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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Live 1975 & 1973 ||| Babyface - For The Cool In You

I am struggling but managed to at least give you a post to tide you over...bear with me my friends. Lots of good things to come. PC changeover - When I have built the new one that is!
I know it is kind of cheating but I found these links and got them myself last week so you might enjoy them too...
Bob Marley. Timeless. The guy had a lot of wisdom. His music wasn't too bad either.

Bob Marley and the Wailers
06-10-75 The Queen Knight---Chicago, IL

1. Slave Driver
2. Trenchtown Rock
3. Concrete Jungle
4. Midnight Ravers
5. Talkin' Blues
6. Rebel Music
7. I Shot The Sheriff
8. Natty Dread

Here is an album from some rancid dick called..
They call this R&B.
R & B??!!!!
Can someone help me out here right. I always thought that R&B was rhythm and Blues? sometime, in the early MTV years as I remember, an influx of slow, harking back to motown, predominantly black, insipid & plodding music calling itself R&B was fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.
Obviously it no longer means Rhythm and Blues so please educate me here.
I could probably think of a few to fill in the blanks like 'Rancid & Boring' for one without even thinking about it.
Well as I musyt stick to the 'music of all styles' motto of this site, I will help out the unfortunate among you that actually wish to accuire such trash as the great sir Babyface.

Here is his album - For The Cool In You
01-For The Cool In You.mp3
02-Lady, Lady.mp3
03-Never Keeping Secrets.mp3
04-Rock Bottom.mp3
05-And Our Feelings.mp3
07-When Can I See You.mp3
09-A Bit Old-fashioned.mp3
10-You Are So Beautiful.mp3
11-I'll Always Love You.mp3
12-Well Aright.mp3

Now. If you still fancy some good music after that abomination. Get more of this:

Bob Marley - May 24, 1973 [location?]
01. bmw73-05-24d1t01.mp3
02. bmw73-05-24d1t02.mp3
03. bmw73-05-24d1t03.mp3
04. bmw73-05-24d1t04.mp3
05. bmw73-05-24d1t05.mp3
06. bmw73-05-24d1t06.mp3
07. bmw73-05-24d1t07.mp3
08. bmw73-05-24d1t08.mp3
09. bmw73-05-24d1t09.mp3
10. bmw73-05-24d1t10.mp3

Enjoy. I did.
Just to let those of you who aren't so clued up on these sort of can browse through both of the sites that these are linking to, download some more if you like. The Bob Marley can be quite a slow server but stick with it...use a download manager and the files download eventually. It is just very busy I guess.
Go here and see all the shows available:

It pains me to say this but, there is another 'BabyFace' album up for grabs along with a meagre collection of some of the worst music it has ever been my misfortune to hear..or even hear about!
Get it here:
Check out the Chinese Classical music. Must be better than so-called R&B crap!
Normality will return in good time. When it does, things will move a lot faster around here..
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Anonymous wkm said...

As you probably know, R&B was a term invented by Atlantic A&R man Jerry Wexler to replace the term race music. R&B was used to mean black music and to categorize everything from BB King to the Crystals. Similarly, R&B was more or less replaced with soul music (everything from Otis Redding to the Supremes) as a cover term for black music. More recently, Hip Hop has come to mean the same thing: race music. Babyface had his moments (unfortunately, not very good ones) but he is black and therefore it must be R&B, or soul, or whatever.

(All this, of course, is just my opinion. Far be it from me to suggest that the recording industry could be in any way racist. /sarcasm)

10/13/2005 03:55:00 am  
Blogger Diane said...

I agree. R & B does seem to be the label for people of colour. Still, I guess it's better than being labeled "race" music, as it was in the old days.

And thanks for the Marley!

10/13/2005 12:23:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the marley indeed!

and let racism die a quick death in music as well as everywhere else !!!!!


10/13/2005 07:27:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh reading your comments on the 'R&B' 'music', couldn't agree with jou more... it's an insult to their supposed roots. Keep up the sarcasm! I'm not into marley myself...reggae bores me to death, as does reggaeton. Nothing against 'black' music though, can't like everything.

10/14/2005 01:43:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I believe the May 23, 1973 show is Love the Lion, Live at Paris Theater, London

5/30/2006 07:53:00 pm  

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