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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing In the Hands [2004]

Hello once again.
As you might already know I used to be an avid fan of 'The Office' and then all things ricky Gervais had a hand in. I then decided he was becoming a bit too full of himself (why that should be a crime when you become successful I don't know, but I am from UK and this is how we reward success!) so I got tired of him. Then I watched the re-runs of 'Extras' on BBC lately and I am surprised to say that, this time around I was laughing a lot at them!
The best character by far is played by the brilliant and brilliantly funny, Stephen Merchant.

I always really liked him on those Gervais podcasts and whenever Merchant would go into a story or babble on about whatever, it would be of a higher class of comedy and always sure to be funny too.
Well good news. Admittedly you probably already know this and I could have told you three weeks ago but well..I've been ill right? Time flies when you're err...feeling like death.
Stephen Merchant now has his OWN radio show. And not just some podcast to take the piss out of Karl either. A proper radio show, with music and good banter!
I highly recommend it to all!
So make sure you hear it next time by going to the BBC radio site and getting it streamed on Sundays at 3pm UK time, or UT/GMT if you prefer.
Follow this link to hear the show on Sundays...
Realplayer stream
Windows mediaplayer stream.
Hi quality
Lo quality
Any problems with those links then you can use the web page player Here and choose Realplayer or Winmedia.
Also, the good ol' BBC will allow you to go and listen to the show at any time in case you missed it so get your arse over there right now and listen. It's funny shit and the music is great too.
Latest Show Direct to Realplayer
Latest show played in Web page at BBC Radio 6

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

So on to today's music choice.
I heard this artist on the very first Stephen Merchant show so I looked him up and go t the full album...not too bad as it turned out.
Check the Wikipedia entry.
If you can't be arsed to do that then just take it from me...if you want to hear some simple and pretty basic acoustic tunes, not unlike Nick Drake and definitely a hint of early Floyd too...then I suggest giving it a go.
I could say more but I won't.
Something about him reminds me of a young dylan too..
Just try it.


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