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Friday, July 06, 2007

Bob Dylan - Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix [1966] [Bootleg]

Hello again and thanks for the friendly comments. It's good to read. Nice to know people are enjoying this shit I do even if I am slowing down a bit. (I still have a load of Theme Time radio show links here, just needing to be posted to replace the older low grade ones but I ain't done it yet!)
As the last post seemed top go down pretty well I decided to seek out - what are the supposed 'Best Dylan bootlegs'?
I won't give you a list as, for one; I haven't actually heard them all yet so cannot possibly give a true opinion right; the lists I have found all over the net vary a bit so it's obviously(surprise surprise) subjective.
One thing though, the ones I am choosing feature on all lists I've found so far.
This one is reputedly THE Bob Dylan bootleg to own.
For some reason, it is not as easy to get this as other bootlegs which are freely traded and shared on all bootleg torrent sites etc...
*OK I should elaborate here.. not 'some' reason but the true reason is that the tracks on this have, since the bootleg release, been released on 'official' albums therefore making the bootlegs no longer bootlegs and more like illegal copyright breaching articles of filth. Or something.
I have this one.
Now you can have it too.
Like the previous one, this was also recorded at the Manchester Free Trade Hall -
on May 17th 1966
. Those shows must have been truly amazing!
For those of you who care for such things I have decided to rip this to the usual high quality MP3 as I always do here now so don't worry about that.

So without further ado I will get these links posted and wish you erm, a happy weekend.


Covers From Here!] Click or Click or Click or Click
Split Rar Archive] Part 1 or Part 1, Part 2 or Part 2, Part 3 or Part 3, Part 4 or Part 4.
Split Rar Archive Alt] Part 1 or Part 1, Part 2 or Part 2, Part 3 or Part 3, Part 4 or Part 4.
Damn! I actually forgot to link you to some great resource for a bit of information on this set...oops:
Go have a wee read to yourself here matey.
Make sure you have a read of the various links at the lower left of the page too...some good stuff.

Psssst! Flac files are to be posted on avax the NFO document inside these files too ok!


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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bob dylan - Now's the time For Your Tears [Bootleg] [1965]

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK May 7, 1965

This is one of many Free Trade Hall Bootlegs of excellent sound quality and, most important to me, this is Dylan at his very very best.
I cannot get enough of his shit from back in the day when he really put some effort into his gigs (It is arguable he no longer does according to my very reliable sources)
This disc will wow you. It will send you into silence from the moment the opening track begins until you find yourself in awe and stunned when it ends!
Believe me, you haven't heard Bob Dylan if you haven't got much experience of his pre electric 1965 shows.
He sometimes sounds like a totally different artist on some of the tracks.
Something I always note on discs like this is the way he sings so tunefully(something he later lost in my opinion) and also the way he prolongs certain harmonica sections to show just how well he can play the thing.
If you want a bit more info then have a look Here (and more confusingly, also Here), Here and Here where I lifted this quote - 'There is perhaps no better bootleg available then this one. This could easily be a commercial release. The CD provides the complete concert with the exception of the opening lines of Talkin' World War III Blues (8). This is one of the last recordings of a purely acoustic live Bob Dylan concert...'

This is generally regarded as one of the best Bob Dylan bootlegs ever and it is a huge pleasure to bring it to you here.
I encoded it from the FLAC files at the same Highest VBR setting as I use for the Theme Time Shows so it sounds great.
Oh I only included the covers here for effect, the better quality covers are also included in the rar archive. They aren't that good anyway to be honest. Pretty shoddy artwork!
Maybe I'll make my own and share them if anyone wants them.
One last response to the request for different mirrors I posted this one also up on Depositfiles as it has a good policy for keeping the files. Sorry but turboupload is not turbo for's slow and uploads kept disconnecting! Hope this new additional mirror helps someone.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!
And leave a comment if you are an old fan and already have this and a million other boots or if you are new to this style of Dylan. Just let me know what you thought!


Split Rar Archive] Part 1, or Part 1. Part 2 or Part 2
Split Rar Archive Alternative1] Part 1, or Part 1. Part 2 or Part 2
Split Rar Archive Alternative2] Part 1, or Part 1. Part 2 or Part 2

This is the first of many let me say but also let me remind you my health is just shit right now and I apologise for the delay between posts around here.
As long as people keep downloading and post the odd comment then I'll keep doing this!


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Terror and Ham.

Jolly picture for you!

Hello fans.
(heh yes that was an attempt at humour)
Well a lot has been happening of late.
We have fuckin' terrorism on the move, the ever quickening pace of which worries me I have to say.
The fuckers are crazy.
Crazy and dangerous.
Yet it doesn't hurt to be reminded that we are much more likely to be hit or die by a traffic accident than ever even see a terrorist incident, let alone be harmed by one.
To less important matters..
I read about The Spice Girls reforming.
Reforming is a good word actually. It is the word you read on the side of a tin of cheapo Ham, you know, it says something like 'Reformed from all the shitty bits that fell on the slaughterhouse floor, including anus, testicles and eyeballs.'
Well I think that is a bit like the Spice girls. They are definitely reformed.
They suck.
(So I've heard)
Not one of them has any talent as far as I can tell but...let's not waste space talking about reformed ham.
It just pissed me off greatly when I read in the same article that Geri Halliwell bought each of them a £2000 gold ring as a gift.
Why and what the fuck do they want or need with that?
If I were in the newspapers like those idiots I would much prefer it to be for giving people who need it my money, like walking into a local youth centre for kids that need help and just giving a few quid over.
The selfish act of spending £2000 on each of your rich friends and that being reported in the news instead...that would make me shudder if it were anyone I knew.
Am I talking shit you think?
It just gets my goat. These fuckwits patting each other on the back. Obviously they probably won't wear the ring and would forget they even had it after an hour. Why don't these cnuts with money to waste, help people with no money to live?
Then on the same page incidentally, I read that Robbie Williams gives 1.5Million pounds to a local drug and therapy centre for young people.
Well well.
That kind of helps my point.
OK I'll shut it now.
In fact, I went on so much I kind of shadowed the sheer brilliance of this next album I will be sharing with you so I have just decided to end this one here as a rant and start a new one.
Please, feel free to give your two cents as I would be interested to read opinions...especially - what do you make of this terrorist misadventure that is suddenly hitting us? Are you scared by it?
Anyway..that's all for this one.

Feel free to check out the links below anyway though.


Click (The Bomb Maker Manual details..chilling stuff)


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