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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BOB MARLEY LIVE & ACOUSTIC 1976 - The Yvette chrichton Acoustic Tape.

Wow. A lot has happened around these parts over the Easter break.
Easter eh...what a wonderfully sanctimonious festival that is.
What exactly are we celebrating?
The invention of chocolate that can be made into the shape of an egg?'s a load of balls that's for sure.

Today I bring you a favourite Marley bootleg. Sorry to say it is only 128k bitrate but it is not to be sniffed at. Uh-uh. Forget about bitrate and think of the music.

Here is a comment from somewhere around..not my words:
The Yvette Acoustic Tape 1976
Recorded in one of Bob's girlfriend's houses this tape includes many songs that Bob never released and some that would become some of his most famous classics.
The mood is really relaxed and Bob seems to be in a really great mood often laughing out loud at some of the things he is singing.
He then gets a bit more serious with the deeply religious God of All Ages where he is accompanied by the heartbeat rhythm of a bongo drum.
Rumors is also another great highlight featuring some fantastic vocal form.
Bob on this tape also composes some of jammin as well as a very early rendition of Easy Skanking.
He also chats a bit between songs about opening a hospital in Ethiopia.
The tape closes out with Oh What a Day, which is a long very early version of what would become Misty Morning.

And that is enough from me.
Hope you enjoy it.
Is there anyone still coming here? Hehe.

Oh I just have to say...this crap with the British twats being captured and then released bla bla bla...I seriously have doubts about the credibility of the story.
For one thing, have you seen the video footage of the 'hostages' (who the fuck said they were hostages anyway? There were no demands! (usually a requirement to being a hostage), They were prisoners for fucks sake. It just sounds better to say hostages though doesn't it.) Anyway the footage of them that was taken AFTER they had supposedly gone through 'terror and a frightening hell of veritable torture.
What the fuck???
And yet on the video they are seen to be relaxing and laughing and acting as if they don't actually realise they are being filmed!
I am not talking about the film footage of them that was shown around the world all week, I am talking of the latest one released by Iran in response to the stories that are now being told about their terrifying ordeal(!). It basically proves that there could not have been much terrorizing going on at all!
Anyway that woman, I watched her interview and it seems like she tries to exaggerate every point to make it sound worse than it is! Go watch it at's there.
All I am pissed off about is that these idiots are milking it for whatever they, sympathy, whatever.
what happened to the real face of the military?
They shouldn't be fucking celebrities!
It's all a bit weird.
What these twats seem to be forgetting is that, whilst they may get sympathy and lessen the apparent blame on themselves for what happened, their 'stories' are just achieving one thing that is important to us all:
They are really winding up the Iranian people.
Is it so fucking impossible for a person from the Great Colonial Empire of Britain to be HUMBLE?
Anyway...I probably just pissed a few of you off but think about it, what is important in this?
The face-saving of a few marines, or the good relations with a country that has, historically, had a bad deal from us. For once they decide to do something almost unbelievable and for good (albeit as a propaganda exercise and a piss take of the British army!) and all we can do is try to retaliate and make things worse.
Fucking idiots.


01 - Are You Ready?
02 - When I Get To You
03 - God of All Ages
04 - Rumors
05 - They Set You Up My Son
06 - Jammin
07 - Easy Skankin
08 - Oh What A Day


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Blogger William said...

those so called "hostages" didnt look like they were even tortured, giving real hostages a bad name, i've probably had rougher times in a weekend at the county jail

4/11/2007 06:23:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hehe yeah...good one.
They are giving hostages a bad name!

4/12/2007 03:34:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your blog!
But your latest comment is bullshit, IMO.

Selling their stories to the yellow press is disgusting and they may be idiots, okay. I´m not from Britain, but I´ve heard about that and I absolutely agree with you.

But who are the real idiots here? Britain and more importantly the entire Western World? Don´t you realize what´s going in in Iran under the current regime? No terror, no threat to Israel and the West? And such a regime not striving for nuclear weapons??? (this is not Iraq, big difference, this is much more serious!)
Think of the freedom your Great Colonial Empire Of Britain gives you, you wouldn´t be able to write this blogg in Iran for sure!
This time the West stood united and showed those regimes that that kind of politics (unlawful capturing of western citizens in order to try and blackmail the west in an ongoing Crisis e.g.) will never be accepted. I think the outcome of this incident made them clear that there are further options possible in this conflict if the sanctions ultimately don´t awork.

So in this case it´s not us to be humble towards a terrorist regime, but to be proud of our values and show them that it is in fact them who piss us off!


4/13/2007 08:26:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Hmm you make a couple of valid points but I have to disagree with you. I think it is a fucking disgusting show that certain governments and countries allow themselves to have mass nuclear arsenels but at the same time they decree that only the countries they deem mature and responsible enough can have them too?!!
Oh India and Pakistan right?
fuck that.
What gives them or US the right to say we are more able to be responsible?
Look around at the fucking aftermath of all the shit we have caused around this planet.
That regime you think in Iran, that neds a lesson from the West, is partly there due to the aftermath of the West's fuckups.
Let them have nuclear weapons and stay the fuck out of it is what I say. Or...get rid of ALL of our and other countries' nukes.
Imagine how every single person living in Iran feels when they are told by a western country that they are not responsible enough to be trusted to have their own weapons, the same weapons we have for our own 'defence purposes'?
If I was an Iranian I'd fucking hate the West wouldn't you?

4/15/2007 12:23:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should get rid of ALL nuclear weapons, I couldn´t agree more! Realistic, no! It would go too far here to discuss the historic background of why there are counries who have the bomb and others who don´t have it, let´s just accept there´s a Status Quo.

This said, the Iran-crisis must be seen as a much broader conflict than just Iran v. the West, it´s in fact this ugly thing called Clash Of Civilizations.
The islamistic world (I´m not saying Islam in general!) sees us and our way of living as their ennemies, the unbelievers who must be destroyed. And Ahmadinedschad sees himself as the leader of this movement. So why do you think he wants the bomb, for reasons of equality?
He denies the cruelties of the Holocaus and constantly says that he wants to wipe out Isreal. For once, he seems very trustworthy at this point!!!
I come from a country where the Holocaust became bitter reality and marked the darkest days of our nation. What did we learn from this, simply two words ---NEVER AGAIN!
Appeasement didn´t work with Hitler ("just a fool, let him have his way and don´t bother") and if I were sitting in a café in Tel Aviv enjoying my liberties right now, I would hope my government and its allies has more to offer..!
If I were Iranian would I hate the West? Well, I hope I would have the chance to see that there is life beyond religious fundamentalism, listen to Theme Time Time Radio Hour and love New York!

Enough politics, back to music...its sunny outside, enjoy the summer!



4/15/2007 01:07:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

It's funny we should start talking like this on the bob Marley post!
I agree with your view on Nuclear weapons...It's the shite of life though: Science, as wonderful as it is, always brings with it a side that cannot be suppressed. We thank science for the technology that makes our lives so easy and enables this very conversation, yet, it is the same science that enabled Hiroshima and the rest...
I agree with your last point the most...fuck politics and get back to the music!

4/16/2007 01:26:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peace mate!


4/16/2007 08:02:00 pm  

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