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Friday, June 23, 2006

Various Artists - The Rough Guide To Dub [2005]

This is an Island on the West Coast of Scotland, where I lived for years...beautiful place indeed.

Ok all you dub and reggae haters...I know it takes all kinds so I am assuming there are such people in the world right?
Well, today is the end of the string of reggae and dub posts. Variety is the spice of life so time to move on!
I will close this chapter (for now) with an album I hold dear. It features some of the raw Dub talent that even the uninitiated may be familiar with when they hear some of the beats. Though judging by the intellectual level of some of the fucking commenters, I am seriously doubting that.
Whatever - feast your eyes and ears on The Rough Guide To Dub. A compilation. I used to hate compilations but sometimes you have to just sit back and shut up when you realise that somebody got it right for once and this is an example of that.
The names on this album...Look:
Upsetters, Aggrovators, Horace Andy, King Tubby, Inner Circle, Yabby You, Revolutionaries, Prince Jammy,..And more.
Yes it's true I'd never even heard of Yabby You until last week or so but take my word for it...He is up there with the best of them.
This album is not only a good collection for a serious fan of the genre it is accessible enough to be a cool introduction for someone who isn't too into reggae/dub and wants to dip their toe in.
I recommend it on both levels.
I listen to this one a lot.
This is an Island on the West Coast of Scotland, where I lived for years...beautiful place indeed.


part 1
part 2
part 1
part 2

You might remember not too long ago, there was a poll on the right side over there>>>>
asking if I had a 'donate' button, would you use it.
The results were pretty much equal for and against so I decided to put one up at last.
Don't for a second think this is going to be some great money making scheme..Just a quick look on google will tell you that it doesn't work that way!
It is more about me spending most of my time indoors due to illness which I have talked about before. I cannot work for the same reason and so prospects are erm somewhat limited.
I therefore default to spending sometimes a whole lot of time doing this and it would be nice, of course, to maybe have some donations which I would use differently depending how much appeared or how it worked out.
If the funds were good, I really would consider making this a bigger affair. Hosting it out of the western RIAA influenced countries and letting it become a full time thing.
Pipe dreams I know but I like to think it could happen.
If the donations thing was just a small amount which I assume it will be, if anything comes of it at all, then enhance my existence in some way with the result. And I'm not talking drugs here, those days were over a long long time ago.
I like the simple things in life now...Nature, fresh air and countryside, music, sex and movies. Oh and the occasional coffee and cigarette. Heh.
Anyway what the fuck am I telling you for?
Oh yes, trying to 'explain myself' about the paypal donate button.
Damn it: I put it there cos' I'm a poor fucker and maybe it will bring me luck right?
On the left, that's it. You got it.
Just let me say though, I actually do consider you ungrateful twats and I offer re-uploads and requests.
There are no limits to that. So you get something out of it right.

And no, it isn't compulsory. That's why it's called a 'donation' button and not a 'fee' button.
And yes, I presume to get some insults from uninteresting morons who have nothing between their legs except the gunk left over from last nights yahoo cam chat. Hit me with it, I can take it. (that didn't sound right?). Not the gunk.

Click the image to learn about the place..
The Isle of Arran...beautiful place indeed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one!
Seems to be some classics on it...
Write you soon

6/25/2006 02:09:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

You are very welcome. Enjoy the music my friend

6/28/2006 11:37:00 pm  

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