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Friday, July 28, 2006

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour and Hospital visit...

Well folks, I apologise to those of you who have been thanking me for bringing the Dylan Radio shows to you each week...and also apologies from me for being so cocky last week about the fact that 'I can bring the show to you here, FIRST! before anywhere else I know'. Doesn't sound so smart now does it?!
As you might have noticed, it is Thursday..maybe Friday now where you are and still it is not posted here!
Not really -
I can't be bothered and you won't be interested in details but I got a bit too unwell just at the weekend there and had to go into hospital and be monitored(among other routine-but-shite(!) things that they seem to sadistically enjoy in hospitals) for a few days. I only got back and got online today and I actually do feel bad about it!
So, for anyone who still wants the last Dylan show called 'Episode 13: Rich Man, Poor Man' then I am uploading to many mirror sites RIGHT NOW.
I've had plenty of great emails and comments about the consitent and good wuality of these shows, since I got a great source and starting getting them faster. Well this is sitll from the same source.
I can only upload as quickly as the broadband allows but I should have at least the first of the links ready for you within a half hour of posting this.
I am stil feeling pretty crap and just relaxing, getting my head around being ill again so suddenly after thinking the reduction in steroids would be a good thing(I am now on MORE!). So, bear with me.
The other mad thing is I already uploaded two albums the other day in preparation for either saturday or sundays post and I still haven't written the posts yet.
I will do it by this time tomorrow. Just needing a rest right now.
That's it really. NewsFlash over. Normal shit will resume soon.
Yes I Know..boring boring when all you came by here for was to see what you could download, not listen to some whiner going on about a load of uninteresting medical crap...
Try again tomorrow then!

Will post as soon as the files are uploaded.
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Anonymous JulZin said...

Yes I was wondering and missing my next update... but this sounds pretty .. heavy. So what's the story? well don't answer but it sounds like a regular known longterm problem. You sound ok about it, reconciled bla bla. This Dylan stuff: it really is pure easy listening radio burble. If you'd told me all those years ago... that we would be in sight of the apocalypse while Bob intoned from the radio playing country, blues, MOR and old show tunes... it would have meant nothing.

7/28/2006 02:07:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

uqjogjHehe. yes I see your point about dylan. and the apocalypse, certainly feels like its approaching fast!
The illness shit...well, if you want to know a bit then check the main page and on the left where I wrote, 'I am ill', the word 'ill' is a link to a medical page all about it. Crohn's disease it is called and yes it's a long-term thing, sometimes gets a bit much, sometimes I forget about it. Life goes on eh.
I was actually more upset/irritated by the fact that I was letting loads of folk down with the Dylan show after proclaiming they could rely on me to get it here first!
Anyway seems like its back on track now...well for now!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks show!

7/28/2006 05:47:00 pm  
Blogger Mick Wilbury said...

Dear friend,

I hope you are okay now.
From the top of my open heart surgery for by-passes, my hernia and my diabetic condition, the only thing that I'm careful about, is to make sure to avoid sitting on the sidewalk.
Certainly, the garbage people will take me away!!!!

I'm not sure if I'm translating well, but it sure sounds funny in portuguese.

If I made you laugh, it made my day.

All the best from Rio de Janeiro and thanks for everything.
Just like Monty Python's Eric Idle on LIFE OF BRIAN:


Mick Wilbury

7/29/2006 02:56:00 pm  
Blogger alvega said...

Well it made me laugh cos' I'm relishing about how it should sound in portuguese with that 'ginga' undertone (as white man can't jump, "gringos" can't put the finger on 'ginga'... if it could be put into words it would be like a sidewinder movement with a beat and vice-versa) you 'cariocas' put in our common language... :-))

I hope your health improves hit (no I'm not gonna use your full nick, that would be asking for it... :-b ), I only heard the 'Cars' show till now, I'm a fan already. Let number 13 come home, we'll be waiting...

7/30/2006 10:27:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

show 13 -

7/31/2006 12:18:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work, time, and effort. Take care of yourself first - we can wait - and we will. TomInPhilly

7/31/2006 07:17:00 pm  

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