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Friday, March 30, 2007

We Are Scientists - With Love And Squalor

I haven't posted in a while, but now I am, I've got an album I promised many moons ago, We Are Scientist's With Love and Squalor. Pretty much, if you like all the other indie rock out there, Kaiser Chiefs, Blur, Art Brut, you'll like this.
I would also like to take this opportunity to announce/shamelessly plug my new mp3 blog, Free Indie Tunes - John Peel for the 20th Century, a blog I've been using to post singles and EPs from lesser known bands who may only have a few songs, alongside the occasional mainstream artst. Check it out, please, and tell everyone you can.
On a third note, I've uploaded this file with a new uploader that was shared with me, ShareBee, which promises one upload for multiple links, and if a link goes down, they reup it. Let me know if it works, or if you have issues with it.


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Anonymous Bucephalus said...

There is nothing like getting mail that is not ads or bills.
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3/31/2007 11:09:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx for the brilliant Billy Childish-stuff! Always good to check out this blog and its comments...Cheers

4/03/2007 04:03:00 pm  

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