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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reggie and the Full Effect - 'Songs Not To Get Married To' & 'Bjork - Debut'...Some musings on Zidane the imbecile!

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Does anyone really, I mean really give a toss about Zinedine Zidane now?
I wasn't just surprised but actually horrified the other day when, after the terrorist bombings on the train in mumbai, India, every UK national newspaper except maybe two, had opted to put either Zidane or the latest Big Brother contestants on the front few pages and, if they mentioned it at all on there, a small column about the bombings.
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When I looked into it further it was amazing: Most papers didn't feature even a page on the bombings. Nearly all of them didnt even feature the small story about it until maybe page ten or twelve. Putting all kinds or irrelevant shit before that.
At least it confirmed something to me which I have been saying for years..the UK newspapers are full of shit.
That's hardly news either though right?
So Mr Zidane...someone called him a name. Called his mother, his family, his pet rat or his ego...someone CALLED NAMES AT HIM!
Yet he is now being revered as some kind of hero for justice...why?!
Fucking twat. He had the eyes of the world on him and, in football, that means a whole lot of children hero-worshipping this idiot. So what does he do with such huge responsibility?
He head butts another player.
Why oh why the newspapers and even TV news, including the hallowed BBC, are so interested in trying to vindicate him is beyond me.
It really matters not one jot WHAT name he was called. We all know the old saying 'sticks and stones may break my bones(...but names will never hurt me'-for those that don't know it!).
Sometimes you have to react in a less than instinctive manner. If we all reacted like that twat the world would be in chaos.
Hang is? Oh right. Fuckit.

Where are the updates to the site? -I hear you ask.
Good question...
I am currently going through some pretty intense medical shit so I will try but it's been a really difficult past few days. My medication, specifically 'prednisolone'(steroid) is being reduced to effectively check the levels of active disease and also to possibly replace it's function with another, less harmful long term treatment.
What this means is aches and pains and some weird mental effects. Steroids can do strange things to the mind believe me.
OK Enough!

I decided to stop the Bob Dylan obsession around here, at least musically. I will still make sure the radio shows are here FIRST(!) each week but it's time to get back to the site's manifesto of ALL GENRES, ALL STYLES of music so welcome back.
Today I share my day's playlist with you. I've been enjoying it so I hope you do too.
I hadn't heard of Reggie and the Full Effect until a few days ago when I saw the name somewhere and wondered what they were like.
I wasn't disappointed.

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It's kind of hard to describe as the tracks can vary so much from one to the next. Some of them hit you with a loud, thrashing, metal/punk electric guitar sound that almost makes your knees weak!! The next track starts off like some eighties electronica with silly/fun little melodies and synth sounds and a drum machine sound that isn't too dissimilar to a friggin' casio keyboard. Think Human League come Pavement come Linkin' Park and you are getting there. Quite a mix I know but it's as close as I can describe it.
I recommend it for sure. Some of these songs are really catchy and I am already in the process of downloading the rest of their albums.
If you are interested in more then let me know in the comments. Or not. Whatever.

The next album isn't quite so 'indie' but it shares something with the's got it's fair share of weird sounds and is more than a little different from the usual mainstream pap.
Everyone has heard Bjork. The pixie faced Icelandic queen of pop.
I just like this album. It's good. It's great in fact. It's summer. Listen to it.

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Reggie and the Full Effect - Songs Not To Get Married To [2005]
part 1
part 2
Rapidshare Mirrors..
Part 1
Part 2

Bjork - Debut [1993]
part 1
part 2
Rapidshare Mirrors...
Part 1
Part 2 - (Messed up..uploading overnight, check back in 12hours!)

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May the people harmed by this recover from it soon. Too many children are thrown into immature adult's fights...
...Yes, I'm not totally stupid. I know it was a group of terrorists that did this but just look around the world today..there are many governments who carry out acts of terrorism and it is apparently acceptable. Israel anyone? USA anyone? UK Anyone? What about some African Countries?
So the label terrorist is difficult to define isn't it?
We are all fuckin' terrorists my friends. If we do nothing, we assist the shit-wheel in turning.
I am guilty of it.
You are too.

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Anonymous sérgio torres said...

hi there hitmewithit,
i completely agree with your idea about zidane, the press, terrorism and terrorists. just like to add a small tought about the difference, for the whole media, when "bad things" happens in developed countries or not. for the media, is "normal" a lot of poor people being killed. and very different when it happens in spain, england or usa, for example.
that's it.

7/15/2006 05:16:00 am  
Blogger hitmewiththis said...

hiya m8, well said! reminds me of what stalin sed :
the death of 1 man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.
what a cnut.

7/15/2006 08:28:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Jose Padilla. I hope the steroid treatment helped. You certainly put things into perspective. The mainstream media here in the US is so disappointing.
Cheers and thanks again!

7/18/2006 06:40:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hope you are enjoying that album...I love it. Might post another of his soon. About the steroid's erm, still in the early -mind bending- early stages so not much to report that's good yet!
Thanks for the kind words though.

7/18/2006 04:17:00 pm  

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