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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Captain Jack - Music Instructor [2004]

I wanted to bring you something a little different..
Well I think I managed it with this one.
I better tell you I know absolutely nothing about Captain Jack and, surprisingly to probably most who read this, hadn't heard of him until a few days ago.
I seem to have led more of a sheltered life than even I believed!

As I search around I find this guy variously described as
(Ok, I added the last two)

I become less and less an experienced music lover as the days pass because it would seem that this guy is well known but not to me.
Have I missed something big here?
In a word, NO. I think he's shit to be totally honest.
I get bored when I hear music like this. Reminds me of a fucking casio keyboard 'expert' know, the guys who can actually play along to the built-in demo tune.
Fuck Captain Jack!
Also I just do not get it..why parade yourself in such an obvious and pointless(or is it?) gimmick as a military uniform? Apparently he always wears it and sings songs of peace and love bla bla.
The complexity.
The profundity.
What shite.
Remember what I always used to say at this point:
DO NOT be persuaded by me, after all I just proved I know nothing about music. I always recommend you download and listen for YOURSELF.
You should never say anything is crap, or good, unless you have experienced it yourself surely.
Okay maybe a couple of life experiences can be left out of that rather flawed statement there. (thoughts of penile related masochism(vaginal if you prefer!) or a bout of malaria spring to mind, I think we can safely assume both are a bit crap).
By the same token we could probably assume that meeting the top politicians from UK and USA would be something you could class as great fun.
Not really.

With me being so ill recentely I haven't been as 'on the ball' as usual regarding all things internet. This caused me to almost -not quite!- miss the fact that some kindly souls managed to get a hold of the preview DVD of the next season of '24', once a favourite show of mine. If any of you are as slow as I have been on this one then be slow no more!
Visit your favourite torrent site and search for it. The episodes are bloody good too. Leaves the story hanging just a tad(!) but definitely still a great program and so well put together I get almost too excited when watching it.
I hope your favourite torrent site isn't one called
The site is not online. Recently the MPAA started some of their shit with court and all that bollocks and now the hosting company's pulled the plug on the site. They vow to get back online soon but I'm not holding my breath. Too many sites have gone the same way.
What gets me is the fact that no one seems to learn a fucking thing from history!
(Just look at the wars going on right now for confirmation of that)
The war on drugs is a great parrallel to the 'war on piracy'.
These are so-called wars that can never, NEVER be won!
In both wars the prosecutor goes after the middle men for some of the time, the end user for some more of the time and, when they get lucky(or that's what they think) they manage to get the wholesale or mass scale distributor.
What they fail to learn or choose to ignore is that as soon as one goes down, another takes the place. Every time a mafia boss is killed, another rises up.
Every time a drug dealer gets nicked, someone else becomes your dealer. (No, not mine you druggie).
And so we all know...every time a torrent site goes down, another one becomes either more used OR, a new one steps up.
Yet they waste so many millions on these fake wars every year and somehow get the backing of the public?
Not the only fake wars happening I know but these are less controversial to talk about right now, unless you look at the UK show 'Big Brother' which is single handedly creating international racial tension which is all down to some bitchy women who are so fucking uneducated and THICK, they just cannot understsand the concept enough to even realise it.
I haven't much to add to the big brother furore except to say:
That Jade character...she is pretty subhuman right?
The words gargoyle and rancid spring to mind.
Has no one noticed the similarity between her and that crazy frog thing?

It will be funny and the irony too much if Shilpa wins.
She deserves to but I am an 'A-Team kid' so I have to be vying for the FaceMan always!


Download Captain Jack - Music Instructor

I better add this edit:
Just checked and there's a new message posted by the authors and it sounds promising!..
'We are moving house. If the tubes run smoothly, we expect to be back in full swing tomorrow.'

Good stuff.


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Anonymous belubettlo said...

Quite a rant there, HitMe. Pretty spot-on, too. It's things like Big Brother, Jade, Crazy Frog (?) (not to mention Posh & Becks, & James Blunt, & Manchester United) that make living away from the UK so much more bearable.
Glad to see you're in good form.


1/19/2007 08:27:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you´re havin a laff...!
Thanx for the Gimmie Gimmies, great stuff!

Keep on posting!

1/19/2007 12:59:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hey belubettlo, that friggin' big brother thing got way out of hand don't you think?
Such a joke. It wasn't truly racism but the media loved jumping on that little gem! OK it was racism but it was a whole lot more bullying and mental retardation that was the real issue..
The funny thing was reading in some paper yesterday, a statement by the Anti bullying Campaign saying' Jad must pay for what she has done, we urge everyone to go to stores and demand her product removed, boycott all shows with her in or on them, not to buy magazines that feature her and write to her or the tv studios with complaints!
If that isn't fucking victimisation (or, er...bullying right?) I don't know what is!
Well at least it brought you a reminder that the UK is still a small minded fucked up Island with a big mouth!

1/25/2007 05:32:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind. Jade will be dead soon so you can rest easy.....

3/12/2009 01:32:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Oh dear.
You are a fucking pleb.
I can't think of the words to use for you.
I feel so sorry for her and it makes me sad to see her looking so ill lately and that she is dying.
Obviously her situation, and mine, were different when I first wrote this post.
For you to suddenly appear and say shit like that is just puerile and uncalled for.
Go fuck yourself moron.

3/12/2009 01:53:00 pm  
Anonymous Captain Black said...

Your post made me laugh my ass off. Captain Jack was so much better than you'll ever be. But I'll have to thank you for helping me get a step closer to having a complete collection of his music. ^_^

7/14/2009 05:26:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

'Captain Jack was so much better than you'll ever be.'
- Yawn. another fuckin' presumptuous internet prick statement if ever I heard/read one.
Thanks though :)

7/15/2009 06:05:00 pm  

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