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Monday, June 26, 2006

Visitors Album Offerings [CHECK THESE OUT] ...and some ramblings about football

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Hello once again..
As I look outside the window and see that inevitable 'Start of Wimbledon' rain, I think to myself 'Thank fuck for the world cup!'.
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What's that? You don't like football? (or soccer if you are American), well, neither do I much but something strange happens when you hear the familiar sounds that herald a world cup tournament being played. No matter where it's being held, you can't avoid the feeling that it is somewhere near your house or your town, as the time approaches you are not allowed to think of anything else! The TV becomes a playground for the spawning of irreverent and monotonous advertising campaigns, droll and drivel, shite and more shite.
Anything with an England flag on it, in it, under it. They don't so much as support the team effort but blatantly use the whole thing as some mass advertising coup. Well I have always had a strong dislike for advertising, TV advertising I should say. It pisses me off.
So here we are, world cup time and yes yet again, you cannot so much as fart without some fucker running up and trying to paint it red and white and charge you a pound for the privilege. Groan.
I digress...
I used to follow football when I was a teenager. Where I grew up if you didn't like football you were a 'queer bastard' and deserved 'a kicking'. If you did like football then you had only two options:
1. You supported Glasgow Rangers and were also immediately recognised as a Protestant.
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2. You supported Glasgow Celtic and were then recognised as a Catholic.
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So your football preference came with a bonus religious acceptance! Or hatred, depending on how you looked at it. [check this out]
If you were stupid enough to support any other team from Scotland's Premier League, you were a 'fucking eedjit'(idiot) and as such deserved 'a kicking'.
If, SHOCK HORROR, you were stupid(or brave!!) enough to support any team from England you were from that day known as an 'english basturt'(bastard) and as such deserved 'a kicking'.

So I used to follow football when I was a teen but not too closely(for fear of a kicking).
Many years have passed and only recently I started to feel the excitement as the world cup thing started...I think it happened a few world Cups back. And that European Cup thing with beckham missing the penalties? Oh I don't remember everything but since then I always get really into the whole tournament when it's on these days. Still, they could lose the adverts, especially here in UK we get these two moronic American caricature personalities, giving us puerile punditry at every ad break(which makes it in total about 250 times per game). They are diabolical.

And what, I hear you scream, has this bollocks go to do with music?
Nothing I reply. But this is MY PLATFORM and I can say what the hell I like so just listen.

Ok you win.

Today's musical charms have been brought to you by the sheer kindness and wit of our fellow visitors. YOU LOT! Some of you are actually inclined to offer something back which makes me feel a bit emotional. Really.
First up, something which I tend to stay away from: Jazz.
Those in the know will know the undeniable value and worth of these few recording posted here. Those who don't probably don't give a toss.
After a search I realise these are very worthy if you are into it. Rare, you might say.

Thank you to Rob for these. In his words...

Radio Jazz Magazine radio broadcasting of Eric Dolphy with Misha Mengelberg Trio:
piano: Misha Mengelberg, bass: Jacques Schols, drums: Han Bennink drums.
Later this session was as ''Last Date'' put to record


Interviews with Michiel de Ruyter & John Coltrane
Interview Michiel De Ruyter with John Coltrane 19-11-1961
Interview Michiel De Ruyter with John Coltrane 01-12-1962
Interview Michiel De Ruyter with John Coltrane 26-10-1963
Interview Michiel De Ruyter with John Coltrane 27-07-1965
Second recording session of Michiel De Ruyter 'Riverside Jazzmen' in 1949.
* Struttin' with some Barbecue
* I'm a Ding Dong Daddy
* That Da-Da Train
* Willie the Weeper
* Blanche Touquatoux ~ Riverside Jazzmen on Parade
* Funky Bean
From these recordings are only a few tracks saved.

The oldest radio recording from Michiel de Ruyter in the collection of
Dutch jazz archives.
It is an interview with Stan Kenton, come came to The Netherlands for
a concert the first time in 1953.
The interview was broadcasted on ''AVRO Jazz Society'' on october, 1 1953

''Grote Prijs van de Nederlandse Jazz'' to Boy Edgar on 21 december 1964.
The winner speaks a thanking after which a septet of Boy's Big Band play a composition
of Schoonderwalt, entitled: Blue Boy.
Broadcasting on Radio Jazz Magazine was 2 days later on 23 december.


Thanks again Rob. Some of this is actually friggin' good and I thought I hated jazz. Hmm ok.

The next offering is dubiously titled 'Funkmaster Radio Essentials 2006'. You might think that this is some weak attempt to promote a website( by sharing a selection of tracks that are played there. Yep, that's what I thought too. It doesn't affect the music though probably, and, everyone needs promotion don't they. I can't comment on any of it I'm sorry to say but I haven't had time to listen yet.
Here is a list of tracks
01 Future_Funk - Wildberry_Tracks_(Chosen_Few_Rmx) 06:05
02 Dynamic_Rockers - Feel_the_Music (Original) 07:07
03 Crazy_Penis - Sun_Science (Original) 06:03
04 Raw - Play_My_Game_(Club_Mix) 05:50
05 Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up (Eric Krupper Vocal Mix) 08:11
06 Allure - Hate_2_Luv_U_(Dubaholics_Remix) 06:06
07 Bob Sinclar Feat Steve Edwards - World Hold on 03:17
(Children of the Sky) (Radio)
08 Alex Gaudino Feat Jerma Pres. Lil Love - Little Love (Club Mix) 07:08
09 Crazy Pill - Sweet Child O' Mine (Lazyfunk Deep House Mix) 06:26
10 Incognito - Listen_to_Music (Original) 04:45
11 Studio_B - Cmon_Get_it_on_(Freemasons_Remix) 04:04
12 Martin Solveig - Everybody 06:33
13 Roger_Sanchez - Turn_on_the_Music (Original) 04:24
14 Hi Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Radio Edit) 02:56

And here is a link or two(get both!)
Part 1
Part 2

So there you have it. Jazz, then funk.
Next up from our good friend 'DubTafari' we have, in his own words...

I'd like to share a dub album by Aswad.
Aswad at their best."A New Chapter of Dub" and is, in the words of reggae expert Steve Barrow of the reissue label Blood and Fire "a classic". - From the outstanding book:
"The Rough Guide to Reggae"
The song "Dub Fire" has been versioned by many Jamaican artist.
Give Thanks,


Thanks mate. Great album.
That is about it for now people. No albums from me?
What am I providing today?
I provide the wit.
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Blogger spuckle said...

You never said which side of the great Glasgow divide you opted for...? Ibrox or Parkhead?

Scarily (for a Scot) I actually think England could win it - I mean if they can play THAT badly and not loose...

...which means we'll never hear the end of 2006, though hopefully it'll stop the constant reminder of 1966.

6/28/2006 10:50:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Haha! I predicted that someone would ask that question!! my school was mixed -which I found out means Protestant or die!- I opted for the True Blue. You know, knowing nothing about religion or history at the time the whole school bus used to sing orange songs for the whole 15 mile journey to school! The back seat boys of which I was proud to be one, used to take their own drumsticks in and we all played snare drum style on the windows to the singing.
What a strange world it is.
Even then I could appreciate music. Mind you, the lyrics were erm slightly unfriendly lets say!
I agree with what you say...England seem to be the worst of all of the teams still in the WC and yet they are still in!
I just wonder how they can possibly handle it if they come up against most of the other teams I've managed to see play. Argentina would be a laugh...

6/28/2006 02:14:00 pm  
Blogger spuckle said...

Glad to be of service. I too support the mighty teddy-bears though, whilst I see a rivalry as acceptable, I am sick of the bigotry.

It could all be academic tomorrow anyway if Pauletta turns on some magic, and Portugal perform without Deco.

6/30/2006 11:05:00 am  

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