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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

THE MUSIC OF ISLAM - Volume Three: Music of the Nubians

A Nubian guard

Here is a little info about this one for you.
The next in the series and a great one at that. I hope you enjoy this and maybe go and buy the complete series...?

From ancient times, Nubian peoples have flourished in the land along the Nile River. But Egyptian projects to dam the river at Aswan have, over time, submerged the Nubian territories along the Nile under water. And with the completion of the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser came the inundation of the entire Nubian valley in southern Egypt. As a result, the Egyptian Nubians irrevocably lost what remained of their ancestral lands along the Nile and were forcibly relocated. The resettlement has given rise to a range of social problems, and many aspects of Nubian culture and social organization that previously existed have now changed or disappeared.

Despite efforts to survive or revive their culture, at this present point in the epic history of the Nubians, when their ancestral land is lost, and when their language is no longer the medium of either their religion or their government, music may in fact prove to be the best means for preserving something of the ethos of Nubian culture, and for adapting it to further changes in the future

Nubian boy canoe on Nile

The Artists
Recorded at the Aswan Palace of Culture in Aswan, Egypt, this third volume in The Music of Islam series is performed by the highly acclaimed Aswan Troupe for Folkloric Arts, under the musical direction of Dr. Fawzy Fawzy. Originally formed of amateurs to participate in weddings and celebrations in the homes of friends and relatives, the troupe quickly evolved into a professional organization. With the support of the Palace of Culture's director and Aswan's governor, the troupe made its first public performance in 1395/1975, featuring a number of folk dances and representing various customs and traditions of the region. The troupe is co-directed by Dr. Modather Saleem Ahmed and Dr. Fawzy Fawzy.
The traditional instruments featured, which are used to accompany Nubian song and dance, include the 'ud (fretless, short-necked lute), tabla (or tabalah, single–headed tapered drum) and tar (or duff, round framedrum). The typical song style is based on alternation of a solo singer with a chorus. Both song and dance are often accompanied by intricate patterns of hand–clapping and foot-stomping. Wedding celebrations, which can last up to a week, are the main social setting for performing traditional Nubian music and dance.

1 AL-KARTCH 6'31"
2 FOLK SONG 6'16"
4 ZAFA (The groom's wedding procession) 3'22"
7 AL-SOUKH (At the market) 6'17"
8 SALAAM YA 4'58"
9 AL-SAYADDIN (Fishermen) 6'22"
10 AL-TATHA 7'55"
11 ALLAH MUSAU 6'15"
Total Time: 69'32"

Enjoy. More soon....


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Blogger hitmewithit said...

Just to let anyone know...this album only has TWO PARTS!
I just couldn't be arsed deleting the template that had the fnks in it..

2/20/2006 01:37:00 am  
Anonymous sérgio torres said...

hi there,
firs of all, congrats and thank you very very much. you rock!!!
uh...there's no links for part 3 and that ok?
thanks again.

2/20/2006 10:12:00 am  
Anonymous Whodunnit said...

Well anyone who snatched that would've seen it. Thanks again by the way.

2/20/2006 01:47:00 pm  

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