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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Calling All you budding Wannabe Bloggers, Music collectors, weirdos, thieves and hookers! (priests are welcome too!)
We need help to make this blog bigger!
At present we have four members. Only two members are active.
Myself: HitMeWithIt and my mate: HitMeWithThis. The other two names will magically disappear from the sidebar later today.


I don't know what your preconception about how this place is run or comes about is but here's a little info for you...
We will give you numerous resources for MP3 files to post, if you are not savvy with ripping CD's of your own. We would welcome home-ripped CD's of course but there are a million and one places online to gather these files and YOU will be privy to some of the best.
There are certain guidelines we like to stick to, as you might have noticed, all the rar file we post of albums have the same renaming format and the same style of NFO document with the details of the files inside. We will teach you everything about this process (a baby could do it) and anything else you would be worried about.
The main thing to ask yourself is this:
Do you want to join a GROWING MP3 blog and take part in the uploading, reviewing(if you like!), berating and recommending of music of any or ALL styles/genres to the masses?
Are you willing or able to do at least ONE albums worth of upload a week???
We have tools to enable automatic uploading to the various freehosting sites so the time required is drastically reduced.
This blog could get sooo big.
Not without YOU though.
Accepting ALL applications for consideration NOW.
Here's what you need to do.

Put together an email with the following facts:
Your age(!)
Net Connection speed
Favourite Artists/bands
Favourite Genre
How much time you could spend online with us. Even a short amount is better than none remember!

That is about it.
Oh and one more thing....
Are you familiar with:
Winrar and general compression techniques with winrar, mp3 tagging?
Are you a computer: Beginner, intermediate, expert.

Click the button below and when your email program opens up -
Put all that, or some of it, into an email and send!

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Blogger savoadaki said...

Music of Islam v 15 -- at last the one I've been especially waiting for. I so enjoyed this series. I've been accessing music blogs for less than six months, and somehow I missed seeing reference to your blog. Recently I discovered the point of Totally Fuzzy as a way to find out what's new -- didn't pay attention before, because the print was so fine. But anyway your blog drew my attention, and I supose I'll be dropping by now and then. I'd be interested in halping with the blog, but I'm not very expert -- though I can learn (retired professor, with access to time) though I don't have much knowledge of contemporary music!! I'll be looking back to earlier months to see what you've been doing. Thanks so much for the Islamic music -- wish there were more public education about the interesting cultural features of the Middle East especially -- all we ever see is dust and guns. What if Oprah had a little educational segment on Iraqi culture once a week -- not likely I guess.

3/16/2006 07:31:00 pm  
Blogger head honcho said...


I can't really help you. I'm too busy with my own blog. Could you perhaps tell me some more about those uploading 'tools' you are talking about.

3/17/2006 07:18:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

I will mail you mate...with the programs :)

3/21/2006 07:27:00 pm  

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