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Saturday, August 19, 2006

[2006] Akala - It's Not A Rumour

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OK ... Music!

The little brother of 'Ms dynamite'.
Unless you really have been hiding under a rock; are a complete gamer-geek-type; don't go out or even watch TV; are slightly retarded and unable to process information (or perhaps just from a country other than the UK haha!), you will already have heard the name.
You might have heard the track 'Shakespeare' on the radio in the past few months or so. This album is from MAY so it isn't like, new.
One thing I am pleased to announce is that for once(for this site), you cannot get this on any other blogs/torrents whatever...not as far as I know mate. If you know better then that's fine. I will admit to talking bollocks.
Well this guy is being hailed as some kind of 'saviour' of 'black - street - music'. Almost like he has risen up from the streets and has a message for the world.
Whilst I definitely tip my hat to his way with words..the flow and the ability to rap that he no doubt has, I don't reckon any 'message' this kid has to convey is going to change the world. The fact is that he is just a kid.
Some of the lyrics made me cringe. It is a shame that because I actually like the sound. I have listened to this album loads since getting it a few days ago. Some of the tracks really stick in your head.
To put it in a nutshell: Englich/London-town rap with electric guitar in there which works so well I just fucking love it. really.
There is a track called 'The Edge' where he raps over a simple but powerful riff, then it breaks at the chorus with a female vocal that just fits to perfection. A well crafted track.
The track that is being proclaimed as a display of his brilliance, on the mainstream media in UK at least, is 'Shakespeare'. Whilst I do like this track too I feel that some of the lyrics are just erm..well, let's just say he shows his age in the writing style! The whole idea behind this song is that he is a modern and black shakespeare of the modern age. The video even shows him in shakespeare garb and the joke is pretty funny I suppose. A snapshot lyric: 'It's like Shakespeare, with a nigga twist'...
...'No more tights now-jeans sagging, if I say so myself I'm much more handsome..'
and so on.
I haven't got the energy to take it down track by track for you but I want to tell every one of you to get this and have a listen. This guy has some serious work to give. Look out for the track that samples the guitar riff from 'London Calling - The Clash'...pretty good.
In some ways he verges on reminding me of an 'English Eminem'. Yes I know, Eminem...a parody of himself nowadays but even if you hate him and that kind of music(which I don't, well I don't hate that music but Eminem is crap these days of course!), you have to admit that he is sharp and has a sound and a way with words that can be pretty amazing at times.
Well, that is Akala.
Amazing at times.
Brilliant at the old sharp tongued fast frigging lyrical whatever you call it. Just a pity that some of it is a bit teenage.
That other 'street' or rap shit thing too is a bit unfortunate: These idiots have to say their own names in their 'songs' and claim their abilities, or blow their own fucking trumpets as it's known.
I do find that so irritating.
If they are that fucking good then just do it. Stop telling us about it.
Always reminds me of the playground.
So after reading that you probably think it's not worth the waiting for the download.
This 'kid' is a kid but he has got that spark.
Believe me, I am a musician and I can see it, feel it, hear it. He has it.
Have a listen.
Apparently he is the top tip for the upcoming MOBO awards.. check this.

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More soon. Soon be Bob Dylan day around here. The last weeks show was excellent, looking forward to the next.


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