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Friday, August 10, 2007

Putumayo Presents - Asian Lounge [2005]

Hello my friends.
I assume you are the friendly ones if you are reading this. Shit, it has been so, so long since my last update.
Not dead yet though - still dying.
Crohn's Disease has a way of getting under your skin and making you regret the day you were born sometimes. All that really means in internet terms is: no fucking album updates and a pretty boring website.
Well I am back.
For now.
So let me welcome you once again to this fine music website. (heh!)

So much has happened in the real world and the online world since we last spoke.
Let me summarize it in as few words as possible so we can get on to the music OK.

Here is what I would like to say. Feel free to voice your opinions on the following by placing a comment won't you!
It might be easier to say what is shit and what isn't...

FUCK The Simpsons: Once used-to-be-slightly-funny-TV-show turned into absolute pile of crap movie with nothing going for it!
FUCK Twitter: The web 2.0 situation brought to an ugly extreme where the saddest members of society post their latest thoughts and actions online for people to keep a constant update on them...what the fuck??
GREAT NEWS: Cure for Aids?
(Lets hope they can conquer lots of other diseases in the near future. This one sounds amazing though)
GREAT NEWS: Tanya Andersen Wins and now suing RIAA for fees and costs. Hehe

FUCK My ISP: (They introduced a fair use policy...damn.)

OK I am getting bored with that already.

I suppose it'll soon be time for the old Bob Dylan Radio Shows to start again.
Oh and LOST will be restarting on TV too I think. Great.

One more thing.
I recently downloaded and watched the most fascinating of movies called 'Come and See'. or 'Idi i smotri' - It is a Russian movie and you can read about it here or here(that one contains spoilers) or here(no spoilers)
Please don't even stop to think about it, just go download it:
Torrent to full DVD image
Torrent to 2CD Divx files+Subtitles
Torrent to a VCD (or KVCD) image file to play on DVD players
Rapidshare Links to Avi File with subtitles

OK here's some music then.

Putumayo Presents - Asian Lounge [2005]

I always get requests for these Putumayo Presents Collections so I thought I'd start of a flurry of them with this fine specimen.
It is pretty much as it sounds, Asian Lounge music.
Nice. Mellow. Summer beats.
This one is especially good as it seems to get that balance between ethnic and traditional sounds and ambient/electronica sound.
If I am honest this has to be one of my favourite Putumayo albums.
See what you think.
You can't fail to enjoy a laid back afternoon with some of these tunes meandering through the recesses of your skull.
Believe me.


Split Rar Archive1] Part 1, Part 2, or Part 1, Part 2
Split Rar Archive Alternate] Part 1, Part 2, or Part 1, Part 2
I swear there will be another update very soon ok.
I even have some links that a visitor here has sent me so I will get those posted. Some good stuff. (as always)
Thank you again for still dropping by and another THANK YOU to those who have sent me nice emails and good wishes... some of you were even worrying about me.
How sweet.
All appreciated though - seriously.


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Blogger eduardo said...

I can only thank you friend, and wish you best. you give us a good time.

8/13/2007 04:25:00 am  
Anonymous Shane said...

Nice to hear from you again! Thanks too for this album. I love Putumayo in general, and this one is one of the best ones for me.

Keep well!

8/13/2007 08:27:00 am  
Anonymous rzy said...

I'm stil waiting for "Tokyo - New York" by Vodka Collins. I know you remember.
This polish song is wonderful, isn't it?:

[Tadeusz Woźniak (Taadeoosh Voznee-ak) "Smak i zapach pomarańczy" ("Taste and smell of orange(s)"), song from the seventies, performer still on the road]

8/13/2007 10:12:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me Putumayo is not so much @3pm, more like after 11pm... the more I listen the more it weaves it's spell, lovely stuff, thankyou

9/02/2007 11:27:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

I know what you mean anonymous...definitely after 11pm.
Yet sometimes...if you get a good summery day, putumayo is just the job!

9/19/2007 11:33:00 pm  
Blogger Abu Zaki said...

This file has been removed from the server, because the file has not been accessed in a long time.

2/05/2010 04:51:00 pm  
Blogger hitmewithit said...

The megaupload links working ok.
Here are the direct links for you..

Part 1 rar
Part 2 rar
Password :

Enjoy :)


2/05/2010 08:05:00 pm  

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