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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jimi Hendrix: 'Straight Ahead Fanzine - All of the Audio parts.' DISC THIRTEEN & FOURTEEN [RARE!]

Another post for those ever wanting Hendrix fans. I joke of course!
As I gave you two disc sets at once the last time I reckon you are probably expecting nothing less this time too.
So be it.
Disc numbers Thirteen and Fourteen.
Like I have said a million or erm, about five times, I know little about this stuff other than what came with it; that means the titles of each track and a little more; there used to be a Hendrix Fanzine; created by a guy name of Steve Roby; it had an Audio section that was mailed out to subscribers; it stopped and died in erm..what year was it? Let me know will you.
Can I just remind the easily confused among you...
If you ever download a file or follow a link on this here website and you are shocked, stunned or surprised to see that the actual size of said file is either 1Kilobyte or 0Kilobyte(!) as reported by some filehosts, DO NOT CHANGE COURSE! What I mean is, just go ahead and download that file anyway. The link you will be after is inside that small file!
Maybe I will get less emails asking me why the file is corrupt and only a 1K file which they didn't bother to download...
If you want my advice: Always try everything you can think of and then ask for help! So download the small sized files ok?
Good stuff.


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NOTE! There is a brand new version of winrar which is fully registered, just install it and you're done. Get in in the FAQ link!

Well that's all folks.
Getting deadly quiet around here...fuckers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the next Hendrix installments.


2/24/2007 05:22:00 am  
Blogger Old Hippie said...

More Hendrix is very good. Thanks!
Old Hippie

2/24/2007 02:22:00 pm  
Anonymous Agaruda said...

Once again, thank you very much for this series!

2/26/2007 11:56:00 am  
Blogger Monte said...

Thanks so much for posting the incredible Hendrix series, and other cool things you've shared in the past. I'm a fan!

3/02/2007 06:26:00 am  
Anonymous Yang-Um said...

I sent an E-Mail request over 3 months ago for 4 and 5. The (Sept/Oct) posts promise a Re-Up SOON...? I almost have the whole collection and would like to complete it with the missing 4 & 5. I also offered to host them on my Rapidshare folder for visitors to your Blog. Will we ever be able to complete the Hendrix Collection or should we just give up?

Thanks anyways for all the other great music you're offering!

3/02/2007 03:37:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Cheers MONTY. Always nice to read satisfied comments...makes it worthwhile!

Hey Yang-um...despite the totally unnecessary sarcasm in your comment; considering my very dire health situation right now; I have uploaded a whole lot of new links to the files you mentioned.
Here is a little tip: Next time an email to me, maybe a gentle reminder of the files I hadn't uploaded would be enough or maybe you could actually push the fact that you were offering to mirror the files somewhere cos I have a bad memory and you certainly didn't push the offer much(!)
Anyway, I'm just sayin your comment wasn't a nice thing to come by and read this morning -you might just have persuaded me to agree and tell you to give up but I am dedicated to giving this great Hendrix set out. Forgive me for my memory!

3/05/2007 12:49:00 am  
Anonymous nS said...

Are we not getting rapidshare links as usual?


But...thanks anyway.

3/05/2007 12:14:00 pm  
Blogger PCAyorks said...

thanks again. always worth the wait.

Hope you're feeling a bit better.

All the best from Paul in the 'hole

3/08/2007 08:23:00 pm  
Anonymous Inigo Jones said...

Hello HitMe,

I've been really impressed with your Dylan files, and thought I'd give your Hendrix ones a try.

However, rapidshare insists on refusing to give me word verification codes to access at least one part each time I try to download them. It says that I've got the codes wrong too many times, and that I should buy a premium account with them to avoid the problem.

I'd love to hear these Hendrix files, but feel that rapidshare is subtly trying to gain more money by putting on ambiguous codes in strange fonts (I have confused 'D' with 'O' and 'zero' a few times).

Is it possible to arrange megaupload links as well as the rapidshare ones for these (as with the Dylan), thus circumventing the monopoly?


3/10/2007 10:06:00 am  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hmm. to ns - There are ALWAYS RS links so try 'em all.
To pcayorks - Nice one dood. Still feeling shit but, well, that's the way life goes eh!

To Inigo Jones...I can say for definite there is NO CONSPIRACY with rapidshare to get more cash I am pretty sure of it. I just tested quite a lot of these links and they were fine, although I did get the verification code wrong once myself!
All I can say is that they are constantly changing the font and lettering of their verification code (or CAPTCHA is the technical term) due to the fact that people have automatic rs downloading tools which enable you to download from there without visiting the site, these tools used to be able to auto fill the CAPTCHA codes in but RS think they've got it licked by constantly chanaging the format of the codes. This in turn means more mistakes will be likely as some of them are sooo hard to read!
Anyway, I am in a goo dmood so I'll tell you what mate, email me and I will give you the link to the file you're after.
Mind you, how will I know it is you?
You better hurry and send the email then eh!
Find my email address here.

3/13/2007 12:50:00 am  

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