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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang [2005]

So here it is..The Rolling Stones NEW ALBUM! the hype justified?
I never really got into The Stones for some reason. I'm not sure if it was just that Mick Jaggers poncing and prancing and erratic facial contortions were just too irritating to be put to the back of my mind long enough to try to appreciate the music, or perhaps just that they were shit. I can't decide on that one. However! I watched a programme about their new album and tour on newsnight last night..which YOU can watch online right now if you wish, thanks to the good ol' BBC and the millions of forced license payers who give you the priveledge. Not me because I refuse to pay it based on the principle that they can fuck right off. I hate advertising yes but I detest the fascism of the BBC's TV License and how you have to pay it no matter what - even if you can prove that you have a modified TV that is perfectly incapable of receiving any BBC broadcasts! That is lunacy.
Ok so go here to watch the programme.
After I watched it I realised that I have a new found respect for them and their music. I liked what I heard and I want to hear more. Having not actually heard it yet I cannot say but stay tuned for I will definitely let you know what I think tomorrow!
These links of course, are nothing to do with me, I just happened across them and thought I would pass on the information.
That isn't a disclaimer by the way: I don't give a shit and I love spreading music around illegally. It gives me a thrill that I am lacking elsewhere in my life.


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