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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Winning the Lottery and other musings

Firstly, this is a non music post.
That's got rid of about 80% of you no doubt.

Today I won approximately £1,400 on the UK Lottery.
It is known nationally as 'Disability Living Allowance' and is a benefit payment that is 'awarded' to the long term sick or disabled. The reason I call it a lottery is that you need to have a Phd in Law and Semantics to fill out the application form with enough reasoning and persuasion to get past the the first level which is the dustbin of the people you send it to. It is notoriously difficult to get this benefit. In fact more people are awarded it on appeal than directly, first time as a result of their application. The default behaviour of the people who read the forms is to dismiss them, bin them. I think they figure that, if the applicants really are in need, they will appeal. Well I didn't have to appeal. Obviously I am a sad case and they had no choice.
So I won!
They will be paying me from now on. The £1,400 was just what I am owed apparently.

I will be posting some music later. Paul McCartney has an album out, I recently stated that I had re-assessed my views on him after seeing the Let It Be film and hearing the old Beatles bootlegs but I am afraid to say, after hearing this new album...he really is just the twat that brought out that friggin' froggy song.
It's shite!
Also a great album by the late Warren Zevon: Life'll Kill Ya. There is a song on this album entitled 'My shits Fucked Up' which is enough for me to say "Great Album!"
Will post them later today.
I have been thinking about the copyright problem and how people view sites like this. Apparently this is not an MP3 blog.
Why? because true MP3 blogs offer a track or two and actively try to persuade visitors to buy the album(albeit through their own comission links to, apparently sites like this are just the pits. The worst. Beneath contempt.
So I want to post a poll soon to ask...does downloading free albums cost anyone?
Do you feel more inclined to buy an album if you have downloaded it?
Does it negate the need for you to own the album for real, if you have it as MP3 for free?
I am in the latter camp.
I don't buy CDs. I like music but I like freebies too. And I am poor of course.
Saying that, I just bought my first CD for months yesterday on Amazon. I will be posting it here soon. It is by a band I have seen live and they are one of the UKs best kept secrets. Just superb. later.

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Blogger Anfield1 said...

Approximately how many times a day do you shit? What help do you need while reading the newspaper? Can you wash yourself without opening 3 fresh bars of soap first? Do these questions miss the point? yes! Do you have anger problems? I do now!! They'd be better off sending someone round to check you over and award what they see fit, this would also discourage the sponges who have asked for DLA so they don't have to get a job. I've got mine until 2008 so I'm not all that bothered but the stress it causes waiting for the idiots to toss a coin to decide whether or not you're de-stabled enough to qualify is unreal. I hope things look up for you soon anyway mate, I'm off to count how many steps I can walk without aid!

9/22/2005 01:14:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

hehehe thanks for the laugh!
You're mad. You give a fair review of the forms questions though. Isn't it a fucking nightmare!!
It's good to finally get somewhere with it though. Just a pity I didn't apply when I first got ill which would be about ten years ago. anyway, here's to a holiday soon!
Of course I will struggle to walk, even into the taxi to the airport, whilst shitting myself and having to constantly be held up by my girlfriend who, it seems, has a full time job just enabling my existence.

9/22/2005 02:35:00 pm  
Anonymous Rahsaan57 said...

Congratulations on your lottery winnings. If it's any consolation try applying for aid in New York State ... or a driver's license for that matter.

Question - I love your writings but why post stuff you obviously don't like?

9/23/2005 01:17:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

I post stuff I don't like as I know that other people DO like it. I try to cater to all. Of course I am going to end up posting mostly stuff I like but that is because I am recieving so much good music. Besides, I like 'reviewing' the crap. It can be such a's fun too!

9/23/2005 09:45:00 pm  
Blogger spuckle said...

I am MORE inclined to buy music if I've downloaded the whole album first - if it's good.

I was sick of being suckered into buying crap (or increasingly short) albums on the strength on one track - usually the first single - and a good review (paid for, no doubt), so now I download first.

Downloading also means I buy albums that are 'growers'. Case in point would be Arcade Fire's Funeral which I didn't like at first, and couldn't understand the internet buzz, but now, after some persistence, I love.

The music industry would make more money if it gave artist the time & money to put 10-12 decent tracks on an album.

9/30/2005 02:45:00 pm  

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