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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[2000] Various Artists - Latinismo:Grupo Mexicano Folklore Nacional

As you can see above, I actually located a cover for it..still no info on the real details on!

I used to post quite a lot of so called World music here. Things went a bit awry after that old Dylan character started doing a radio show. Then, I decided to post a set of Hendrix Discs (yep I didn't forget, next installment is coming tomorrow OK!) and that all but took over the site. With my health going right down the pan it has been difficult enough just to keep updating those two major posts each week.
Well, my health hasn't actually changed but maybe my attitude has. I am so sick of feeling pain and all the rest of the symptoms of this damned illness [Crohn's Disease link, Crohn's Pain Link!] that I am on an upward track at the moment!
I am determined not to let it get me so down that I can't even come and keep this place going. This place gives me a focus and I would miss it if I couldn't do it.
OK that's enough about my insignificant existence for today.
Where was I...?
Oh yes, World music. I always used to notice that World music would be download a lot and was very it Italian traditional folk music, Arabic or Indian, people like to try something different. At least I do and I assumed that's why it's so popular.
So, I will be returning to that genre and to start it off I found this album...
Ominously labelled 'Greek Trad Music' by someone somewhere who isn't as much of an obsessive-compulsive as I am obviously. Doesn't sound like Greek Traditional Music and I'm no brain surgeon!
It's been an interesting and erm, refreshing afternoons music for me. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing this and hope you do too.
I know little about where it comes from or who it is by but bear with me whilst I do some searching..

Many searches later...
Shit! I can't find anything of any value to tell you! (That would be a first then?)
I think Latinismo is a term for Latin music though I'm not even intelligent enough to say that for certain.
Take it from me, this is a collection of tunes that ooze culture!
Hang on I just found this little quote that at least settles one thing:
...Latinismo - the assertion of a Latino identity based on shared linguistic, historical, and cultural resources...

By the way, don't you agree that to have a genre called 'World music' is a bit stupid? Each album of so called World music I've shared so far has been so different; each part of the world is so different right? So seems a bit weird to have any category that they all fit into. Anyway that's just me rambling on..!

As always, hope you enjoy the music. Don't just write it off because it's not what you usually listen to or some shit reason like that.
Life is about broadening your horizons and your mind!
Every new experiences teaches you something!


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01. La Negra.mp3
02. La Bamba.mp3
03. Cielito Lindo.mp3
04. Jesusita En Chihuahua.mp3
05. Pelea De Gallos.mp3
06. Cancion Mixteca.mp3
07. Juan Colorado.mp3
08. Marcha De Zacatecas.mp3
09. Hidalguense.mp3
10. El Mil Amores.mp3
If anyone can shed some light on these tracks I would be grateful.. I know everyone has heard La Bamba but the rest, not so.
Are they Traditional Mexican Folk music? Is that all that the words mean?


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