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Thursday, May 24, 2007

B-Tribe feat. Deborah Blando - Suave Suave [1995]

B-Tribe feat. Deborah Blando - Suave Suave [1995]

Well hello again.
And you thought I had died or something.
Sorry, still here.
After the Motorhead session, I figure you must now be ready for this one which I find so mellow and tranquil, it can send me to sleep. Not a bad thing right now.
With the onset of sunny days and the smell of freshly mown grass and all the things that make you feel like summer, this album fits in very well.
I can only apologise again for my lack of appearance here but illness..etc etc. It's getting bloody hard to keep things going in reality, never mind this virtual responsibility! I do like it here though and won't stop so all I ask is that you drop by each day just to check and download the recommended music, if I managed to post any. I have some great stuff planned!

Here is a selection of quotes I found on amazon and I just couldn't agree more:
'I stumbled across this one in a pawn shop and it has moved up the ranks to be one of my favorite albums. I'm not quite sure how to describe it (often the sign of a great album). Take a little Spanish guitar, some cool ambient grooves, some sparse vocals and other sounds floating about and you've got a great album. I hate to compare it to other artists because this only reveals the uniqueness of this particular album.

The highlight of the album is the eight minute Hablando with a great drum track and ambient sound scape with some very lush and soothing vocal work.

If you're looking for a break from the overtaxed techno and/or pop scene, this one will engage you and set you free.

Or this one:
'Suave Suave, the album which introduced me to the magic B-Tribe - The Brave world, is truly masterpiece, which gives you so much positive emotions , ambitions, that you can't remain uninterested. One can forget about any sadness in the world, while listening to Suave Suave. On the other hand the music doesn't bring you surface joy. No. Everything is much more internal, sensual, spiritual, suave... suave....

A very philosophic music. It brings fire and at the same time ambiance - an equilibrium.

OK his grammar sucks but he puts it rather well I think!



This one split in 3 for dumb reasons not worth mentioning!
Split Rar Archive] Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 OR Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Split Rar Alternative1] Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 OR Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

If any of you play guitar, it might have come to your attention that if you go looking for any tabs or chords recently, you'll find your usual sites are not as they were...they are now the subject of the great authorities on copyright etc. I am fucking annoyed! More later.


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Anonymous dM/ said...

the whole copyright saga with tab sites is bull$h!t. i used to use OLGA quite a lot before it was shut down a few months back. the thing that gets me is that nearly all tabs are constructed by people who listen by ear. as a result there are often some small mistakes. however, this only strengthens my view that this is nothing like intellectual theft.

5/24/2007 10:29:00 pm  
Anonymous Bucephalus said...

Here's my slant on downloading as intellectual property theft:
There seems to be a lot of hoodoo lately regarding the sharing of music files...going after audiophiles who download music ....exacting fines and new legislation. No one can afford everything....people will spend as much as they can afford to on music.....the life of a home burned disc is not as long as that of a store-bought disc and has no resale value. Although one can get copies of the album one can afford the ink to print their album art, and recording artists and record companies can always include stickers or other bonuses not available with home burned....regardless, I, like many audiophiles, buy most of my music in second-hand stores....and I pretty well have to since there are no local record stores with a wide enough selection, and a lot of what I am looking for is either new or out of print...and a lot of it I bought when it first came out, but time and thievery being what they are...they are no loinger in my I am trying to replace a lot of what I have paid for.....endless boogie by John Lee Hooker was knocked down by cats...jewel case was already brittle and broken....disc popped out and I rolled over it in my office chair before I realized that it was underfoot.....I have it on vinyl is out of I look and share online.....I will buy the things that I really enjoy....when I see them, but I still don't see how the used market differs from the on-line neither case is the artist or recording company getting paid again for something that is used.....all the music that people download...that they didn't know before is just broadening their music knoiwledge and will have more choices the next time they are in a music store.... And finally, the online sharing community is perhaps spurring more spending in the secondary market....people buying obscure things to share....having fun.
Ad it comes down to the Golden Rule. Sharing is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you....and threatening suit or fines or any of the suggested legislation is noit doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.


And, another thought...recording companies have been charging between $8-26 for 1 disc ....if blank discs cost me $10 for 50 my cost is 20 cents per disk plus about 1/2 hour of my time which is worth between $5 and $7.50....those who are either makinhg a higher wge or who have less free time will still be the ones buying their music.

I think the question has to do with art....when a painter like Picasso has a finished product and it sells for as much as he can get for it...and when I buy a "Picasso?" at the Goodwill Store...the Goodwill gets as much as they can for it, but the artist and canvas maker don't get paid again...for an artist, although it is nice to get paid, it is better to have their art shown and seen. Music as art and as audio history seems a difficult prospect, but I think it is the same...if I buy the music new in a store the artist & recording company will get paid for their efforts....if I buy the music in a used record stoire, at the goodwill or find a box with a sign that says free, then like downloading from the internet....their fame will last longer but this time round they won't be paid for their past efforts.
Perhaps the question should be how long before a thing becomes public domain.....and what is fair for everyone is hard to come to grips with....if artists and recording companies are the only legal sellers of original musical works then....the good bootleg recordings and lost sessions can be mass produced by recording companies in cool packages with bonus art/ is like the for free box.....but when you wear out something you got free once, I, at least, am often willing to pay to reploace it.
How much new music people will buy....has more to do with the economy, one's wages, and the relative values of various other pleasures.
I think the most freely boot-legged band would be the Grateful Dead and they continue to have a huge following and still sell albums and concert recordings and "picks" of their old music.....intellectual property offered for free download on the internet is of inferior quality, and the effort to bring it up to the better quality makes the cost of buying it cheaper....e-books are no fun to read on the computer, can't lie down and relax as with a good book, and printing it could cost you as much in ink as buying it...people want the real thing....
If artists are worried that people won't pay for something they can get for free, I suggest they consider Pet Rocks, Cable TV, and Bottled Water.

Petty Booka

Tribute To Leadbelly Featuring: Arlo, Pete,
Sonny & Brownie, Lunenberg Travellers
1. Leadbelly
2.You Must Have That True Religion
3. I Know It Was The Blood
4. Leadbelly on the blues
5. The Best Of Friends
6. Rock Island Line
7. Poor Howard
8. Baby Please Don't Go
9. John Henry
10. Alan Lomax & Leadbelly on meter
11.The Bourgeois Blues
12. Redbird
13. In The Pines
14. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
15. Pigmeat
16. De Grwy Goose
17. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No Mo'
18. Pete Seeger
19. Bring Me Lil Water Silvey
20. On A Monday
21. Midnight Special
22. Meeting At The Building
23. Goodnight Irene

Los Super 7
Heard It On The X

5/25/2007 03:15:00 am  
Anonymous maxmax said...

hello bucephalus! thanks for the beautiful petty booka stuff. need more please!!!

5/29/2007 04:09:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx for this album. she´s a singer here in brazil. she didn´t make a lot of success here when she started her career but it seems that in europe her career launched. i hope. thanx again and here´s a great tip for your exploration of new sounds, in particular for brazilian bands/singers:
- Mutantes
- Gilberto Gil
- Elis Regina
- Chico Buarque
- Tom Jobim
and so on...

5/29/2007 09:50:00 pm  
Anonymous Bucephalus said...

I wish I had more petty booka, but when I turns out I have less.

Louis Jordan


Giant Drag
Hearts & Unicorns

Pere Ubu

Boukman Eksperyans Live @ Red Rocks



Ruth Brown 1949-50

Ruth Brown !951-53

Pere Ubu
Raygun Suitcase

5/30/2007 09:21:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Wow. Some great points made there Bucephalus. I agree with you on most of what you say but I think I am also a hypocrite and also maybe, more realist. When I say that I'm just referring to the part about people like to own the real thing...the great defence statement that I see so many times written by people who swap and share and upload and download files all day! I know there are people who really do like to own the proper CD and will always go and buy the 'real thing'. however, we have to face facts here. we, the sharing set if you like, have to admit to our responsibility and that is that we also know that loads of people, the downloading, non paying public, do not care about the so called 'real thing' and couldn't give a toss for a jewel case or a quality of listening that they are told is so much better than their downloaded K bit-rate MP3 which most folk can't tell the difference from anyway!
I have become on of those I have to say. I used to work, I used to spend a lot on music. Like you I also used to love that process of scouring the second hand record shops etc and finding that rare or out of print album, that album by some band I never heard of but just liked the cover! You know what I mean right?
Since the illness situation with me has become such a serious matter and all that goes with it, especially two main relevant things here: Lack of money comes with inability to work AND lack of health & energy brings inability to go out and go shopping very much!
So I somewhere along the line became what you might call a digital hoarder!
I couldn't care less about owning real discs. Who cares. Like so many great people have said: 'It's all about the music'. Or 'it's the music that counts'.
You know that.
fuck the extra bonus booklet foldout poster crap inserts.
Just gimme the music.
Yes when you look at it, I have no defence for my position.
I suppose you could go on to blame me and people like me for the dwindling Disc sales, the apathy in the CD buying market etc etc but you know what?
Like so many other things these days...movies for one and like you mentioned, books, or eBooks, it is something to do with this thing we invented and it's the internet.
Technology always forces change.
Change always polarises people.
Some cry foul and some cry fair!
who is right is always the unknown until after the fact.
I see what is happening right now as some sort of revolution.
I don't mean that in a stupid 'let's change the world' type of way, I just mean:look around! It is happening already in this world of binary data and entertainment!
We are part of it and it will carry on.
One day all of this will change again I've no doubt mate.
the past year or so has seen this whole P2P napster evolved thing become a complete free for all with the use of fast connections and even faster HTTP free host servers to transfer with. Then we have the bit torrent protocol. No need to even go on about that. we all know how much that changed the face of file-sharing.
Well I better end this rant for now.
Interesting topic though.
Oh and thanks for those links mate. You're posting more and better stuff than me on me own site these days!

6/01/2007 01:28:00 pm  
Anonymous Bucephalus said...

So that you know I read and appreciated your take on music sharing, and because I know you like some hiphop sometimes
Dead Prez
Lets Get Free
(use rapidshare other links purged)

Crown City Rockers

Pete Miser

Mars Ill

6/02/2007 08:14:00 pm  

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