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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding A Mosaic [2005]

Right. Even though no one is bothering to make the new guys at least feel worth something and even though I am feeling like I'm being slowly parboiled in other peoples excesses of ridiculous extravagance (fireworks), I am going to give you a real treat of a(quite) new band.
But wait..

While we're on the subject: What the FUCK is that all about eh?
I mean, WHY???
Is it really that much F-U-N?
I doubt it sherlock. I have more fun cringe'ing at the fuckers that are standing around in the bollock freezing cold pretending to be enjoying themselves. God I hate that.
You think fireworks are magical when you are a kid right. OK. That's fine. You believe in Santa Claus too...
But twinkly explosions in the freezing night sky must surely become fucking tedious, bordering on the repulsive in fact, after about twnety years of hearing those stupid, bangs.
Stop getting cold and bored and just give it up you twats.

here are generally only two types of firework:
Either LOUD AS FUCK variety which are inevitably pointless (except to show off to your neighbours how much wasted cash you spent on them) OR those cheap shit ones that fire off into someones ground floor window with a pissy screaming sound before burning out like a sparkler that has been thrown against the wall whilst at the same time forcing all the onlookers(is that the proper 'firework perusers' collective term?) to pretend even harder and act like it really wasn't so cheap, it really was a good show, honest.

Here I sit, listening to the sheer enjoyment that is going on all around for miles and miles. Pure ecstatic glee for sure.
Fuck! these people must be creaming themselves at the very number of different 'Bangs' that are to be heard.
What a load of old toss.

Do they even know and or care why they are doing it?
Why in November?
Why explosions?
I will assume YOU know but I just want to remind you that the whole Guy Fawkes was terrorism.
Simple -failed act of terrorism.
And now we fucking celebrate it.
Well I don't.

(I care less about terrorism than standing around in the fucking cold though)


This band is just too good for a Canadian band. Nothing against Canada of course but let's be you know ANYTHING amazing or clever to have surfaced from that place??
Me neither.
Anyway this guys voice sounds very Marley-ish. Only just not too much so that you'd think he was trying to copy the great Bob Nesta. Enough to give him a great vocal to go along with the smooth and bass filled reggae beats to be found herein.
Probably the best newish band I have had the pleasure of thus far.
You WILL listen to this.
Go on..leave a comment.

Or stick a firework up your arse.
See if I care.

NEW LINKS as of FEB' 2006:

======part 1======

======part 2======

What do you call a collective of Firework watchers? Any ideas?

Oh I know that one, it's Pricks.
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Blogger HitMeWithThat said...

Hello HitMeWithSomething...

Unfortunately I have exceeded this month's bandwith so I'll have to take it easy...

11/05/2005 04:58:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

haha. You see?
You may have a better PC but you have a limit cap.
What a shame...heheheheheehee

11/06/2005 12:12:00 am  

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