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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 is born!

I decided I should use donation money that you kind people have given me lately and at least get a decent and permanent domain name for this place!
So as of today if you type or (Why would that one stop working only two days after it started and it worked fine?? Now I MUST use the WWW at the beginning so you must too ok!) or even the usual old blogspot address, you will find yourself here!
So remember the new address as it will ALWAYS be the same from today infinity and beyond. (erm, ok no need to get excited)

The crap thing is that a few months ago, I checked and all of the variations of this site name were available...the .com one was too (which I was really wanting to get!).
But if you aint fast - yer last. As they say and too right in this case.
As a site gets a fair amount of visitors, there are these crappy irritating 'search sites' that will buy up the similar domain name to a popular site, to catch the traffic of people who get the name of the site they want ot o go to wrong, so you find that if you someday mistakenly misspell a wensite, you most likely will end up on some site purporting to be a search engine. If you use it as such, you will get nothing but spammed and all manner of ways to get you to click their commission loaded referral links! These f*ckers have a million such sites, ..well, just one probably and a million redirected popular or misspelled domain addresses.
Anyway I must be going up in the world because some firm bought the addresss at he end of 2006 and when I check them out, they are one of those crappy ad sites.
So they must think it will be an does that mean my site is making a stamp somewhere on the wide world webster?
At least I got the one.





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Thank you to all who have made it possible. is the next thing I need to think about..

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Anonymous Shane said...

Congratulations on your new domain name! I'm happy that you've gotten a permanent one. Thanks for all the music too. Cheers!

2/02/2007 02:41:00 am  

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