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Monday, May 14, 2007

This disco is a bit shit...not really. Actually it's damn good.

Hello once again.
No updates for long time I see.
One Word: Illness.
OK that's that dealt with, let's Moooove ON!

I have been furtively (!!) uploading in preparation for todays grand update. Well OK, it isn't that 'grand' but let's face it: and more than two albums a week around here is pretty grand isn't it?
(Oh by the way, feel free to help pout by uploading your favourite albums to rapidshare or somewhere and sending the links to me!)
Let me kick off this belated weekend post with a band who are, surprise surprise, NEW to me, maybe even new to you? either way I find them hard to describe with much of a degree of accuracy for some reason...When I suggested they reminded me of 'a typical yet not too typical 80's sounding band'(and I don't mean like all the other shit you hear nowadays a-la kaiser chiefs etc etc), anyway yes, where was I.
Oh yes, when I suggested to my dear woman that they sounded like something that was verging on 'Depeche Mode-meets erm,-something-else-that-isn't-quite-as-crap' She told me to shut up talking shit.
You probably will too.
Obviously none of you were privy to the EXCLUSIVE Depeche Mode material that I had back in the day.
Either that or I'm just talking crap.
As always...YOU DECIDE!
Let your ears do the work for you...ignore me and have a good ol' listen to
Shitdisco and their recent album, ..Kingdom of Fear.

Before I go..
Wikipedia Says this.
But we all know you can't trust anything you read on there, It is either; written by some teenager angst-ridden masturbator who vandalises pages just to 'annoy the world', or it's been studiously created by those pedants known in the Latin as Nerdicus Extremis. These cnuts know so much it's sick.
Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. Look at Einstein.
Look at OJ Simpson. (oh no he got away with it didn't he?)
Well just look at hat Russian guy who drank Polonium for afternoon tea.
His name, Alexander Litvinenko in case you cared.


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Enjoy it won't you. I kind of forgot to say...I really like the album and it's bloody brilliant an all that.

Right. I have got loads of stuff here to post(all the stuff I uploaded!) and I really have no bloody energy to sit here right now. I'm fucking sorry people but, going for a rest. I will TRY my best to post more tonight even though it's just turned 1am here...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds interesting,...Gonna listen to it right now!

"Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing"
Or as the great Mr. K. Pilkington once said: "Knowledge is hassle!"

By the way, you did a great job uploaing all the Ricky Gervais Podcasts, any chance of posting more Gervais/Merchant/Pikington stuff on your blog?



5/14/2007 08:04:00 pm  
Anonymous rzywopuod said...

Offtopic. I don't know what you NOW think about electronic games, but anyway on MAME I recommend non-violence fun like Ghostlop(prototype), Neo Turf Masters and Premier Soccer. And now let me ask you a question: what do you think about this famous (not only for Amiga owners) song from early 90.: ?
Computer games like a rock music are now in bullshit (graphics over gameplay) phase, but to deny it(this part of entertainment business) all is a horrible mistake, 'cause they almost destroyed rock'n'roll!

5/14/2007 08:50:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

OK two questions, two answers.
first, Gervais stuff...more of
Not sure but It isn't something that I'd rule out. Just seem to have so much to do before I can consider it!

Now rzy - I still think that games have much more of a responsibility to society than they are seemingly given. violent games are fucking scum to me..for kids I mean. Teenagers or not. I could write a book on it but I won't!
I am in a hurry so can't listen to that tune right now but will do it tomorrow and leave you my opinion on it games music indeed!
Mind you, do you know the tune to 'WonderBoy'?
I used to love that tune. I recently got sent an album by a band who have sampled that tune in one of their tracks...its great. I did say I'd post it for them but as usual I ain't got round to it yet!

5/16/2007 11:58:00 pm  
Anonymous rzywopuod said...

Mp3 from this link sounds much better (I made it myself from the original .mod file):;7533078;/
I think your commentary is next. I just looked into the script and... Well, you know.

5/17/2007 02:56:00 pm  

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