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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour Episode 37 'Musical Instruments' [Xtra-HIGH QUALITY MP3]

It's that time again has a full week gone by already?
Illness has started attacking me like fucking crazy I have to say. My days now consist of me either lying on the sofa or bed, trying to find a way to get comfortable, whilst hoping the day will end soon. The pain is well...lets just say it tests you to the limits sometimes. This isn't another 'woe is me and that's why I haven't updated the site' kind of comment, more of a statement on my life as I don't seem to get the friggin' priveledge of being able to think or concentrate on anything other than this pain right now. If I can't share that with you then what can I share?
I got the Dylan show for the week again. Its a good one too. Nice.
I also have some more albums uploading and I WILL try to get the better of this situation if it is at all possible, by coming here and leaving a rant or a ramble and an album or two or three every damn day ok!
There's so much shit happening in the world and right here in UK just now that I'd love to talk about and see what you think about certain things but I just need to get the files and links sorted then get back to my sofa. Maybe later on I can return and talk some shit eh!

This week the theme is...

Here is the tracklist...if you don't like to see it before listening, close your eyes NOW!

01. The Intro And The Outro - Bonzo Dog Band - (1967)
02. (Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone - Roy Montrell - (1956)
03. Uncle Pen - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys - (1950)
04. Big Guitar - Bill Watkins - (1957)
05. The Fiddler - Nehemiah Reid - (1967)
06. Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn - Henry 'Red' Allen - (1932)
07. When Yuba Plays The Rumba On The Tuba - Johnny Mercer - (1938)
08. Hillbilly Drummer Girl - The Young Fresh Fellows - (1991)
09. Fiddle Diddle Boogie - Davis Sisters - (1955)
10. Big Long Slidin' Thing - Dinah Washington - (1954)
11. Hey Harmonica Man - Stevie Wonder - (1964)
12. Different Drum - Stone Poneys - (1967)
13. Round Hole Guitar - Don Rich & The Buckaroos - (1967)
14. Trombone Cholly - Bessie Smith & Her Blue Boys - (1927)
15. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) - Tom Waits - (1976)
16. Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone - Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra - (1954)

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