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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cajun / Zydeco / Swamp Blues / Bayou music starts here...

Hello again.
Something different?
Yep, that's what I said.
Cajun, Bayou swamp, it what you like but I just love it.
I looked around for some last week and discovered a few recent torrents so that's what I've uploaded for you.
I know very little about the artists and, in many cases, the songs are Trad anyway but the music is brilliant! Maybe it's the Scottish blood in me, I have an affinity with music that is what I like to call 'real' music; acoustic instruments like fiddles, drums, violins or and whatever else can be used to make a noise and is usually played in a persons garden in the summer, or, in a bar where the local drinking population are locked in for a late night. Preferably far away in the hills or mountains where the only sounds outside of the building are of the wind and a few wild Deer or goats..hehe.

So what have we got?
To start is a pretty much all rounder of an album, with a good sampling of the(many) styles of this music that have evolved. I need to read up on it but it's not just a single genre (Cajun/Zydeco)but has so many 'flavours', I suspect it has it's roots in Blues..but then, maybe blues has it's roots in Zydeco for all I know. I never claimed to be an expert.
I have heard a lot of this stuff though. A friend in Scotland used to always be playing Cajun tunes so I got used to hearing it but never tired of it.
Some tracks can sound so much like hillbilly stereotype and yet another can have such a wailing bluesy feel...well this album covers a lot so it's a good start!
Various Artists - Absolutely the Best Cajun & Zydeco [1999]
Check out the info and playlist here

A totally unrelated picture :)

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OK that's the first. Before I go let me just say that if this isn't to your liking, don't ignore what's coming up: The next few albums are a bit more 'raw' and special...maybe not as commercial.
More Cajun coming right up!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough, I've been looking round for this genre of music for ages.
All I can say your posts made me so happy, that I'm dancing round in my apartment, blasting all three albums like crazy.
First I heard of this music was long time ago when I was watching "The Southern Comfort", and that music really got to me, though I am a listener of completely opposite genres.
Since then I've only managed to find a couple of Balfa Brothers songs, but nothing this complete.

I thank you very much for sharing, you've made me a very happy person, filled with joy.

Kind regards


9/28/2007 04:10:00 pm  
Blogger ericbkk said...

Thanks for the Cajun, HitMe.
Excellent stuff, but, unlike you, I find that a little bit of it goes a long way, and I can get tired of it.
Not complaining, mind you, just commenting.


10/05/2007 04:16:00 am  

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