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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tinariwen - [2004] Amassakoul and [2007] Aman Iman-Water Is Life

Hello friends.
It is high time I got around to posting some fine music from around the globe. For too long now there has been a rather too strict diet of rock and chart music here. I was looking through the archived posts and there used to be a lot more Arabic or Indian or Spanish and other albums which, mostly, went down really well. I don't know about you but I love being introduced to music from far off lands. I love hearing the crude acoustic instruments, the raw vocals and most of all I love being transported away to some distant culture just by listening to the music from the people who live there.
In that tradition I now bring you my latest find (I say 'find' as I kind of got lazy on this one - found it on avax and just had to share it with you so I re uploaded it!).

I bring you....

Never heard of them? Me neither.
This might help:
Tinariwen is a Touareg group from the southern Sahara whose music is close to the blues of Ali Farka Toure.
The band's name means ''empty places'' which certainly reflects their desert homeland.
Forced from their nomadic life in the Sahara, they were fighters in the Touareg insurgency against the Malian government.
So, the band formed in 1982 in Colonel Gadhafi's rebel camps.
The Libyan leader recruited this nation-less and disenfranchised people with promises to help them in their cause. Gadhafi implied that he would train the Kel Tamashek and provide weapons to fight for their independence from the Malian government, but eventually the stateless rebels slowly realized that Gadhafi's only intention was to use these fierce fighters in his own wars.
Radicalized by war and drought, Tinariwen invented a new style of music known as Tishoumaren, or music of the ishumar. Ishumar, which means unemployed, refers to a generation of young, enraged Tamashek exiles: people who left their stomping grounds for work after much repression and drought in Mali. Tinariwen wanted to carry on traditional music, but in exile they could rarely find the 30 or more musicians necessary to play the style. They have combined traditional musical forms with a modern rebellious and radical rock sensibility -- traditional instruments such as the teherdent lute and shepherd flute were discarded in favor of the electric guitar, electric bass and drums.
Their Music is loosely based on traditional Touareg music and the harsh melodies of the one-stringed Touareg violin, but also incorporates influences such as Bob Marley together with the other disparate influences, both western and middle eastern, which managed to penetrate that far into the desert.
With no postal or phone system to carry messages of resistance, Tinriwen's music became the underground telephone for the rebellion. Their sung poetry calls for the political awakening of consciousness and approaches the problems of the exile, of the repression in Mali, of the policy of their people's expulsion to Algeria and of the claims for sovereignty and self-determination.
Their cassettes were banned in Mali and Algeria and anyone carrying a recording risked bodily harm by the authorities.

Quite a history eh? Makes the listening experience all that more intriguing.
Close your eyes and float out to the desert.

Here are some links of inrerest too...I liked them, thought you might.
Page of Womad 2004 at BBC3 online

I just found an absolutely brilliant live set of this band playing in 2004, something called WOMAD festival. (World of Music, Arts and Dance)
You need Realplayer or real alternative installed to hear it.
Highly recommended!
CLick Me
You can always go to the direct page at BBC3 Online and click the listen link and read the stuff about it too:
When you get to that page you'll find a host of other artists that played at the same festival.
Wow. What a nice find!

Oh and here is the Womad site too in case you want to check through what other artists they have there.

Tinariwen - [2004] Amassakoul
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Tinariwen - [2007] Aman Iman: Water Is Life
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Anonymous ev said...

very good sound, thank you!
I just can't believe you never heard about WOMAD! ;)

5/08/2007 05:44:00 am  
Anonymous Bucephalus said...

thought you'd appreciate this:
Wolfgang Niedecken & Bryan Ferry Tributes to Bob Dylan - Must Have!

Wolfgang Niedecken - 1994 - Leopardefell 1

Wolfgang Niedecken - 1994 - Leopardefell 2
1 Unfassbar Vill RäÄN (A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall)
2 Fröher Oder SpäÄDer (Sooner Or Later)
3 Ich Will Dich (I Want You)
4 Vill Passiert Sickher (My Back Pages)
5 Dä Joker Danz (Jokerman)
6 Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie? (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
7 Sibbe Daach (Seven Days)
8 Leopardefellhoot (Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat)
9 Nürburgring (Highway 61)
10 Jeder's Manchmol Einsam (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
11 Sara (Sara)
12 Quinn Dä Eskimo (Quinn The Eskimo)
13 Dat Benn Ich Nit (It Ain't Me, Babe)
14 Nix Andres Em Kopp (License To Kill)
15 Als Ob Se'n Frau Wöhr (Just Like A Woman)
16 Meisterstöck (When I Paint My Masterpiece)
17 Drei Engel (Three Angels)

Bryan Ferry – 2007 - Dylanesque

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The greatest — indeed, only — irony of Bryan Ferry's 2007 album-long tribute to the Bard is that Dylanesque never sounds "Dylanesque." There are no solo acoustic guitars, no swirling organs, no thin wild mercury music, nothing that suggests any of the sounds typically associated with Bob Dylan. No, Dylanesque sounds Ferry-esque: careful, precise, elegant, so casually sophisticated it sometimes borders on the drowsy. There are no new wrinkles, then, apart from a small but crucial one — unlike his other records, this was recorded quickly, over the course of a week with his touring band in tow. This does give Dylanesque a comparatively loose, off-the-cuff feel, which is a bit of a welcome relief after several decades of cautious, deliberate conceptual albums, and gives the album its understated charm. Since Ferry never radically reinvents the songs — apart from the sleek, sly propulsion of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" and a spare, haunting piano-and-strings version of "Positively Fourth Street" — this is an album where all the pleasures lay in the subtleties, whether it's how Ferry phrases his delivery, how his road band feels supple yet muscular, how Eno electronically enhances a few tracks or how Robin Trower tears into "All Along the Watchtower." These are the details to savor upon repeated listens, but upon that first spin it's immediately apparent that the Ferry who made Dylanesque is an assured, relaxed vocalist who isn't sweating the specifics, he's simply singing songs with a band that offers sympathetic support. They may not push him, the way that Roxy did in its prime, nor does this have the meticulous ambition of his original work, but again, that's the charm of this album: Ferry has never felt quite so comfortable as he does here, and if that may not be exactly what all listeners are looking for when they listen to his work, this is the quality that will make Dylanesque a small understated gem for certain segments of his die-hard fans.

1 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 3:50
2 Simple Twist of Fate Dylan 5:18
3 Make You Feel My Love Dylan 3:22
4 The Times They Are A-Changin' Dylan 3:40
5 All I Really Wanna Do Dylan 2:29
6 Knockin' on Heaven's Door Dylan 6:14
7 Positively 4th Street Dylan 3:45
8 If Not for You Dylan 2:40
9 Baby Let Me Follow You Down Traditional 2:13
10 Gates of Eden Dylan 5:12
11 All Along the Watchtower Dylan 3:46
from here:

5/10/2007 04:06:00 am  
Anonymous Bucephalus said...

Something else that reminded me of you when downloading:
Cinematic Orch

and from me:
Jim White
Wrong-eyed Jesus

The Wipeouters(DEVO)

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Marin County Cowboys

The Worst of Black Box Recorder

Willie Bobo
Talkin' Verve

Para Puente+

Phoenix City

Stretchin' Out

West Coast Jazz
Box Set (Out Of Print)

Tom Petty with John Lee Hooker live

The Vulcans
Star Trek

Dirty Dozen Brass Band
The New Orleans Album
Lester Young

Countless Blues

Lester Leaps In

Pres & Teddy

With The Oscar Peterson Q

The Immortal Lester Young - OOP

The Ultimate Lester Young

The Bud Powell Trio Plays

Shelley Manne & His Men
At The Blackhawk 1

Shelley Manne & His Men
At The Blackhawk 4

Shelley Manne & His Friends
My Fair Lady

Oscar Peterson
Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson

The Essential

The Ultimate Cal Tjader

Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt
Left Bank Encores

Fela Kuti

Underground System

Bad Brains
Live @ Old Waldorf SF, Ca.

5/13/2007 05:19:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Wow mate thanks a lot for this post! I just got myself a few from the list. Just waiting for the Jim White-Wrong-eyed Jesus to download. I never heard of it before, or the movie. So now that I have read a bit about it on various sites I will go find the movie too.
Cheers :)

5/22/2007 12:28:00 pm  
Anonymous flava said...

chhers for this, hear da lot about these guys so before i buy i'mn gonna try.

6/02/2007 03:21:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks very much for the tinariwen album :)

11/30/2007 06:03:00 pm  

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