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Friday, July 28, 2006

-FIXED!!- Caravan - Waterloo Lily [1972] [English Progressive 'Canterbury Scene' Rock]

Whilst I wait for the Latest Theme time radio hour show to upload three days later than usual..(yes I know, I just feel such a twat after boasting about it!)I decided to post this album that was ready to be up here at the weekend but didn't make it due to my not quite making it myself -much further than the hospital that is.

I was, for a long time, pretty obsessivly into the 'Canterbury Scene' of music that, surprise surprise, grew up and around many talented musicians who lived in and around the area of Canterbury in Kent. Not too far from where I live these days. their flavour of 'Prog-Rock' wasn't quite what the usual standard was about.
the talent and skill was in fact a cut above the usual standard: Some of the most highly talented musicians I could name were among the many members of the bands that sprouted during the Canterbury Scene heyday. The difference then, from the 'mainsteam Prog(if that is something that ever existed?!) was a mixture if a few things.
Notably the lyrics. Bands like Caravan who were one of the worst(!) for it, alongside the more skewed likes of 'Gong, would often base the lyrics of a track or 19minute progression(!) around something really silly, immature or just plain daft! I used to find it refreshing sometimes. Like a display of their talent: that they can play to you for maybe a 19minute soundscape and when it has the lyrical parts, you don't care a bit if they are singing about farm animals or english gents playing golf or trying to drop dumb schoolboy-ish chat up lines to schoolgirls and failing miserably! The music was just so bloody good, so mesmerising at times, powerful and capable of producing a truly unique journey and landscape of sounds and music that flowed more freely and more naturally than even water seems to.
Do I sound deluded??!
Probably but I stand by it.
Don't think for one minute that I condone every attempt at silliness or humour in their stuff because there is some crap in there but, mostly it fits the music and is great.
The music itself, apart from what you might imagine from the genre, was altogether more melodic than most. For the first time I found myself listening to JAZZ-based music and absolutely loving every bit of it. None of that freeform, no direction type of Jazz which I really cannot enjoy, even at gunpoint. No, more like jazz played from the mindset of a rock musician. Long musical interludes with some brilliant solos worked over a jazzy background. Solos on viola and Keyboard are Caravans forte and believe me you aint heard anything like it.
This album doesn't cover the wide range but definitely gives you an idea. One of the main reasons being that, like most of the Canterbury bands, the line-up was constantly changing, or 'evolving' and not always for the best. This album lacks the strength of one of my favoutie musicians, Dave Sinclair-the keyboard player. It has a more Jazzy sound that most of their other albums but that doesn't make it a bad one, far from it!
I plan to post a great compilation album I have of theirs that really hits the mark, showcasing their best stuff. So don't miss that soon.
When I was really into this scene, years after it actually happened(being only a youngster myself!) I would try to get every band that flirted with the Canterbury sound and tried to own all of the vinyl by the main players...Caravan, Camel, Gong, Egg, Gilgamesh, Robert wyatt and quite a few more obscure bands but I never got too carried away with obtaining obscure or rare bands, just those I mentioned were enough to be keeping up with, there are so many albums!
Also Matching Mole which is a Robert Wyatt project and really is something. I will post that soon.

I REALLY MESSED UP ON THIS ONE! - Read my explanation in the comments!

Just the one part
MIRROR LINKS..maybe later!
Excuse any glaring errors or typo's. I'm just a bit dazed so ignore it.
Bye for now people.

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Anonymous telmob said...

thanx for caravan & jj

7/28/2006 06:57:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your mirror linkd dlownload Waterloo Lily 9 times. Noe of the other songs come thru. Whoops.Signed, A Friendly Lurker

8/01/2006 08:08:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

What exactly is wrong????

8/02/2006 01:29:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I d/l'd using the miror links. Regardless of how the songs were isted in the Table of COntents, all of the were "Waterloo Lily," the first song on the CD. "Aristocracy" was really WL replayed, for instance. Thanks for your attention to this, The Friendly Lurker

8/02/2006 09:55:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS I had d/l'd mirror link part 1 & it didn't work as described. Then I tried the main link part 2 and got the same thing. "Ferdiand" = "Waterloo Lily." Thought you'd want to know... The Friendly Lurker

8/02/2006 10:04:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

OK you really are freaking me out now. when I post an album, this is the process:
I listen to the album.
I rename and tag the files.
I make sure they are in a suitably named folder.
I right click that folder and select add to rar archive.
I name the archive a suitable name.
I use a template in winrar which makes certain of the exact same compression and password etc.
The files get archived and I am left with some split Rar files.
I go to the uploading server website.
I upload the rar parts.
That is it!
I have bow download those exact parts and am just about to check each track and have a listen just to make sue ok...cos' I can't see any part of that process that would enable such a mistake to be made!!!
Already, before listening to any of them, I can see right in front of me that the filesizes seem to tell me all I need to know already...look, see what I mean:

01 Waterloo Lily.mp3 (9.4MB)
02 Nothing At All, It's Coming Soon.mp3 (14.3MB)
03 Songs & Signs.mp3 (5.0MB)
04 Aristocracy.mp3 (4.2MB)
05 The Love In Your Eye.mp3 (17.3MB)
06 The World Is Yours.mp3 (5.1MB)
07 Pye's June Thing (unreleased).mp3 (4.1MB)
08 Ferdinand (unreleased).mp3 (4.1MB)
09 Looking Left, Looking Right, Pye's Loop.mp3 (9.6MB)
Caravan - Waterloo Lily.nfo (5.5KB)

It kind of says that each file is DEFINITELY a different file right?

I'm not calling you a liar obviously! I'm just thinking that the problem is something at your end...something you did wrong with the extraction or maybe you have a weird PC..hehe.
anyway I'm gonna go listen to the whole album now and I'll post the result back here later!

8/04/2006 05:34:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Oh my god I deserve to die from the poisons present in fresh dog shit.
Obviously being force-fed the shit from a trough - via some kind of 'dipping mechanism' whereby my head is tied to a pole and it is methodically 'dipped' into a trough every minute or so for just as long as I can stand without drowning - would make sure of the infectious process being carried into my immune system.
The above, is no more than I deserve. Read on...

I listened to the first track: Water Lily.
Great. Nothing wrong there.
I listened to the second track:
water Lily...
Hmm..wait a friggin' minute!...
third track?
Water Lily-Water Lily-Water Lily????
You get the picture.
I fucking HATE being wrong, especially when I have put myself up for being made to look a complete reprobate if I were to get it wrong and this time, I hold my hands up.


Ok. Friendly Lurker, I kiss your feet.

I also went fishing and seems I am reeling in two different downloads of Water Lily, the album, right now.
I WILL LISTEN TO THEM FIRST(!!!) and then upload and update the links.

In my defence, I DID listen to the album first but it arrived on my PC as one of those damned(I hate them!) Album WRAP things(ever heard of it??)..and it really wwas the whole album but in one long file with no tracks.and, amazingly it played back the whole album too(the correct songs in the correct order!) then I got the albumwrap 'unwrapping tool' and it split the file into the separate tracks. Little did I know that it had somehow fucked the whole thing up and split it into unequal sized parts of track 01 and disc carded everything else!!!
I should have then listened to it again.
I didn't so shoot me.
Don't bother. I am just going off to shoot myself.
Check later for scenes of blood and gore and new links for a REAL album!!!

8/04/2006 08:30:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for that...I am going to contribute something. There! See how you like that! The Friendly Lurcker.

8/05/2006 10:17:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hehe. damn I hate being wrong so much. Must be some deep-rooted psychological blip.
Contribute you say?
Well in that case I am going to post some more Caravan!

8/06/2006 01:56:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this cool site! I really dug the Hendrix The bowie was cool too.



8/28/2006 01:26:00 am  
Anonymous NOHitingplease said...

Why oh why am i so slow :(

12/04/2006 04:55:00 pm  

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