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Friday, September 28, 2007

Cedella Booker Marley - Awake Zion (1991)

Back again before I sleep. I just thought that, even though the day has been spent fixing many Theme Time Radio links I need to put an album up for you so it's a nice one too. One I was listening to a few times this afternoon.
Cedella Booker Marley - Awake Zion (1991)
Now, when I was a bit younger I used to see the name 'Marley' and assume it would be know how it was - loads of grass or hash, reggae or pink floyd was the staple, anything goes and everything bob Marley was cool.
I like to think I have matured these days.
I think.
Well, maybe not.
I was a bit more wary when I got this album and so I listened to it with an open mind.
I am happy to say it did well!
I like it. It's not exactly astounding or breaking the mould but, to it's credit (and it deserves credit), it is simple, mellow and full of love andthe joy you would have used to expect from bob himself. Seems his mother is a joyful soul too :)
With the usual reggae roots fayre, sung nicely too - the female reggae vocal always gets me- and rounded off nicely with a couple of bob's songs. Done in his mothers own style. Of course.
Definitely one for the collection.

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Some great stuff uploading whilst I sleep so I'll do mesel' proud tomorra...G'night.



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Anonymous djrc said...

sorry to be a whiner, but, after several downloads of the Gilmour/AlbertHall files, I've been getting a 'format error'. I've double-checked the pw. Is the file corrupt?

thanks for the great music

11/01/2007 02:41:00 pm  

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