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Sunday, June 10, 2007


I suppose I should apologise for my absence.
Consider it done. :)
I have a couple of moans in my brain today so here goes....

After looking into the whole problem of guitar TABS and chords and how they are now under threat (and sites that offer them already closed down in many cases), all this apparently due to them being in breach of 'copyright' law. I discovered one point of interest... as usual it is large business interests that lead the attempt to stop fellow musicians from trading their Chord lists and TAB sheets. As someone said in the comments of a previous post here, I have to totally disagree with this, that they are in breach of ANY fucking law when the fact is that most of these transcriptions of songs into a page of chords, etc are created by individuals who play, and transcode, by ear. Often they get it wrong, lots of Tabs are incorrect but still a huge help to musicians. Yet the point that they are in breach of copyright doesn't stand up. they are not copies as such. Especially if they are incorrect representations of a song right?
Is a thought illegal?
How about singing a song to yourself whilst walking down the that illegal?
Is telling someone or showing them a group of chords illegal?
Singing another artists song at home...illegal?
Obviously not right. Yet giving away the SAME INFO to people IS illegal.
Bollocks I say.
Look at it from another angle:
Helping musicians to learn to play songs, by other artists, can ONLY lead to one thing right. That is, they will then go on to play those songs. That is guaranteed (unless they are so shit they can't learn them of course! -not me!).
So, a musician learns another's song. He/she then goes on to play that song.
This could be that he plays it at home for his family.or he may play it in the street as a busker or, he may be a member of a band and they will play that song as a cover and include it in their repertoire.
I don't know/care if any of the aforementioned are illegal because; Another fact to consider which is an important one here; Anyone hearing a song that they like a lot will, it follows, usually want to hear that song again. If I ever played an obscure Beatles track when I was busking it would most times result in people coming over and asking me about the song. Which always resulted in getting a pen and paper and them going away with the track and album name. I assume they planned on buying it!
How does this chain of events in any way threaten the interests of the music Corp's?
It doesn't.
It fucking HELPS them if anything!
It sends people in their direction. Maybe not the guitarists who trade and share chords and TAB but the end result is ALWAYS going to be the same as outlined above!
Try telling the MPA (Music Publishers Association) that though eh!

Unsurprisingly, one culprit in this witch hunt against TAB/Chord sites is none other than...
You know, the rootkit/virus CD company?
More specifically though, is their contention that certain songs by The Beatles are not to be tabbed..
Don't misunderstand me here. I love The Beatles. John Lennon fascinates me and I sometimes feel emotional when I think of how his life ended as I am sure a lot of people do.
The Beatles Apple Corporation on the other hand are no heroes of mine and shouldn't be yours. SONY are worse. They represent a lot that is so fucking wrong today in this whole messed up media world.
I hate EVERYTHING they do and stand for.
No WAY would John Lennon be this way about his music. Absolutely no way.
Fuck them.
I plan to post just about as much of The Beatles whole back catalogue over the coming weeks/days as I can.
Look at it as some small protest at the horrors of Corporate weight throwing and intimidation where it is unwarranted.
I'm not TOTALLY stupid though so hang on!
I will not upload, rip or copy a single thing by The Beatles. Instead I will, for a little while be posting some 'information links' for you which will be the result of exhaustive searches of already available public information. All I will be doing is listing those 'information links' for you here in one pace so that you might follow them and enjoy what you find.
It is about time they grew up and respected the people in their millions who made it possible to even have something called The Beatles Apple Corp.
They don't give a fuck about the people and I'd hazard a guess they don't give a fuck about the music either. They care about money. Profit.
They strong-arm so many people and intimidate, threaten anyone who attempts to use their music or (gasp!) put it on sites like this one. (OK they might have a point there).
Not this one though, not this time.
Last time I looked, providing information in the form of links is NOT ILLEGAL. If those links are taken from another site or Google and are, as such, freely available and what you could call PUBLIC data already then that is not illegal.
So let me give you a warm welcome to the best Beatles Discography on any site. Information links only you understand right?

Can I just remind you that The Beatles Apple Corporation are still one of the few bands/companies that you cannot get at any legal music site. They refuse to allow the likes of iTunes to even offer their music.
Are they stupid?
They think that this will somehow help any situation of piracy??!
As you and I know it can only add to, or even create a situation of digital music piracy whilst they refuse to get involved with the digital age at the same time as digital music, mp3, iTunes, etc etc becomes the current way of distributing and selling music to the public worldwide! (I have a little experience in these matters so I am aware that there is a problem with piracy).
I sympathise. I really do.
A step into the area of guitarists swapping notes is, for me, a step too far.
Fuck The business interests.
Let's just enjoy playing our friggin' guitars dammit.

I'm sorry ... were you expecting a music link in this post??

OK grab this as it's great:

I found a brilliant site that has a load of arabic artists albums for download the other day. I just picked the first one..well the first attractive woman on an album cover that is, and I have to say I really love the album dammit!!
It is beautiful. A real modern take on what I know to be Arabic music.
It's like they kept the traditional sounds and instruments in there whilst updating the whole thing and, I assume, it is some sort of Arabic Pop music.
It has relaxing bass lines and ambient sounds, mixed with a kind of modern R&B type groove (which I usually shy away from) and then, like I said, that real grit sound of the trad' Arabic atmosphere.
the whole thing is held together very very well by the stunning and beautiful vocals of this gorgeous woman who's album it is!
Don't miss out...try it now!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said brother, who the fuck do these people think they are? last time i checked there are only so many chord combinations on a guitar neck and it's somebody else's interpetation anyway!! Fu*k Sony and the RIAA!!

6/19/2007 07:00:00 pm  
Blogger Greg Harper said...

Stream MP3s Files.....

Login: guest
Pass: guest

Please let me know what you think...

6/19/2007 11:44:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, is it possible to know the address of the arabic blog?
Thanks for everything

7/04/2007 03:08:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

Shit, this took me a long time to reply to but...incase anyone wants it: Great arabic music site

7/14/2007 11:16:00 pm  

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