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Friday, December 16, 2005

Lennon Documentaries - Mark Radcliffe = LENNON

Yup, here is another Lennon related documentary for you.
Even if you have always thought very little of John Lennon, as I did for my whole life until about a week or so ago, I urge you to download and have a listen to this. Once you understand where the guy was coming from, his worries, problems and the difficulties in dealing with being a Beatle coupled with his mother dying when he was a boy, being brought up by his aunt, though his mother lived round the corner....Depression and, of course, songwriting. Not forgetting Yoko Oh-no.
The man was fascinating. He turned to drugs but who doesn't?
For all those who are wondering when I will start posting something OTHER THAN LENNON around here, fear not...Just two more of these to go and that will be Lennon over.
I had hoped the other two might have kept you entertained with their posts but they seem to have abandoned ship already?
Surely they are just resting. Or maybe preparing a huge upload of albums for you ?
Go on...Give this one a go and I promise this will be the FIRST blog to offer the Arctic Monkeys album BEFORE it is released..


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