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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chinese Ambience - The Relaxing Sound Of Oriental Music

OK I messed up. Royally.
After the recent Japanese music album which I am sure made you tingle with sheer delight etc etc bla bla bla, I said I had some Chinese music to come.
Well this isn't it.
I have a rather unorganised Hard Drive right now. Well, actually I ALWAYS have it that way but right now is much worse than usual as I just got myself a nice new 300Gb SATA drive and, as my only other large Drive(160Gb PATA) has started with bad sectors about a month ago (and also stores all of my MP3 collection), I decided I need to transfer or burn a lot of that music before the drive suddenly dies and turns it all into useless bytes of corrupt crap. Upon trying to arrange and sort and file the stuff, I have inevitably ended up with folders of MP3s at various stages in the renaming/tagging/fixing/encoding/whatever process. This means a shitload of files and even less organisation than before (which was a total mess).

Now that you have an idea what's going on I can tell you that I was listening to the only two albums of Chinese music that I have the other day and it was then I planned on sharing one of them here: The one I uploaded afterwards and am posting now is erm, not the one I planned to share!
I had two: One album is Shanghai Orchestra playing fantastic traditional Chinese folk music. I love it.
The other album is a more modern flavour with the title you see above.
I am not saying it's not worth posting and I have no doubt, there are people who love or at least like this kind of music. It is basically ambient (or elevator, depending on how you look at it!) music with a Chinese theme enforced upon it!
Not for me really.
In fact I should probably delete the album as I am supposed to be sorting my files out but I do find it hard to delete music.
Anyway my friends...Please, give it a listen as you might be one of those that decides it's pretty good.
I'll tell you this: When I listened to it the other day I was lying on the sofa, in an horrendous situation of pain that wasn't letting up at all and I was watching the clock and awaiting the painkillers to take some effect and just trying hard to relax, This album definitely assisted me in that department ... I almost fell asleep.
Is that a positive thing in terms of how good the music is? Not sure.
Decide for yourself.

Download Here
or Here

Since discovering I only had two Chinese albums I went on a search and I now have about 6 of them. Traditional, authentic Chinese music that is.
Expect one of them to be posted very soon.



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Anonymous skunkdevil said...

thanks a lot for your good work! nice album.

11/15/2006 11:11:00 pm  
Blogger Annallon said...

nice album, thanks :)

12/21/2006 01:23:00 am  

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