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Monday, July 17, 2006

Jose Padilla - Man Ray V.4 --- Ambient Tunes, ala Cafe Del Mar --- [2005]

Jose Padilla - Man Ray V.4
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Hello there.
What an absolutely ROASTING summers day we've had here in England today.
Pity I just didn't appreciate it with my weirdness of the brain situation going on with steroid reduction now seemingly taking over each cell and turning into a sort of mush that isn't too capable!
Yet! I thought of you.
I did, seriously.
Though of myself too as uauals and had a look around for some soothing, ambient and relaxing tunes. something fitting for such a hot and lazy day.
You will no doubt be aware of the name Jose Padilla(should have accents on those vowels but it gets messed up on this blogger so I only use the english), he of Cafe Del Mar fame. He created the very first Cafe Del Mar album and worked in the bar in Ibiza of the same name. Coincidence? Hehe I think not!
Anyway it was a great album and, judging by the fact that there are...thirteen(I will get the latest one up here ASAP as I didn't realise there was another released this year!!) more of them as well as compilations, 'dreams' Collections and other variations they became hugely successful and in my opinion remains unrivalled in the 'Ambient compilations' world!

So let me introduce to you an album that has Jose's name on it alone, as opposed to the other things he has done which usually cite the artists he is mixing and he gets a mention somewhere as a footnote.
?I am not sure just how much of the music is his, if any. I know he is a DJ and mixes the shit together so who knows...Do you? Tell me!
This was not easy to locate so I am pretty proud to be bringit here for you all.
Don't miss the boat!
this is WELL WORTH a listen and will transport you to pastures new, green and lovely summer, happy, nice, quiet, peaceful, etc.
A long long way away from Israeli Bombing of Lebanon, Terrorists in Lebanon Goading for 'all out war' and US and UK governments trying to keep their heads down whilst in effect supporting the murder of innocent children (yet again).
Listen to this and try to forget it for a while.
Cheers for now.


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Hey! Did anyone like Bjork? What doid you make of the REGGIE album...?
I am getting addicted to the track 'Caving'.
Love it!

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