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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us [1998]

Hello again.
Not quite as cold today but the snow is still hovering and threatening a return so not out of the woods yet!
I am losing count of the amount of times I've had to write things like 'I don't know anything about this band' or 'this artist seems to have passed me by' or words to that effect. Which would probably make you think 'what exactly does this so-called self-proclaimed musiclover know about music??'
Good question my friend. Good fucking question.
We are all from different backgrounds, cultures and generations. When I was growing up, in the place I lived which is relevant for sure, it was seen as 'cool' to like some things in life and er..'gay' to like other things. If you liked anything that way 'gay' you obviously didn't value your life or your face very much is all I will say.
I think you get the picture.
Onwards to todays music then!

The Cramps.
A band that have no doubt reached all corners of the planet in their long career and yet - I really haven't listened to them at all! (see what I was leading to?).
It was a case of: Those gays in 'The Rocky Horror Show' were just not to be liked. That included the bands and anyone or anything to do with it. There were many many things not to be liked and I learned them as I went along.
To my detriment I now realise, I never seemed to find the time to go and check out 'The Cramps'.
Well today I thought I would request the help of my woman or 'she who must never be named', my future wife. I asked her for some musical suggestions for todays offering, told her I wanted to post something different from my choice and could she offer any ideas.
The Cramps was her first idea and so I got this album and, after listening, decided to go with it.
They really R-O-C-K!
I have to say she had some brilliant ideas for future offerings too -half of whch I already went and downloaded today. Nice to know my woman has a great taste in music. (and men too)
Maybe she should do the blog instead eh?
Don't answer that.

As I said, I know nothing of The Cramps.
I want to let people know, people who might also never have taken the time to listen to them: You must do the right thing and give this great band a chance.
They are really tight as far as musical timing and skill goes, the music carries you upward from the first note. Full of energy and a lot of fun that comes across.
They call this genre 'Psychobilly'. A term I am not familiar with. I would have called it a bit of Rock, Punk and good old rock 'n' roll!
Of course, being the band on The Rocky Horror Show they do have that kind of horror or spooky sound thrown in here and there but I saw it more as a punky but surprisingly catchy album!
They do a version of that old jazz classic 'Fever' which is just brilliant and a MUST-HEAR!
So you must hear it.


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Enjoy it won't you and leave a comment, especially if you decided to hear them for the first ever time.

I'd be interested to hear what you made of it!



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Blogger Slamice said...

First time listen to the cramps... What can I say, the caramps are fricken ay?

3/22/2007 02:22:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

HEHe yep, me too mate! That's wy I'm glad I posted this..
Have a browse around as there's sure to be more stuff you haven't given a try before that you'll like.
Cheers :)

3/24/2007 10:05:00 pm  
Anonymous Conjunction Vitus said...

The Cramps fucking rock! The first one I got by them was Bad Music for Bad People on Vinyl. Later I got Psychadelic Jungle on Cassette. I found this one at some other blogspot, but they have 18 tracks and none named. I looked at matching up times. Some match in the right place, as track whatever, and others do not. I will get this one here and hope it's all in order with the name and ID3 tag. Oh, here's a bonus for you all, whoever sees this and the blog owner. THE REST OF THE CRAMPS!
ALL VALID LINKS AS OF THE DATE POSTED - Psychadelic Jungle/Gravest Hits
DONE - Songs the Lord Taught Us pass= if

DONE - Smell of Female pass= cuddlefish
DONE - Off The Bone pass= if needed
DONE - Bad Music for Bad People pass= PunchDrunk
DONE - A Date With Elvis
DONE - Stay Sick pass= if needed
DONE - Look Mom, No Head
DONE - Flame Job pass= if needed
DONE - Big Beat From Badsville
DONE - Fiends of Dope Island
DONE - Confessions of a Psychocat
DONE - Rockin n Reelin in

Auckland New Zealand
DONE - How to Make a Monster pt1
DONE - How to Make a Monster pt2

5/14/2008 09:13:00 am  

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