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Monday, February 06, 2006

Re-upload requests - All done!

Alright you ugly lot!
I went through the list of re-upload requests and have just finished uploading the last on the list obviously my main and sole aim as a website thingy person is to get the hits and ratings for this site higher than they are so have been procrastinating about how to post these many albums. If I were to simply do one single post with all the albums then I would miss the chance to have many posts, each with an album title, aggregated by many other sites...leading to more exposure and more hits.
Therefore I will post them one after the other. However, the posts will just give the title of the album and a link to the original upload page, with new links obviously. (reason being that some folk might not see the re-up message and would find the original page with dead links and might then request I re-upped it. If I replace the original links with working ones, everyone is happy.
(except me).

Now that you've managed to get to the end of that ramble I shall begin!

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