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Monday, March 06, 2006

THE MUSIC OF ISLAM - Volume Thirteen: Music of Pakistan


And here is volume thirteen. Three links this time and I might add...I love this one. It is fecking greeeaaat.
Find out more HERE


part 1
part 2
part 3

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Anonymous Turk who is not muslim but buddhisty but from the uk & enjoys music, islamic or otherwise said...



i'm going to type any (if any) future shouts in a text editor 1st, i look a bigger blithering fool than normnal - "iPod Linux magnifying leg" wtf is this idiot on about?
You had to be there, it wasN'T halirious.. etc

k NICE - Pakistan - cool stuff.. i ALMOST (in excitement) jumped forward to the Sufi/Mystic Volume... BUT what if this volume isn't 'around' after!! oh the problems of a music fan...

I must be an 'early' downloader... its 10pm here in the UK so go back 8 hours - 2pm hmm - i hoppe you posted early eh? today -

What the hell - Its a touchy subject, Its sick, sick i tell you - POLITICS before music - sick...

thanks again and (15) no mention, subliminal or (15) whatever in hoping the last (15) volume will go up :)) - just a please.

I promise to make a bigger fool of myself! its only ego.. and theres too much of that tripe in the world...

3/06/2006 10:04:00 pm  
Anonymous not buddhisty said...

buddhisty eh? Hmm.. no i'll go back to the normal way of spelling it...

3/06/2006 10:06:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

fucking hell this site could exist with you alone!
hehe. Don't stop though, At least I have something to read each day here :)
No need to ask for any volumes as I will definitely be posting the last one..
Got a good pink floyd bootleg last night so that'll be thrown up soon. Oh and some real shit music too, just for the hell of it :)

3/07/2006 01:27:00 pm  

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