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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good Morning! - Me First & The Gimme Gimme's

Hello my friends..
I feel pretty damn good today and about time to.
Let me say a HUGE thank you to the people who have sent me in a donation to paypal recently.
You know who you are.
I appreciate it so much you know. I may come across as a beggar but I stand by my position of not being able to work and, perhaps, not being intelligent enough to actually create a secure job from my computer knowledge and experience. (I doubt I could do the latter when I am getting so damn ill so frequently). So! I thank you and hope I can really give something back. More than I have been lately for I know this place has been slipping further and further down the drain for a while now.
Let's see what we can do about it before its fucked!

When I said in an earlier post that I have been listening to some different music lately, let me tell you..
A friend sent me a track by a band called 'Me First & the Gimme Gimme's', you may have heard of them. No? Me neither!
the thing is it was a song that took me right back to the early days when I first learned to play guitar and I used to sit with this guy and we'd practice this bloody song all day trying to play it as fast as it sounded. I must confess: It was a Simon & Garfunkel tune!
Me and Julio to be precise!
Let's not get too snooty about it though because I will openly admit it is a fuckin' brilliant song!!
(I picked up the guitar and had a sing of it today and yep, it's still great to play!)
So this Gimme Gimme's band did a version of it. Press the button on the youtube window and hear it.

Like it?
I do. It is from the album below titled 'Have a Ball'.
After the crapiness of Christmas and the doubtfulness of the New Year anticipation Celebrations, I needed something with a bit of kick to it. Some energy to supplant the absolute lack of the stuff that I have myself.
This band does it for me. Ok Ok I have to say that every song on every album is a COVER! They maybe can't write their own stuff? Who knows. The thing I was surprised at and I like about their albums is that, when you put one on, you find you recognise every tune that you hear though not necessarily in the same way you might have in the past. I mean, can you imagine what Barry Manilow's 'Mandy' sounds like when punked-up?
It's actually pretty good. I find myself liking the friggin' song (don't tell anyone will you) so they must be doing something right.
I better warn you...If you're like me you'll play these at a hefty volume, get used to all the songs, sing them out loud...Over and over the albums will play and..and then..?
Well I kind of played them out already!
The fact that they are such well known (and its lots of cases, crappy on their first incarnation) songs means that I now find myself with the feeling of having heard them too much already.
So! Definitely a must hear!
One to listen to; get used to; decide what tracks you like, and then put it on the shelf for later.
You will know when a certain mood takes you and those will be the days when you'll reach for Me First & the Gimme Gimme's.

I hope you enjoy.
Not posted in chronological order but posted in my order of personal preference..I recommend the top one first, if you like, get the rest.


2003 - 'Take a Break'
2001 - Blow In The Wind
1997 - Have A Ball
1999 - Are A Drag
2006 - Love Their Country

OK folks. There is one more album of theirs I have here for you but I will do this one tomorrow as it deserves a mention on it's own.
Plus another album of a relatively unknown..

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