The Wall Demos}


Finally, for now
A complete Re-upload of Spoon - A Series Of Sneaks


If you have any requests for ANY kind of music AT ALL...please, do me and yourself a favour by letting me know in the REQUEST BOX to the right side of the page.
I am always looking for new and obscure or even ordinary tunes I haven't heard before. Plus the visitors to the site may not have heard of stuff that is familiar to you and I, so request that stuff too..whatever you like. Some teenagers don't know who Dylan is..remember that.
(Mind you, the way he's going they're probably better off...)

Todays MP3s By:Various Celtic Music Tracks.

Balafon - Frelimo.mp3
Erthe Upon Erthe.mp3
Galway Races.mp3
Riverdance - Firedance.mp3
Sarah McLachlan Chieftains - Foggy Dew.mp3
Scotland the Brave, Wings.mp3
She Moved Through the Fair.mp3
The Itchy, Scratchy, Prickly Thistle.mp3
Celtic Flute Music.mp3
Devotio (John Michael Talbot).mp3
Feel (Michael Tumes).mp3
Hymn Of The Universe (Dave Bainbridge.mp3
Lowden's Prayer (Michael Card).mp3
St. Patrick In The Spirit (John Doa).mp3
Vision (Richard Souther).mp3

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Blogger Diane said...

Thanks to you and Oliver for the great Pink Floyd demos!!

9/26/2005 10:04:00 am  
Anonymous Penny said...

You should make sure that Oliver ... procreates !!! He's definitely a studcat ...

9/26/2005 11:29:00 am  

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