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Monday, December 12, 2005

Lennon Documentaries - Songs in the Key of Lennon

John Lennons death. Well, the anniversary of it. I was surprisingly affected by this week of Lennon Tributes and have almost completely immersed myself in a Lennon world.
Only now I am starting to come up for air and feel all the better for it.
The BBC website has given some blinding stuff out over the week..documentaries, a play about the day he was shot, analysis of songs of his and a great live show that took place between Abbey Road studios and a link to a studio in NYC, some great artists all doing Lennon songs. Some of them brilliantly while others fail VERY miserabley(badly drawn boy, suga babes to name two!).
All of this stuff was unfortunately only available in streaming format which isn't so bad...but the type of streaming format was a real bitch: RealMedia.
Great. And most of it in MONO too.
However, it is something worth keeping and also, for the modem users, something worth hearing without the annoyance of it buffering and cutting out all the time.
So I snagged all of the shows and converted from realplayer format to god old MP3. I hope my time was spent wisely and it brings enjoyment to you.
If not, fuck you then, I am glad to have these shows for myself to keep!

The first I am posting is a set of 5 shows from last week. Entitled 'Songs in the Key of Lennon', these are 16 minute shorts that try to give some insight and analysis into the meanings behind some of Lennons most well known songs.
An enjoyable and educational listen I think you will agree!

Oh and to the guy who got me to download a (shriek!!!!) Game OST, I have it here. Will be uploaded really soon ok.
Mind you, I detest the way that those fucking consoles are taking over our kids minds and how they are always full of fucking violence and shit. So much so, that, had I known it was a GAME OST and not a movie, I wouldn't have bothered as some sort of passive protest..but as I went to the trouble of getting it, I will honour it and post it for you.
Fucking PS2's and Xbox360's. What will our kids even remember about REAL, interact with your fellow human know like Ker-Plunk? Playing OUTSIDE maybe, as opposed to sitting in a fucking rancid bedroom refusing to even talk to anyone until the 'next level' is reached.
What are we allowing the world of commerce to turn the next generation into?
A bunch of reclusive nerds that have never read a book and think it is cool to wander around a virtual world for HOURS at a time, blasting the ever more realistic looking 'people' in these twisted and fucked up 'games'?
I think 'game' is not an accurate description of these things anymore.

Enjoy the shows.


part 1

part 2



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Superb! thank you very much.
Keep up the good work. Although not always making comments. Your work is higly valued.
Probalby one of the best music blogs I know.
I think it will be great if you post more quality movies as you previously did.


12/13/2005 12:18:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never understood the big hoo-har with Lennon, so I wont be downloading this. Thanks for continuing with this though, mp3@3 is still one of the best music blogs around.

12/14/2005 07:22:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Thank you for the compliments mate.
I just had to reply though as I used to think just like you...I remember calling Lennon a 'stupid lazy hippy twat' or words to that effect...for quite a few years! Even during my weed clouded days(which lasted rather too long).
However! I recently got a listen of a documentary about him, his life and his music and 'click' something happened. I really empathised with him and could relate to him on various levels.
Suddenly I am a fan and in a big way.
I can't say that you will love him or become his number one fan but I urge you to give his documentary a listen and give it a chance. It is a good feeling when you realise why so many people idolise a so called 'legend' and you hadn't realised it before. suddenly it all falls into place and you understand how they earned that pedestal.
Go on...what have you got to lose?
Recommended is the documentary called 'Mark Radcliffe - Lennon' (posting in ten minutes when its uploaded) a start and then listen to the 'Bigger Than Jesus' documentary, it is humourous if nothing else!
Go know you want to!

12/16/2005 12:28:00 am  

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